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Top 75 Embedded Systems multiple choice questions with answers

1. An embedded system can be defined as a control system or computer system designed to perform a specific task. (True or False ?)
Ans. True

2. PDAs stands for ___.
Ans. Personal Digital Assistants

3. An embedded system has ___ main components which are embedded in it.
Ans. Three

4. A ___ is defined as a system whose correctness depends on the timeliness of its response.
Ans. Real-Time system

5. A ___ is a single-chip CPU.
Ans. Microprocessor

6. Most embedded computing systems are designed by small teams on tight deadlines. (True or False)
Ans. True

7. The ___ includes the bus and I/O devices.
Ans. Platform

8. A system is said to be real-time if the ___ time is critical.
Ans. Response

9. WAN stands for ___.
Ans. Wide Area Network

10. ___ guarantee responses to each event within a defined amount of time.
Ans. Real-Time Operating Systems

11. In ___, we create a more detailed description of what we want.
Ans. specification

12. The ___ of the system is often a major consideration both for the usability of the system and for its ultimate cost.
Ans. speed

13. The architectural description tells us what components we need. (True or False ?)
Ans. True

14. ___ are typically found during system integration.
Ans. Bugs

15. UML stands for ___.
Ans. Unified Modeling Language

16. An object includes a set of ___ that define its internal state.
Ans. attributes

17. ___ describes a complex object made of smaller objects.
Ans. Aggregation

18. A ___ is an asynchronous occurrence.
Ans. Signal

19. A ___ is the heart of the embedded system.
Ans. processor

20. ASIP stands for ___.
Ans. Application-Specific Instruction Set Processor

21. 8051 is the first microcontroller of the MCS-51 family introduced by ___ at the end of the 1970s.
Ans. Intel Corporation

22. The 8051 is an ___ bit machine.
Ans. 8

23. The Bit Memory space is used for storing bit variables and flags. (True or False?)
Ans. True

24. The maximum size of the External Data Memory space is ___ bytes.
Ans. 64K

25. All ports of 8051 (ie.,P0, P1, P2 and P3) are unidirectional. (True or False?)
Ans. False

26. 8051 has two ___ programmable UP timers/counters Timer 0 and timer 1.
Ans. 16-bit

27. Timer Mode-2 is ___ Mode

28. The register ___ controls data communication and register ___ controls data rates.

29. In which mode, the serial port functions as a standard Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) mode.
Ans. mode-1

30. The external interrupt flags are cleared on branching to ___.
Ans. Interrupt Service Routine (ISR)

31. In the CPU, ___ are used to store information temporarily.
Ans. registers

32. DPTR and the program counter (PC) are ___ bit registers.
Ans. 16

33. The ADD instruction tells the CPU to add the source byte to register A and put the result in ___.
Ans. register A

34. A program that consists of 0s and 1s is called ___.
Ans. machine language

35. Assembly language programs must be translated into machine code by a program called an ___.
Ans. assembler

36. The “asm” file is also called the source file. (True or False)
Ans. True

37. When the CPU fetches the opcode from the program ROM, the program counter is ___ to point to the next instruction.
Ans. Incremented

38. The ___ directive is used to define the 8-bit data.
Ans. DB

39. The ___ directive is used to indicate the beginning of the address.
Ans. ORG

40. The flag register in the 8051 is called the ___ register.
Ans. program status word (PSW)

41. The 8051 microcontroller has a total of ___ bytes of RAM.
Ans. 128

42. The stack is a section of RAM used by the CPU to store information temporarily. (True or False)
Ans. True

43. A ___ is an integrated chip that has a processor, memory and several other hardware units in it.
Ans. Microcontroller

44. Intel family i960 microcontrollers are also called embedded processors. (True or False?)
Ans. True

45. A ___ provides fast, discrete-time, signal-processing instructions.
Ans. DSP

46. A timer circuit suitably configured is the system-clock, also called ___.
Ans. real-time clock (RTC)

47. The system sends the output by a write operation to the port Type. (True or False?)
Ans. False

48. UART stands for ___.
Ans. Universal Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter

49. ISR stands for ___.
Ans. Interrupt Service Routine

50. ___ converts digital bits to the analog output.
Ans. DAC

51. The glue logic circuit also includes a circuit to interconnect the parallel and serial ports to the peripherals. (True or False) Ans. True

52. PAL has the ___ logic arrays.
Ans. AND – OR

53. In 8051 assembly language, indirect addressing is represented by an ___ before R0 or R1.
Ans. @

54. What is the first part of each instruction called?
Ans. Mnemonic or opcode

55. ____ moves the content of the accumulator to the external memory location whose address is held by DPTR.

56. Which instruction is used for timing delays to waste clock cycles?
Ans. NOP

57. SETB can operate on the carry flag or any directly addressable bit of a port, register, or RAM location. (True/False?) Ans. True

58. ___ subtracts the src-byte and the carry flag together from the accumulator, leaving the result in the accumulator.

59. Keyboards are organized in a ___ of rows and columns.
Ans. Matrix

60. It is the function of the microcontroller to scan the keyboard continuously to detect and identify the____.
Ans. key pressed

61. These various ways of accessing data are called ___.
Ans. addressing modes

62. ___ addressing can access any on-chip memory location.
Ans. Direct

63. To detect a pressed key, the microcontroller grounds all rows by providing 0 to the output latch, then it reads the columns. (True/False?)
Ans. True

64. The first criterion for judging a DAC is its ___, which is a function of the number of binary inputs.
Ans. Resolution

65. Full-scale output of the DAC is achieved when all the data inputs of the DAC are ___.
Ans. High

66. ___ IC is an analog-to-digital converter. Ans. ADC0804

67. LCD stands for ___.
Ans. Liquid Crystal Display

68. To send any of the commands to the LCD, make pin RS =___.
Ans. 0

69. The ___ is the minimum degree of rotation associated with a single step.
Ans. step angle

70. Why driver ULN2003 is used?
Ans. 8051 lacks sufficient current to drive the stepper motor windings, so to energize the stator we must use a driver ULN2003.

71. GPOS stands for ___.
Ans. General Purpose Operating Systems

72. RTOS is the acronym for___.
Ans. Real-Time Operating System

73. ___ are software environments that provide a buffer between the user and the low-level interfaces to the hardware within a system.
Ans. Operating systems

74. The ___ is at the heart of every kernel.
Ans. Scheduler

75. Every time a new task is created, the kernel also creates and maintains an associated Task Control Block (TCB). (True or False?)
Ans. True

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