GK Questions in English । General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Hello, friends in this post we are listing  200 very important GK Questions and answers which are very important from the preparation of the exams. Common GK Questions and Answers । GK Questions in English । General Knowledge Questions and Answers for preparation of all types of Competitive Exam

GK Questions

200 Common GK Questions and Answers । General Knowledge questions and answers in English

This website is an attempt to increase general knowledge in various fields and it is a collection of general knowledge questions related to various subjects, which are related to all types of competitive exams such as TET, BED, SCRA, UPSC, SSC,  RBI Assistant, IBPS SO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO, RRB, CTET and so many other competitions. It can prove to be important for examinations.

Common GK Questions and Answers : Set-1

1. Mandal Commission came into force during the tenure of which Prime Minister?
Answer: North – V. P. Singh

2. What is SARS?
Answer: Viral Disease

3. Who is the father of the Green Revolution in India?
Answer: M.S. Swaminathan

4. The White Revolution is concerned with?
Answer: Milk

5. Godhra is famous for what?
Answer: To burn people in the train

6. Who was the last Mughal ruler?
Answer – Bahadur Shah Zafar

7. Who opposed Sati’s custom?
Answer: Raja Ram Mohan Roy

8. What is the full form of OBC?
Answer – Other Backward classes

9. Why is SAIL famous?
Answer: For steel production

10. Why the demand draft is crossed?
Answer – So that payment can be done only through a bank account

11. Where does Pushkar Mela organized?
Answer: – Jaipur

12. Where was the establishment of Azad Hind Fauj?
Answer: Singapore

13. What is India’s place in the world in terms of area?
Ans: – Seventh

14. Zakir Hussain is concerned with?
Answer: Tabla

15. The Samadhi of Lal Bahadur Shastri is situated at?
Answer – Vijay Ghat

16. Suez combines the canal.
Answer – to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea

17. Who is the queen of the spices?
Answer: Cardamom

18. ‘] [‘ is the indicator of.
Ans: bridge

19. Who was the founder of Nazism?
Answer: Hitler

20. Who has run the ‘Din-i-Elahi’ religion?
Answer: Akbar

21. Who is called “Gharib Nawaaz”?
Answer: Khawaza Moinuddin Chishti

22. Where is the Qutub Minar?
Answer: In Delhi

23. The land between the mountain and the hill is called.
Answer: Valley

24. Where Saharia tribe is found?
Answer: In Rajasthan

25. By which colour the mountain and hills are represented in the map.
Answer: Red color

GK Questions in English : Set-2

26. Which country is the Largest producer of silk?
Answer: China

27. Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan at the time of Kargil war?
Answer: Nawaz Sharif

