Computer Fundamentals MCQs with Answers Set – I

Are you a student gearing up for an upcoming exam on computer fundamentals? Do you find yourself in need of some comprehensive multiple-choice questions (MCQs) to test your knowledge and solidify your understanding? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a set of Computer Fundamentals MCQs with answers specifically designed to help you excel in your exam preparation.

Computer fundamentals form the backbone of our increasingly digital world. Whether it’s understanding the basic components of a computer system or delving into the intricacies of operating systems and programming languages, having a strong grasp on these fundamental concepts is crucial.

Computer Fundamentals MCQs

Computer Fundamentals MCQs with Answers: Set-I

1. The speed of a computer is calculated in ___.
Ans: MHz (Megahertz)

2. The level of ___ depends on the instructions and the type of machines being used.
Ans: Accuracy

3. The first computer-like machine was developed by a team from ___.
Ans: IBM and Harvard University

4. The invention of the ___ made smaller and less expensive computers possible.
Ans: Transistor

5. The second generation computers are ___ and ___.
Ans: IBM1401, IBM70906.

6. The input and output for the fifth generation machines will be in the form of ___or ___.
Ans: Graphic images, speeches.

7. ___ Computers are a combination of both analogue and digital computers.
Ans: Hybrid

8. ___ computers can produce the result with more accuracy and at a faster rate.
Ans: Digital

9. The invention of ___ has changed the lifestyle and working environment.
Ans: Internet

10. Computers are used in the ___, ___ & ___.
Ans: Classrooms, libraries, museums

11. The different types of computers are ___, ___, ___ and ___.
Ans: Micro, mainframe, mini, super

12. Mainframes are the ___ of the computer family.
Ans: Second largest

13. The main memory is also called as ___ memory.
Ans: Primary

14. ___ memory is computer memory that requires power to maintain the stored information.
Ans: Volatile

15. CPU consists of ___, ___ and ___.
Ans: Control Unit, Memory Unit, Arithmetic and Logic Unit

16. The number system can be categorized into two broad categories ___ and ___.
Ans: Non-positional, positional

17. In positional number system the value of each digit is defined by the ___ and its ___.
Ans: Symbol, position

18. The radix of the hexadecimal number system is ___.
Ans: 16

19. The data in the computer memory are stored in ___ form.
Ans: Binary

20. The decimal equivalent of the number (111)2 is ___.
Ans: (7)10

21. The octal equivalent of the number (34)10 is ___.
Ans: (42)8

22. The hexadecimal equivalent of the number (36)10 is ___.
Ans: (24)16

23. The method of converting a decimal number to binary is often called as the ___ method.
Ans: Remainder

24. The decimal equivalent of the number (01011010)2 is ___.
Ans: (90)10

25. Hexadecimal equivalent of the number (111)10 is ___.
Ans: F

26. The decimal equivalent of the number (34)8 is ___.
Ans: (28)10

27. The decimal equivalent of the number (A.23)16 is ___.
Ans: (10.1328125)10

28. To lock a computer the short cut used is ___ or ___.
Ans: Press Windows logo key + L or press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and Click lock computer.

29. ___ groups display topics where the content of the help information matches the word or phrase entered.
Ans: Full-text search matches

30. Microsoft Knowledge Base group is based on a comparison between the search terms entered and keywords defined in the Help files. (True/False?)
Ans: False

31. SRAM stands for ___
Ans: Static Random Access Memory

32. EEPROM stands for ___
Ans: Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory

33. Indentations on CD RPM are called as ___ and ___
Ans: Pits, lands

34. Magnetic devices can be accessed either ___ or ___
Ans: Linearly, randomly

35. CD-RW stands for ___
Ans: Compact Disc-Rewritable

36. Optical media is ___ device.
Ans: Non-volatile

37. The screen in CRT is coated with ___ dots
Ans: Phosphor

38. In LCD ___ light is passed through the crystals.
Ans: Polarized

39. ___ converts the entire program into machine level at one shot.
Ans: Compiler

40. Linker is an example of ___ category of software.
Ans: Utility

41. The speed of the computer is measured in ___.
Ans: Megahertz

42. ___ is measured against some predetermined standard for operations without failure.
Ans: Reliability

43. ___ means flexible,
Ans: Versatile

44. ___ is the main source of the problem in the previous versions of windows.
Ans: DLL hell

45. ___ layer protects key system components from poorly written programs.
Ans: Hardware abstraction layer

46. In a new/clean installation, the Windows XP has only the Recycle Bin installed there by default. (True/False?)
Ans: True

47. Delete an existing partition is used for a clean install on a drive that currently contains an earlier version of windows. (True/False?)
Ans: True

48. Windows XP includes a new antipiracy feature called ___.
Ans: Windows product activation

49. State whether the following statements are True or False
a. Activation is registration
Ans: False

b. Zip drive is included in the list of components of hardware fingerprint
Ans: False

50. Windows assigns ___ to each user account.
Ans: Security ID

51. Which is the simplified way of describing membership in a security group, a collection of user accounts?
Ans: Account type

