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In competitive job market, having a solid foundation in Human Resource Development is essential for success. Whether you are a student preparing for academic exams or an aspiring professional looking to enhance your skills, finding comprehensive and reliable study resources can be daunting.

That’s where we come in. If you have been looking for Human Resource Development MCQs with answers in PDF format, suitable for distance and regular courses, then look no further. We have gathered diverse questions that cater to different levels of expertise and provide valuable insights into this dynamic field.

So get ready to ace your exams or impress your potential employers, because you’ve landed yourself in the right place!

Human Resource Development MCQs with Answers

1. In the present business environment, HR plays a ___ role in realizing business goals
a. Strategic
b. Technical
c. Vital
d. Very important
Answer: (a)

2. True/False:- The major challenge for the HR contribution towards the overall organization performance
a. False
b. True
c. Can’t say
d. Incomplete
Answer: (b)

3. Balance scorecard was designed by
a. Robert Kaplan
b. David Norton
c. Both a & b
d. All
Answer: (c)

4. Human Resource can be turned as
a. Non-renewable resource
b. Natural resource
c. Infinite renewable resource
d. All of the above
Answer: (c)

5. An organization can develop only when it’s ___ are developed
a. All resource
b. Human resources
c. Financial resources
d. Both a & b
Answer: (b)

6. The ___ of any organization is the backbone, who plays a stupendous role.
a. Employer
b. Worker
c. Employees
d. Labor
Answer: (c)

7. True/False:-
Human resource development is an integral part of human resource management, which is wider in its approach and does not relate only to providing formal qualification
a. False
b. True
c. Incomplete
d. None of the above
Answer: (b)

8. ___ have made clear that HRD is innate for the very existence of the organization
a. Increase in the very existence of the organization
b. Liberalization
c. Developmental & productive activities
d. None of the above
Answer: (a)

9. ___ is a factor that is forcing the business organizations to reconsider their laisser-faire attitudes to training.
a. National competition
b. International competition
c. Global competition
d. All of the above
Answer: (c)

10. It is a method of intervening in a systems
a. Process consultation
b. Survey feedback
c. Managerial grid
d. Goal setting
Answer: (a)

11. In this method data related to the attitude of employees about wage level, structure, hours of work and working conditions are collected
a. Process consultation
b. Survey feedback
c. Goal setting
d. Managerial grid
Answer: (b)

12. ___ is an extremely popular OD intervention
a. MBO
b. MBR
c. PPS
d. None of the above
Answer: (a)

13. ___ improve the performance and result in self-change of an individuals
a. OD practices
b. Team development
c. OD exercises
d. Sensitivity training
Answer: (c)

14. ___ helps to improve the communication skills of the employees and develops them a good listeners
a. Team development
b. Sensitivity training
c. OD exercises
d. All of the above
Answer: (b)

15. Performance management focuses on ___ performance planning and improvement rather than retrospective performance appraisal
a. Future
b. Fast
c. Present
d. None of the above
Answer: (a)

16. Performance standards are used when not possible to set ___
a. Intended results
b. Time based targets
c. Observable results
d. All of the above
Answer: (b)

17. “Recourse the actions” provides
a. Coaching
b. Training
c. Guidance
d. All of the above
Answer: (d)

18. Assessing results against standard
a. Measurement
b. Feedback
c. Exchange
d. Positive re-enforcement
Answer: (a)

19. Founding father of TQM was
a. Blake and Mouton
b. W.E Deming
c. Dale S. beach
d. All of the above
Answer: (b)

20. Base pay can be expressed on
a. Annual basic
b. Weekly basis
c. Hourly rate
d. All of the above
Answer: (d)

21. The pay roll costs can compromise ___ or more of the total costs incurred by an organization
a. 60%
b. 70%
c. 55%
d. 48%
Answer: (b)

22. The ___ system is the most basic individual incentive system.
a. Unit based
b. Piece-rate
c. Hourly
d. None of the above
Answer: (b)

23. Industrial relations are plant community life” –said by
a. Rober Over
b. Dalye Yadav
c. Peter Ducker
d. Federick Taylor
Answer: (c)

24. Through good ___, we can encourage collective bargaining
a. IR
b. Rewards system
c. Incentives
d. HR programs
Answer: (a)

25. The ___ acts as a mediator and custodian
a. Government
b. Organization
c. CEO
d. Employer
Answer: (a)

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