28. India’s national bird.
Answer: Peacock

29. When was the Indian National Congress established?
Answer – 1885

30. Which shape is made from underground water?
Answer – Karstvideo

31. …………. is a Kharif crop.
Answer: Mecca

32. When the bajra crop is harvested?
Answer: October-November

33. Eskimo’s house is built by.
Answer – Snow

34. Before Delhi which city was the capital of India?
Answer: Calcutta (Presently – Kolkata)

35. A red triangle (Δ) is related to.
Answer: Family Welfare

36. Contour shows the line.
Answer: From the same elevation and shape to the sea level

37. Where the Kaveri River flows.
Answer: South India

38. Who is the creator of the Mahabharata?
Answer: Vedavas

39. Which is the most common tribe in Sri Lanka?
Answer: Sinhalese

40. Which cereals are burnt during Holika Dahan?
Answer: Barley (Jou)

41. Who got income from the registration fee in the village fair?
Answer: District Council

42. Who founded the ‘Khudai Khidmatgar’?
Answer: Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

43. Where is the Ganges-Yamuna River’s meeting place?
Answer: In Allahabad

44. The northernmost mountain range of the Himalayas is called.
Answer – Hemadri

45. What was the name of Buddha’s childhood?
Answer – Siddhartha

46. India’s maritime border is how much longer?
Answer: 7500 KM

47. Megasthenes was the ambassador of?
Answer – Cellulose

48. Kathak Kali is the dance of which state?
Answer: Kerala

49. Ujjain is situated on the banks of which river?
Answer: Kshapra

50. When the Party-Change Act was passed?
Answer – in 1985

GK Questions and Answers : Set-3

51. In which state is the Old Bird Sanctuary?
Answer: Rajasthan

52. Who is known as Frontier Gandhi?
Answer: Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

53. Patliputra was the first capital of which Mauryan Empire
Answer – Chandragupta Maurya

54. Human Rights Day is celebrated.
Answer – December 10

55. Which is the leading tea producing state of India?
Answer: Assam

56. Who was the 2nd woman of India to climb Mount Everest?
Answer – Santosh Yadav

57. Who was the first woman president of the Indian National Congress?
Answer: Annie Besant

58. Where is Jim Carbet Park located?
Answer – Uttaranchal

59. Somnath temple was destroyed by which invaders?
Answer – Mahmood Ghaznavi

60. Dada Saheb Phalke was the first person honored with the award.
Answer – Devika Rani

61. When was ‘U.N.O’ established?
Answer: 1945

62. India exports the highest amount of commodity.
Answer – cotton cloth

63. Gram comes under which crop?
Answer: Pulses

64. Which is the longest railroad in India?
Answer: Northern Railway

65. Who was the 12th President of India?
Answer: – Dr. Abdul Kalam

66. Which state of India is the largest producer of rubber?
Answer: Kerala

67. In which state is the Bhankha Nangal Dam located?
Answer: Punjab

68. The great man Virsa Munda was from which state of India?
Answer: Jharkhand

69. Who is the supreme army commander of the Indian Army?
Answer: President

70. The distance between two tracks Railway ‘broad-gauge’ is?
Answer – 1.675 m

71. Where is the Central Railway Office?
Answer: In Mumbai

72. Which is the 29th state of India?
Answer: Telangana

73. The world’s largest desert.
Answer: Sahara

74. The first satellite launched by India.
Answer: Aryabhatta

75. Who conducts small cases in rural areas?
Answer – Sub-divisional authority

GK Questions in English : Set-4

76. India’s largest gold producing state.
Answer: Karnataka

77. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was most famous in which area?
Answer: Science