52. Permissions and rights for group members are ___.
Ans: Commutative

53. ___ is a suite of web-based services that help make using the internet and purchasing online easier and faster.
Ans: .NET password

54. Administrator can delete any account including the one which is currently logged on (True/False?)
Ans: False

55. ___ is controlled by checking or unchecking.
Ans: Mini toolbar

56. ___ are context-sensitive menus.
Ans: Smart tags

57. ___ refers to the view the user works when he/she works on a document.
Ans: Document views

58. ___ is used to view how pages would appear if published on the web as HTML documents.
Ans: Web layout

59. Borders and frames can be added to the picture using ___ groupings of format ribbon.
Ans: Picture styles

60. ___ are elements that appear on the top and bottom of the entire documents.
Ans: Header and footer

61. ___ refers to the document name.
Ans: Filename

62. To insert table click on ___ .
Ans: Insert tab → tables (subheading)

63. ___ section allows a user to specify the width of each column.
Ans: Autofit behaviour

64. ____ tells the table style to band alternate columns in different color.
Ans: Banded col

65. ___ are preformatted documents.
Ans: Template

66. User can create their own custom templates. (True/false?)
Ans: True

67. To move one paragraph up we need to press ___.
Ans: Ctrl+Up arrow

68. ___ is an environment in which you write new and edit existing visual basic for applications code and procedures.
Ans: Editor

69. ___ is a file that contains the structure and tools for shaping the elements like the style and page layout of finished files.
Ans: Template

70. ___ allows the user to observe changes directly on the document as that select different option from the gallery.
Ans: Live preview

71. ___ is the default reference used by excel.
Ans: Relative cell references

72. ___ is also a cell address.
Ans: Cell references

73. ___ is a group of cells lying adjacent to one another.
Ans: Contiguous cells

74. The cell is automatically selected when you type cell reference and hit enter in the name box. (True/ False?)
Ans: True

75. ___ is the shortcuts key to jumps the cursor to the bottom right-hand corner.
Ans: Ctrl+end

76. The function of ___ is to enable the user to change the chart type.
Ans: Change the chart type

77. ___ tab allows you to formats entries in each cell/row/col, etc
Ans: Number

78. ___ effect cuts a line across the text.
Ans: Strikethrough

79. ___ allows you to manually specify the contents of each page.
Ans: Page breaks

80. ___ dialogue box enables you to work with complex data.
Ans: Goto special dialogue box

81. ___ enables you to set font attributes that cause data to appear differently based on the values display in a cell.
Ans: Conditional formatting

82. ___ refers to the values upon which calculations will be performed.
Ans: Operands

83. Excel has more than ___ functions.
Ans: 300

84. ___ Function automatically returns occupied numeric and alphanumeric values within a specified range.
Ans: CountA

85. ___ means specifying what to print from a worksheet.
Ans: Defining the print area

86. To remove the print area you need to click on ___
Ans: Page layout tab → page setup → clear print area icon

87. ___ is used to uniquely identify the system in the network.
Ans: IP address

88. ___ is a circular button located on the top left corner of the document and used to create new documents.
Ans: Office button

89. ___ is the small list of icons located immediately to the right of the office button.
Ans: Quick access toolbar

90. A ribbon can be hidden or modified by the user. (True/False?)
Ans: False

91. When the blank presentation is opened for the first time, by default ___ slide is opened.
An4s: Title

92. ___ & ___ are the two options of deleting a slide.
Ans: Right-click option, menu option

93. To undo changes to the slide layout what should be done?
Ans: Simply click on Ctrl+Z

94. Adjusting tabs and indentation in PowerPoint is possible only via ___.
Ans: Ruler

95. ___ enables a user to quickly sort/rearrange various slides.
Ans: Slide sorter

96. Which navigation aid enables a user to draw into a slide?
Ans: Markings

97. ___ is the default slide format for new slides.
Ans: Slide master

98. ___ are the animations like effects that occur in a slide show when transitions occur from one slide to the next.
Ans: Transitions

99. ___ are applied to individual elements within the slides.
Ans: Animations

100. State whether the following statements are true or false
a. A user can apply various sounds with each transition
Ans: True

b. Transition speed for each slide is taken by default and the user cannot specify it.
Ans: False

c. User can specify how slide transitions occur
Ans: True

101. ___ Option in custom animation changes the fonts in a text box.
Ans: Emphasis

102. ___ are predesigned slides.
Ans: Templates

103. The maximum number of columns and rows that can be created using the insert table option is ___ and ___ respectively.
Ans: Ten, eight

104. ___option enables a user to select which pages to print.
Ans: Print range

105. In windows XP out of five levels of permission, ___ is most secure.
Ans: 1

106. In order to audit access, every operating system has ___ object.
Ans: Audit object

107. IIS stands for ___
Ans: Internet information Services

108. Select ___ to activate Components Wizard.
Ans: Add/Remove Windows Components

109. Two important tasks performed by abstract overlay are ___ and ___
Ans: Indexing, discovery

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