Sales and Distribution Management MCQ with Answers

Sales and Distribution Management MCQ with Answers for Marketing Management Courses of Regular and Distance Education Institutes

Sales and Distribution

Sales and Distribution Management MCQ with Answers

1. Two commonly faced problems in the service business are:
a. Lack of training
b. Resistance to selling
c. Making the service tangible
d. Sales promotion

Answer: (a & b)

2. Sales promotion tools aimed at three are:
a. Customers
b. Incentives
c. Intermediaries
d. Salesforce
Answer: (a, c, d)

3. The most important objective of ___ is to convince customers to make a purchase.
a. Direct marketing
b. The person selling
c. Person-to-person communication
d. Integrating programs
Answer: (b)

4. How profitable a given customer is over time defines your ___.
a. Assessment
b. Cycle efficiency
c. Follow up
d. Lifetime value
Answer: (d)

5. When a player assumes more of a leadership role on a team, it is called ___.
a. Stepping up
b. Stepping stone
c. Follow the leader
d. None of the above
Answer: (a)

6. We should lead from the right brain and manage from the ___.
a. Central brain
b. Whole-brain
c. Left brain
d. Right brain
Answer: (c)

7. The second critical skill for personal management is ___.
a. Thread
b. Producer
c. Subordinates
d. Delegation
Answer: (d)

8. Delegation can be classified into:
a. Gofer delegation
b. Supervision of efforts
c. Stewardship
d. Micromanaging
e. Scheduling
Answer: (a & b)

9. The ___ multiyear program and framework for training and measuring standards of capability are operated for all store staff.
Answer: The signet jewellery academy

10. ___ is a flexible program consisting of six elements that better enable store staff to meet the needs of customers.
a. BCD
b. LME
c. ACE
d. EPS
Answer: (c)

11. The system has helped companies to ___.
a. Increase sales
b. Expand more efficiently
c. Reducing training and development cost
d. All of the above
Answer: (d)

12. No hype, no pressure, just excellent ___ built around credibility and integrity.
a. Goods
b. Services
c. Talk
d. Think
Answer: (b)

13. A new retired sales consultant for a daily newspaper trip came to mind.
a. Gallatin
b. Fred
c. Rich
d. None of the above
Answer: (b)

14. Fish believes in the concept of ___.
a. Cooperation
b. Coordination
c. Teamwork
d. Mutual trust
Answer: (d)

15. The two criteria for sales compensation use are ___ and ___.
a. Customer perception
b. Customer persuasion
c. Customer retention
d. Customer contact
Answer: (b & d)

16. Paying for the point of persuasion is the rule of ___.
a. Finger
b. Purchase
c. Thumb
d. Satisfaction
Answer: (c)

17. E-commerce is the primary sales link with the customer, but customers must be convinced to sign up is known as ___.
a. Signing up
b. Matriculation selling
c. Forward selling
d. Cross-selling
Answer: (b)

18. The two most common errors are:
a. Land lording
b. Appeasement pay
c. Sales expenses
d. Buying decisions
Answer: (a & b)

19. Once monetary needs are realized, _____ needs can be realized with sales incentives.
a. Social acceptance
b. Personal esteem
c. Psychic income
d. Self-realization
Answer: (c)

20. A behavioral model is given by ___.
a. B.F. Skinner’s
b. Fried
c. Meredith
d. Maritz
Answer: (a)

21. ___ is the companion of a surprising number of sales professionals.
a. Negotiation
b. Fear
c. Desire
d. Pride
Answer: (b)

22. ___ is a routine job.
a. Negotiation
b. Desire for recognition
c. Sales
d. Incentive program
Answer: (c)

23. ___ are important & provide accountability to promote entrepreneurial spirit and reduce turnover.
a. Trends
b. Projections
c. Benchmarks
d. Territories
Answer: (d)

24. Finding and visualizing groups of facts not previously known is
a. Sequences
b. Clustering
c. Forecasting
d. Associations
Answer: (b)

25. ___ contains department- or division-wide information.
a. Data mining
b. Data warehousing
c. Datamart
d. Data clustering
Answer: (c)

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