78. The largest rice producing state in India.
Answer: West Bengal

79. At which place nuclear testing mostly done?
Answer: Pokaran

80. Who is the author of the song Govind?
Answer: Jayadev

81. The name of the father of Gautam Budh was.
Answer – Shudhodhan

82. National Youth Day is celebrated on?
Answer – January 12

83. Where was the first See ports established by the British in India?
Answer – Surat

84. Where is the National Defense Academy?
Answer: Khadgavasala

85. Which city is called the Unchanging City of the World?
Answer: Rome

86. India’s most literate state.
Answer: Kerala

87. India’s longest dam.
Answer: Hirakud Dam

88. Who built Fatehpur Sikri?
Answer: Mughal Emperor Akbar

89. Who was the first person to land on the moon’s surface?
Answer: Neil Armstrong

90. India’s most famous place for the oil sector.
Answer: Digboi-Assam

91. By which surname Japan’s capital Tokyo is known?
Answer – Osaka

92. Who gave the word Harijan?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

93. Where is a very good yield in India?
Answer: In Karnataka

94. The folk dance ‘Kikali’ is famous in which state?
Answer: Haryana

95. The term ‘googly’ is related to which game?
Answer: Cricket

96. Which is the highest coal producing state?
Answer: Jharkhand

97. Where is Charminar located?
Answer: Hyderabad

98. Where did the Metro first started in India?
Answer: Calcutta

99. Golden Temple is located in which Indian city?
Answer: Amritsar

100. Rourkela is famous for which mineral?
Answer – iron

GK Questions and Answers : Set-5

101. In which state is the Luuni River flowing?
Answer: Rajasthan

102. The largest producer of asbestos in the world.
Answer: India

103. Where is Santa Cruz airport?
Answer: Mumbai

104. Which was India’s first full-colour film?
Answer – Jhansi ki Rani

105. Who was the Chairman of the First Finance Commission of India?
Answer: K C. Niyogi

106. Which state is mostly populated by the poverty line in India?
Answer: Orissa

107. Black soil is the most suitable for which crop?
Answer: Cotton

108. World AIDS Day is celebrated?
Answer: December 1

109. Where is the headquarters of the Coca-Cola Company located?
Answer: Atlanta

110. Minimum age should be for fighting the Lok Sabha election in India.
Answer: 25 years

111. When is International Women’s Day celebrated?
Answer – March 8

112. Where is Kanha National Park located?
Answer – In Mandla

113. Where is the Dhruv of India’s nuclear reactor located?
Answer: Trombay

114. Where is the ‘Statue of Liberty’ located?
Answer – in New York

115. Where is the ‘Red Square’ located?
Answer: In Moscow

116. Aswan dam located in which River?
Answer: On the Nile River

117. What is ‘Pentagon’?
Answer: US Department of Defense’s Office

118. The Narmada is the origin of the river.
Answer: Amarkantak

119. The first digit of the PIN code is called.
Answer: Number of postal zones related to post office

120. Which water reservoir separates Europe from Africa?
Answer: Gibraltar

121. Where is Nhava Seva port located in India?
Answer: Near Mumbai

122. Which port is on the west coast?
Answer: Paradise

123. Where is the tin found in India?
Answer: Hazaribagh (Jharkhand)

124. Shivaji was arrested by which ambassador of Aurangzeb?
Answer: Raja Jaisingh

125. Which queen of Rajasthan had sent Rakhi to the emperor Humayun and urged for help against Bahadur Shah?
Answer: Queen Kannavati

GK Questions in English : Set-6

126. The Sardar Sarovar project is situated on which river?
Answer: on the Narmada River

127. Where is the railway wagon factory (CIMMCO) located in Rajasthan?
Answer: In Bharatpur

128. There were how many Indian princely states before independence.
Answer: 562

129. When did the British Parliament pass the Indian Independence Act?
Answer: July 1947

130. When did Lord Mountbatten, President of the Bharat Divas Parishad, announce the partition of India?
Answer: On 3 June 1947

131. Who was the first person to talk about two Separate Nationals of India?
Answer – Muhammad Iqbal

132. Who was the founder of ‘Farvard Block’?
Answer – Subhash Chandra Bose

133. Even after the opposition of Gandhi, who was made the Congress president?
Answer – Subhash Chandra Bose

134. On 13th April 1919, the Jaliawala Bagh massacre in Amritsar protested against whose arrest?
Answer: Satyapal and Saifuddin Kichalu

135. In 1885, where was the first session (अधिवेसन) of the Indian National Congress, headed by Vyomkesh Chandra Banerjee?
Answer: Mumbai

136. Who had declared the partition of Bengal in 1905?
Answer – Lord Curzon

137. There is a minimum age limit for the election of the Lok Sabha in India.
Answer: 25 years

138. Which ruler defeated King Harshavardhana?
Answer: Pulakeshin II

139. Who first hindered Hindu law?
Answer: Manu

140. Where was the death of Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar?
Answer: Rangoon

141. Which year was the launch of color light signaling in India?
Answer – in 1928

142. Lord Clive defeated to whom in the Battle of Plassey?
Answer – Sirajuddaula

143. When did the Indian National Congress demand full Swaraj?
Answer – in 1929

144. What is famous for Kaziranga Reserve?
Answer – for a horny rhinoceros

145. In which city is the authentic time and local time of India is the same?
Answer: Allahabad

146. Which dance is related to dancer Sonal Mansingh?
Answer: Bharatanatyam

147. When was the Muslim League celebrating ‘Mukti Diwas’?
Answer – in 1929

148. Who has invented the method of the depiction of Cubism?
Answer – Pablo Picasso

149. Nagasaki Nagar of Japan is situated on which island?
Answer – QiShu

150. Harmuz Water Treaty separates which two countries?
Answer: Iran and Oman

GK Questions and Answers : Set-7

151. Which year was the first meeting of the Rajya Sabha held?
Answer – in 1952

152. What is in Caga?
Answer: Nuclear energy production

153. Where is the headquarters of the United Nations Education, Science and Sanskrit Organization (UNESCO) located?
Answer – in Paris

