Sales Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Sales Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf for MBA BBA Students who are preparing for regular & distance mode courses.

Sales Management

Sales Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

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1. In ___ selling salespeople will have areas or specific geographical locations assigned for them and specific accounts will also be designated.
a. Business selling
b. technical selling
c. trade sales
d. Missionary sales
Answer: (b)

2. ___ the sales representative are responsible for selling the manufactured goods to the wholesale dealers as well as retail traders.
a. Business selling
b. technical selling
c. trade sales
d. Missionary sales
Answer: (c)

3. Present new idea to decision-makers is ___ skills of sales executive
a. Communication
b. Influence and persuasion
c. Negotiation
d. Prioritizing and goal setting
Answer: (b)

4. Communicate the high value of services over the competition is a part of
a. Communication
b. Influence and persuasion
c. Negotiation
d. Prioritizing and goal setting
Answer: (c)

5. A key factor in the retail purchase of jewelry is the customer’s confidence in the___
a. store
b. durability
c. Availability
d. sales associate
Answer: (d)

6. All store employees are set ___ performance standards and commit to goals
a. Daily
b. Weekly
c. Monthly
d. Yearly
Answer: (a)

7. ___ are directed towards proposed expenditures for new projects and often require special financing
a. capital budget
b. Marketing budget
c. Finance budget
d. HR budget
Answer: (a)

8. Budgeting is closely connected with ___
a. Planning
b. Implementation
c. control
d. Directing
Answer: (b)

9. Inbound logistics is
a. a flow material from manufacturer to distributor
b. a flow of material from distributor to retailer
c. a flow of goods from retailer to consumer
d. a flow of raw materials from suppliers to manufacturers
Answer: (d)

10. ___ plays a dominant role in SCM.
a. Production
b. product development
c. logistics
d. competitors
Answer: (c)

11. ___ marketing is responsible for ensuring that product in distributor and reseller locations gets sold out.
a. channel
b. Tele
c. online
d. POS
Answer: (a)

12. A channel marketing manager is typically responsible for the ___ function.
a. sell in
b. Sell-through
c. sales budgeting
d. sales control
Answer: (c)

13. Kiosk is an example of
a. wholesaling
b. retailing
c. franchising
d. Buying organizations
Answer: (b)

14. Department stores are examples of
a. wholesaling
b. retailing
c. franchising
d. Buying organizations
Answer: (b)

15. ___ supply chains have an agenda to produce to optimize capacity and labour.
a. Self-monitored supply chains
b. Outsourced supply chains
c. Production oriented supply chains
d. Financially oriented supply chain
Answer: (c)

16. ___ are known as cash to cash cycle
a. Self-monitored supply chains
b. Outsourced supply chains
c. Production oriented supply chains
d. Financially oriented supply chains
Answer: (d)

17. The ___ perspective involves identifying the necessary resources with which the balance may be achieved
a. human resource
b. financial
c. tactical
d. system
Answer: (c)

18. The ___ is supply chain development in which the supply chain strategy and plans for implementation are evolved.
a. first phase
b. second phase
c. third phase
d. fourth phase
Answer: (c)

19. Supply chains can be tremendous assets to companies and their vendors but often they come with a ___.
a. Place
b. Price
c. Product
d. Promotion
Answer: (b)

20. ___ has led to a greater emphasis on customer service.
a. Demand
b. Supply
c. Promotions
d. competition
Answer: (d)

21. ___ is recognized as a low-cost and effective method for communicating with corporate customers due to increasing costs.
a. personal selling
b. Sale promotion
c. Public relations
d. direct marketing
Answer: (a)

22. ___ in which poor performers must make a decision themselves to either recommit themselves to perform the necessary behaviours and activities leave the company immediately
a. the intersection of choice
b. follow the leader
c. stepping up
d. Desk jockey
Answer: (a)

23. Number of FTE terminations divided by the total number of FTE at the beginning of the performance period is
a. Revenue per full-time equivalent
b. Compensation cost as a percentage of revenue
c. Turnover percentage
d. Operating profit percentage
Answer: (c)

24. No system of planning can be successful without having an ___ and ___ system of control
a. Effective and productive
b. effective and efficient
c. efficient and productive
d. effective and strategic
Answer: (b)

