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AMU Entrance Sample Paper for class 9 । AMU Class 9 entrance paper

AMU Entrance Sample Paper

AMU Entrance Sample Paper for class 9 । AMU Class 9 entrance paper & Previous year old papers. How to prepare for AMU Class 9 entrance Exam

AMU Entrance Sample Paper

How to prepare for AMU Class 9 entrance Exam

1. In order to get into AMU, first you should be well aware of the syllabus. You may prefer a good coaching for the purpose , else self study is the best way to conquer any examination. Work upon the fundamental concepts, practice questions and try to cover majority of the prescribed syllabus. Solve previous year question papers properly, that is according to the test timings.

2. After then you have to learn few sides books which will make your foundation much strong for the entrance examinations.

3. Just focus on past papers and general level papers including Math, Reasoning, Science, English and General knowledge. It would be well enough to practice and pass the exam.

4. As you know the syllabus of entrance exam then you have to study little bit Hindi, Urdu and English from these paper there will be 30 questions in the entrance examinations.

5. But another important point is to score at least 40% in each subject.

6. After then from these all paper you have to score just more than 75 marks which is not a tough work.

7. If you want to pass the entrance exam of AMU for class 9. You have to first clear the syllabus of class 8th through NCERT book. Stay away from mobile and Internet as far as possible.

8. Purchase the book of entrance preparation of Arihant Publication or Conception Publication or both and start with these and previous year question papers.

How many marks should you score to qualify for the class 9 entrance exam in AMU?

1. If you are external then 70 or 75+ and if you are internal than 50+ marks.

2. Upto 75% marks are required for qualify for class 9 , but its also based on cut-off marks . After qualifying entrance exam you have to qualify interview also then after you get admission in AMU School.

AMU Entrance Sample Paper  for interview of class 9

The questions are general in nature. The syllabus is precisely the same as that of entrance exam. However, it is not the test of students academic knowledge. Rather it’s a personality and aptitude check in relation to other candidates.

Sample questions are:

1. Give us a Short Introduction about you.

2. Why do you want to join Aligarh Muslim University.

3. Tell us about your Aim in life.

4. What’s your favorite subject?

5. General Knowledge and Awareness.

6. Situations to have Psychometric Analysis.

How many students gives the AMU class 9 entrance exam per year?

Being one of the prominent educational institute in India and a dream of almost every student to study in this Alma Mater, it play a very important role in educating the society. In a rough figure we can say that approx 50,000 students are appearing for class 9 entrance exam every year.

Overview of AMU schools and Other Facilities for students

AMU school for class 9 is good if you get hostel i.e. Minto Circle, because what happens if you are not a native of Aligarh city then it is quite tough to stay. As the schools are far from the residential place, there are may be problem of fooding and loading. And also if you fear of the tough competition of 11th entrance then you should try for 9 class. But I will suggest you try for 11th directly. From where you are doing schooling now continue with that. And whether it is school fee or hostel fee both are too cheap and people who are from poor background can afford it easily.

And one more thing in schools administration only care about academic not going to give you that much what is needed for cracking the national level competition. If you are enough curious then you can do it by doing self study. As self study is the best study one can have.

Are AMU schools a good option for class 9 ?

Well, everything has its own pros and cons. But studying in 9 class in AMU has far much pros because 11th entrance exam of AMU is very competitive! Here are some pros:

1. There is no sort of unnecessary academic burden. Thus you get enough time to prepare for competitive exams.

2. You become an internal student of AMU which is very beneficial especially in B.Tech and MBBS entrance exams of AMU where there is 50% internal quota. Please note that Internal student here is one who has passed the qualifying exam from AMU. ( Don’t take it as minority).

3. Teaching is very good here. The teachers here are well qualified, majority of them having Masters and Doctorate.

4. The environment here is very competitive, since many good students tame admission here.

5. Fees is very low as compared to any other School. You get enough time for self study.

6. Many student got very good rank in IIT, PMT, AIPMT, AIIMS, JMI, AMU entrances.

7. AMU has its own board. The faculty in AMU is student friendly and of great quality.

8. Unlike CBSE schools AMU schools do not give any large burden of projects. So you will get enough time for preparing for your future competitive exams which you will give after your intermediate.

9. School timings are very friendly. Unlike other schools you will get back to your home very early (not at 4 or 5pm). So again this is time saving and less tiring and you will remain fresh for entire day.

10. Moreover, since entrance exam is of quite tough level so most of the students who enter these schools are quite competitive and intelligent so you will have an healthy environment for studying.

11. All I can say is that, AMU schools are excellent to pursue for 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th classes, and far better than any of the co-ed schools.

SO at last if you are planning for higher studies with your own potential then good luck it is best.


If you need Assignments of AMU please visit this link

Class 9 Entrance Exam Date

Generally the Entrance Exam for class 9 be conduct in the Month of March or April (tentatively) every year.

Class 9 Entrance Exam Time

The exam will be conducted for 2 hours.

Class 9 Entrance Exam Syllabus

The candidates should prepare as per the C.B.S.E. or the N.C.E.R.T. syllabus for Class 8.

Class 9 Entrance Exam Paper Description

There will be a 100 questions. The pattern is same as it is for the Class 6 Entrance Exam. 30 questions will be for Languages. (English, Hindi an Urdu) The rest 70 questions will be divided into two sections, 35 for Mathematics and 35 for Science.

NOTE: The candidates must obtain a minimum of 40% in section 1 in the written test to be considered eligible for the interview. Know more about AMU SCHOOL

AMU Entrance Sample Paper for class 9 । Previous year old papers.

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