Sales and Distribution Management MCQ with Answers

26. Logistics can be classified into –
a. One that is linked to operations
b. That is linked to strategy
c. That is linked to forecasting
d. That is linked to responsibility
Answer: (a & b)

27. Modes of transaction available in logistics are not included –
a. Rail
b. Road
c. Air
d. Water
e. Ship
f. Pipeline
Answer: (e)

28. Transportation is used by businesses for the delivery of goods from distant suppliers.
a. Air
b. Sea
c. Rail
d. Road
Answer: (b)

29. The philosophy of ___ is based on the principle that less quantity is less interval, resulting in more deliveries.
a. VMI
b. JIT
c. TQM
d. SCM
Answer: (b)

30. Basic functions in warehousing are:
a. Handling
b. Storage
c. Information transfer
d. All of the above
Answer: (d)

31. Key influencers for consumer services and entertainment can be:
a. Family & friends
b. Retailers & store staff
c. Specifiers
d. None of the above
Answer: (a)

32. is a market for ___.
a. BZC operation
b. BZB auctions
c. CZB auctions
d. CZC format
Answer: (c)

33. ___ are at the end of the supply chain.
a. Distributor
b. Customer
c. Retailers
d. Wholesaler
Answer: (c)

34. ___ based on early, frequent, and proactive involvement with key suppliers to develop a partnership for improvement.
a. GSE approach
b. SER approach
c. HR’s approach
d. HP’s approach
Answer: (d)

35. This is not the type of supply chain.
a. Ripe supply chains
b. Internal supply chain
c. network-oriented supply chain
d. Value chains
Answer: (c)

36. ___ bridges the gap between consumer demand and producer supply.
a. Courier
b. Transportation
c. Inventory
d. Logistics
Answer: (d)

37. ___ becomes the amount a customer is willing to pay for the product or service provided by the supplier.
a. Value
b. Money
c. Cost
d. Interest
Answer: (a)

38. Information flows can be categorized as:
a. Strategy
b. Tactical
c. Functional
d. Operational
Answer: (a, b, d)

39. Make versus buy:
a. Operational decision
b. Strategic decision
c. Functional decision
d. Tactical decision
Answer: (b)

40. Capturing, analyzing, and disseminating the right ___ is key to the success of any operation.
a. Data
b. Information
c. Demand and supply
d. None of the above
Answer: (b)

41. ___ and sourcing are important elements in the packages as they reflect specific aspects of the product.
a. Packaging
b. Pricing
c. Distribution
d. Supplying
Answer: (b)

42. The ___ is that the value chain may be used to identify and understand the specific sources of competitive advantages.
a. Kotler’s agreement
b. Fried agreement
c. Porter’s agreement
d. None of the above
Answer: (c)

43. ___ is a tool that estimates inventory requirements at stocking locations.
a. ERP
b. DRP
c. SCM
Answer: (b)

44. ___ is defined as the development of a long-term relationship with a limited number of suppliers on the basis of mutual confidence.
a. Third-party logistics
b. Use of ERP/DRP technique
c. Co-makers
d. Postponement
Answer: (c)

45. E-business, or SCM, can be classified as:
a. E-commerce
b. E-procurement
c. E-collaboration
d. All of the above
Answer: (d)

46. Selling services involves guidelines:
a. Facilitation of equality assessment by customer
b. Making service intangible
c. Use of references from internal sources
d. Recognition of importance of customer contact personnel
Answer: (a & d)

47. Public relations is concerned with the marketing tasks involved.
a. Reinforcing positioning
b. Building and maintaining image
c. Handling problems and issues smoothly
d. All of the above
Answer: (d)

48. Personal selling’s objective of promotion should include ___.
a. Building product awareness
b. Creating interest
c. Providing information
d. Stimulating supply
Answer: (a, b, c)

49. Personal selling strategy involves these three key elements.
a. Sales team
b. Understanding of clients
c. Sales performance
d. Sales structure
Answer: (a, b, d)

50. It is a method for communicating with corporate customers due to increasing costs in the direct sales force.
a. Mass marketing
b. Target marketing
c. Direct marketing
d. Personal marketing
Answer: (c)

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