25. Companies have implemented supply chain philosophies and tools to ensure ___ competitiveness
a. product
b. price
c. place
d. promotion
Answer: (b)

26. Any party which exerts significant influence over the purchase decision is known as
a. End customers
b. Key influencers
c. Suppliers
d. Marketing channels
Answer: (b)

27. In commerce, a retailer buys goods or products in large quantities from ___, either directly or through wholesalers, and then sells individual items or small quantities to the general public
a. wholesalers
b. retailers
c. organization buyers
d. manufacturers
Answer: (d)

28. ___ management directs and transforms a firm‟s resources in order to design, purchase, produce and deliver high-quality goods
a. production
b. financial
c. supply chain
d. operational
Answer: (c)

29. The ___ management approach enables a company to respond to market changes
a. Financial
b. production
c. value chain
d. research and development
Answer: (c)

30. Product warranty is an element of
a. Pre transaction
b. Transaction
c. Post-transaction
d. External factors of the transaction
Answer: (c)

31. ___ contains division-wide information and is cheaper than a data warehouse.
a. Data mining
b. Data collection
c. Data synthesis
d. Datamart
Answer: (d)

Sales Management MCQs

32. By maintaining contact after the sale the seller is in a position to become more accepted by the customer, which invariably leads to the ___
a). Learn about competitors
b) Learn about Society
c) Learn about Market
d) Salesperson learn more about the customer and its choice
Answer: (d)

33. Consumer sales promotions encompass a variety of ___ designed to induce customers to respond in some way.
a) Short term promotion Techniques
b) Long Term Sales promotion methods
c) Improved employee morale
d) Customized Performance
Answer: (a)

34. What is the role of the sales manager as an effective pathway to generate sales.
a. Manage sales
b) manage employees
c) manage resources
d) Manage Records
Answer: (a)

35. Many products benefit from customers being shown how products are used through a ___.
a) Exhibition
b) Shows
c) demonstration
d) Display
Answer: (c)

36. There are ___ types of consumer sales promotions
a) 11
d) 12
b) 13
c) 15
Answer: (a)

37. POP stands for ___.
a) Point of Production
b) Competitive Gaps
c) Point of Purchase
d) Implementation Gaps
Answer: (c)

Personal Selling and Salesmanship MCQs

38. Commitment and consistency were activated in ___ of the persuasion strategies.
a). 15.0%
b) 14.5%
c) 9.1%
d) 14%
Answer: (c)

39. The government has blown ___ billion hiring management consultants to do the work of ministers and civil servants badly.
a). 70pds
b) 80pds
c) 90pds
d) 100pds
Answer: (a)

40. Consumers have a variety of ways to acquire products while in their home, including using the internet, catalogs, and ___
a) Take an inventory of your talent management skills
b) Set up a process-wide feedback loop
c) Pamphlets
d) TV
Answer: (d)

41. Over the past two decades, engaging, and ___ has become a bit of an expensive lottery.
a) Management Consultant
b) Manager
c) Monitor
d) Leader
Answer: (a)

42. a prominent social psychologist, Robert Cialdini, has spent a significant amount of his professional career studying persuasion strategies used by compliance professionals such as ___
a) Regular recognition of my contribution
b) Enhance the salary every year
c) Salespeople, fundraisers
d) Development changes in the organization
Answer: (c)

Sales Organization and Sales Force Management and Sales Budgets, Price Fixation and Quota Allotments MCQs

43. CRM stands for ___.
a) Customer Resource Management
b) Customer Retention Management
c) Customer Relation Management
d) Client Retention Management
Answer: (c)

44. The Last Step in designing the plan is deciding on the method of payment for the ___.
a) Customers
b) SalesForce
c) Employees
d) Employers
Answer: (b)

45. SFA stands for ___
a) Sales Feedback Administration
b) Service Feedback Management
c) Sales Force Automation
d) Salesforce Management
Answer: (c)

46. CRG stands for ___
a) Corporate Rentals Goals
b) Corporate Revenue Goals
c) Corporate Resource Goals
d) Corporate Records Goals
Answer: (b)

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