MCQ questions for class 10 science biology life processes

MCQ questions for class 10 science biology life processes | Quiz test for class 10 science biology life processes MCQ with answers

Class 10 Science Biology Life Processes

Introduction to MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science: Biology – Life Processes

Welcome to our collection of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) tailored for Class 10 students studying Biology, specifically focusing on the topic of Life Processes. These MCQs are designed to help students assess their understanding of essential concepts related to life processes in organisms, including nutrition, respiration, transportation, and excretion.

Why MCQs Matter

MCQs offer an interactive and engaging way for students to test their knowledge and reinforce their understanding of key concepts. By answering multiple-choice questions, students can assess their grasp of the subject matter, identify areas of strength and weakness, and gain confidence in their preparation for exams.

What to Expect in the MCQs

Our collection of MCQs covers a wide range of topics within the realm of life processes in organisms. From the mechanisms of digestion and photosynthesis to the process of breathing and circulation of blood, these questions aim to encompass the fundamental principles of biology taught in Class 10.

How to Use the MCQs

Students can use these MCQs as a self-assessment tool to gauge their comprehension of life processes in biology. Whether studying independently or in a classroom setting, students can attempt to answer the questions and then review the provided answers to reinforce their learning and clarify any misconceptions.

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MCQ questions for class 10 science biology life processes

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When air is blown through lime water it turns milky because of ____.

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Write the correct sequence of air passage involved in inhalation?

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The breakdown of pyruvate into carbon dioxide, energy, and water takes place in ____.

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The autotrophs require ____.

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The cellular energy reserves in autotrophs are____.

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Which is the first enzyme that mixes with food?

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Where are proteins first digested?

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Which of the following components of food is digested by s. amylase?

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Which of the statements is correct regarding bile?

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In the human digestion system, the enzymes pepsin and trypsin are secreted by?

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The kidneys in human beings are part of ____.

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The pancreas pours their secretion into ___.

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The pancreatic juice doesn’t contain the following enzymes

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The correct sequence of anaerobic respiration

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During respiration exchange of gases take place in

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Identify the correct path of urine in the human body.

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During deficiency of oxygen in tissues of human beings, pyruvic acid is converted into lactic acid in the

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Single circulation, i.e., blood flows through the heart only once during one cycle of passage through the body, is exhibited by

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Which of the following is incorrectly spelled?

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The internal (cellular) energy reserve in autotrophs is

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By engaging with these MCQs for Class 10 Science: Biology – Life Processes, students can enhance their understanding of fundamental biological concepts and improve their performance in exams.

We encourage students to approach these MCQs with curiosity, critical thinking, and a desire to deepen their knowledge of the fascinating world of life processes in organisms. Let’s embark on this learning journey together and unlock the mysteries of biology!

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