154. In India, how many states and union territories are now divided by administrative vision?
Answer: 29 States and 7 Union Territories

155. What is pagoda?
Answer: Buddhist Temple

156. The zoristians are called.
Answer – People of agnostic race

157. Which country is called ‘Land of Golden Pagoda’?
Answer: Myanmar (Burma)

158. Humayun Naama is composed of whom?
Answer: Gulbadan Begum

159. Currently, the total length of India’s railroad is.
Answer – 64640 KM (verify from your side too)

160. Where does the Western and Eastern Ghats meet?
Answer: On Palghat

161. From what place did the remains of Harappa civilization come from?
Answer: Nagarjuna Konda

162. Who was the first recipient of the Human Rights Award?
Answer: Nelson Mandela

163. Which is the state of spices in India?
Answer: Kerala

164. How many army commandos are organized?
Answer: Five

165. What is ’10-Downing Street’?
Answer: Residence of the Prime Minister of England

166. Kalpana Chawla originally was from which place
Answer: Haryana (India)

167. 0 longitude that passes through Greenwich
Answer: Chief posthumous

168. Gorsoppa Waterfall is situated on which river?
Answer: Sharavati

169. What was the number of members of the draft constitution of Indian Constituent Assembly?
Answer – 7

170. Who founded the ‘Hindustan Republican Association’ in 1924?
Answer: – Shachindranath Sanyal

171. During the Rigvedic period, the main deities of Brahmins were.
Answer: Som (सोम)

172. What is ‘Green Peace’?
Answer: An International Organization for Environmental Protection

173. In which style is the temple of Bhubaneswar, Puri, and Pilani built?
Answer: Nagar

174. In which state of India diamond is found?
Answer: Madhya Pradesh

175. The country’s first train that got the honor of I.S.O-9001.
Answer: Bhopal Express

GK Questions in English : Set-8

176. The word ‘Third Eye’ is related to which game?
Answer: Cricket

177. Where is the southernmost point ‘Indira Point’ of India located?
Answer: Big Nicobar Islands

178. A minimum distance of two places on the globe is?
Answer: On the main longitude

179. In which tribe is the trend of seasonal migration found?
Answer – Bhutia

180. Who was the first president of the Indian Lok Sabha?
Answer: G. V. Mavlankar

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181. Trirat of Jain religion.
Answer: Right-to-do, proper behaviour, right-thinking

182. When was the Indian Navy established in Cochin?
Answer: In January 1969

183. Yamini Krnamamurthy is related to which dance?
Answer: Bharat Natyam dance

184. Forbes is the Satellite of which planet?
Answer: Mars

185. Uri Jeevan Power Project is in which state of India?
Answer: Jammu Kashmir

186. The Losang Festival is celebrated in which country?
Answer – Taiwan

187. In which area is the Pulitzer Prize awarded?
Answer: Journalism

188. The tourist day is celebrated on the date in the world?
Answer: 27 September

189. The first large-scale action of extremist revolutionaries is related to ‘Big Dacoity’?
Answer: East Bengal

190. What was the famous European traveller ‘Barnear’ by profession?
Answer: Doctor

191. Who is credited for the complete construction work of Qutub Minar?
Answer – Eltumish

192. Who was the last Mughal ruler to sit on the Mayur Throne (मयूर सिंहासन)?
Answer – Muhammad Shah

193. Who was the biggest obstacle in getting the throne of Shah Jahan on the death of Jahangir?
Answer: Shayariar

194. Where was the capital of Chalukya?
Answer: Watapi

195. In what period was the invention of the decimal system in India?
Answer: Gupta Kal (गुप्त कल)

196. Which Buddhist schism was divided into two distinct and independent sects, Buddhism ‘Hinayana’ and ‘Mahayana’?
Answer: 4th

197. Which is the Meeting point of Eastern and the Western Ghats?
Answer – Nilgiri Hills

198. The Chief Minister who served the longest term in India?
Answer: Jyoti Basu

199. Dilwara Temple at Mount Abu is of which religion?
Answer: Jain temple

200. Which continent is called the White Continent?
Answer – Antarctica

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