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Research methodology

What is Research Methodology

Research methodology is a vital aspect of scientific inquiry that plays an important role in ensuring the validity and reliability of research findings.

It refers to the systematic process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data in order to answer research questions or test hypotheses. The significance of research methodology lies in its ability to provide a framework for conducting research that is both rigorous and transparent.

The process of conducting research begins with identifying the problem or question to be investigated. Once this has been determined, researchers must then select an appropriate methodology based on the nature of their study and the type of data they wish to collect.

This may involve using quantitative methods (such as surveys or experiments), qualitative methods (such as interviews or focus groups), or a combination of both.

Regardless of the specific methodology chosen, it is essential that researchers follow established protocols for data collection and analysis in order to ensure that their findings are reliable and valid.

Solved Research methodology MCQ questions and answers

1. The researcher who is conducting the research must be ___ and neutral in approach.
Answer: Objective

2. Research always requires a ___ and ___ method of inquiry
Answer: Structured, sequential

3. Research is done for ___ existing theories or arriving at new ___
Answer: Proving, models

4. An important aspect of business research is its ___ assisting nature.
Answer: Decision

5. Applied research is the kind of research where one needs to apply specific statistical procedures. (True/ false)
Answer: False

6. In basic research, the context is vast and the time period is flexible. (True/ false)
Answer: True

7. The research that is especially carried out to test and validate the study hypotheses is termed
(a) Fundamental resaeach
(b) Applied research
(c) Conclusive research
(d) Exploratory research
Answer: (C)

8. The research studies that explore the effect of one thing on another and more specifically, the effect of one variable on another are known as
(a) Causal research
(b) Applied research
(c) Conclusive research
(d) Exploratory research
Answer: (A)

9. Every research study always begins with a hypothesis. (True/ false)
Answer: False

10. The group of individuals from whom one needs to collect data for the study is called the sample. (True/ false)
Answer: True

11. The assumption about the expected result of the research is called the ___.
Answer: Hypothesis

12. The data collection methods may be classified into ___ and ___ data methods.
Answer: Primary, secondary

13. Marketing department of a business organization carries out research related to:
(a) Product
(b) Pricing
(c) Promotion
(d) All the above
Answer: (D)

14. Demand forecasting and quality assurance and management are part of
(a) Personnel and human resource management
(b) Marketing function
(c) Financial and accounting research
(d) Production and operations management
Answer: (A)

15. The research study must follow a ___ plan for investigation.
Answer: Sequential

16. One of the most important aspects of a research study is that it must be ___ if one follows similar conditions.
Answer: Replicable

17. The management decision problem must be reduced to a ___ problem.
Answer: Research

18. A research problem can be defined as ___ in the decision makers’ existing body of knowledge which inhibits efficient decision making.
Answer: A gap

19. Simple research problems usually test ___ relationships.
Answer: Linear

20. Complex problems look at the interrelationship between ___ variables.
Answer: Multiple

21. The management problem is a difficulty faced by the ___
Answer: Decision maker

22. The management research problem has to be converted into a ___ before it can be tested.
Answer: Research problem

23. The management decision problem can be tested, that is, subjected to research inquiry.
(True/ False)
Answer: False

24. How can students be made to learn the course on research methodology is a research problem. (True/False)
Answer: False

25. Which of these is not a step in the problem identification process?
(a) Discussion with subject experts
(b) Review of existing literature
(c) Theoretical foundation and model building
(d) Management decision making
Answer: (D)

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