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Visual Basic MCQs with answers pdf Sample Papers download for Computer Programming students preparing for academic and competitive exams.

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Visual Basic MCQs with answers

1. The ___ defines the environment that you use to execute Visual Basic .NET applications and the services you can use within those applications.
Ans. .NET Framework

2. To develop a Visual Basic .NET application, you use a product called ___.
Ans. Visual Studio .NET

3. A ___ application runs on the Windows Desktop and can consist of one or more Windows forms.
Ans. Windows Forms

4. You use Visual Studio .NET to create a project, which is made of one or more ___ that contain Visual Basic statements.
Ans. Source files

5. The ___ consists of segments of pre-written code called ___ that provide many of the functions that you need for developing .NET applications.
Ans. .NET Framework Class Library, Classes

6. The programmer uses Visual Studio’s Integrated Development Environment to create a ___.
Ans. Project

7. IDE stands for ___.
Ans. Integrated Development Environment

8. The ___ page lets you customize the IDE so it works the way you want it to.
Ans. My Profile

9. Visual Basic project files have the extension ___.
Ans. .vbproj

10. When you create a new project, Visual Studio also creates a new ___ to hold the project.
Ans. Solution

11. Any form you create in Visual Basic inherits the members of the ___ class.
Ans. Form

12. In ___ type of interface, a single window is split into two panes just as it is in the Windows Explorer.
Ans. Explorer Style Interface

13. When an unexpected condition occurs, the CLR creates a special object called an ___.
Ans. Exception

14. An ___ is a self-contained unit that combines code and data.
Ans. Object

15. An object is an ___ of a class, and the process of creating an object from a class is called ___.
Ans. Instance, Instantiation

16. Visual Basic applications are __, i.e., they work by responding to the events that occur on objects.
Ans. Event driven

17. One property that applies only to a combo box is the ___ property.
Ans. DropDownStyle

18. If you want to restrict user entries to just the values in the list, you can set the DropDownStyle property to ___.
Ans. DropDownList

19. To determine whether a radio button or check box is checked, you test its ___ property.
Ans. Checked

20. The event you’ll use most often with a tab control is the ___ event.
Ans. SelectedIndexChanged

21. Designing a ___ is the basis of any graphical user interface based application.
Ans. Form

22. There’s a much better way to manage errors in VB 2005, called ___.
Ans. Structured Exception Handling

23. In .NET, all exceptions inherit from ___.
Ans. System.Exception

24. A block of exception handling statements begin with ___ keyword.
Ans. Try

25. ___ keyword is used to handle unexpected errors without executing further statements in the Catch block.
Ans. Throw

26. ___ keyword is used to denote the final block in exception handling.
Ans. Finally

27. The most brutal way to get information about an exception is to use the ___ method of the exception.
Ans. ToString

28. The ___ property is used to store an exception trail.
Ans. InnerException

29. The ___ property gets or sets the help link for a specific Exception object.
Ans. HelpLink

30. Just precede the letter in the Text property value that you want to use as an access key with an ___ symbol.
Ans. Ampersand (&)

31. The technology used to interact with a database or data source is called ___.

32. ADO stands for ___.
Ans. Active Data Objects

33. The ___ object is required to connect to a database.
Ans. Connection

34. The ___ will hold a copy of the information from the database.
Ans. DataSet

35. The ___ contacts your Connection Object, and then executes a query that you set up.
Ans. Data Adapter

36. In VB.NET, ___ is used to query and write to databases.
Ans. SQL

37. The ___ function lets you move a block of bytes from one memory address to another memory address and works correctly even if the two areas partially overlap.
Ans. dynamic

38. A key feature of an array of arrays is that you can process entire rows of your pseudo-array as if they were ___ entities.
Ans. Copy Memory

39. A ___ array can be created only at design time, and at the very minimum, at least one control must belong to it.
Ans. single

40. When you initialize a jagged array variable, you can specify the dimension lengths only for the ___ array.
Ans. control Visual Basic Unit 8

41. To execute the Components command from the Project menu press the ___ key combination to display the Components dialogue box.
Ans. Ctrl+T

42. The ___ control is invisible at run time.
Ans. ImageList

43. As with any collection, an individual _____ object can be referenced through its numerical index or its string key (if it has one).
Ans. ListImage

44. A ___ sign beside an item indicates that it has one or more child items.
Ans. plus

45. A TreeView control can display ___ graphical elements.
Ans. four

46. You store the data in the ___ property of the Node object so that you don’t have to worry about removing items from the control’s Node collection.
Ans. Tag

47. The ___ will build a SQL string for you.
Ans. Command Builder

48. If you want to add a new row to your DataSet, you need a ___ object.
Ans. DataRow

49. An ______ is a consecutive group of memory locations that all have the same name and same type.
Ans. array

50. ___ arrays are declared in the general declarations using keyword Dim or Private.
Ans. Module

51. A ___ encapsulates the data, but not the processing associated with that data.
Ans. UDT

52. With ___, Visual Basic developers could build complete three-tiered applications for Microsoft Windows® and the Web.
Ans. CBD

53. ___ manages the complexities of a business problem by allowing you to identify a set of objects involved with that business problem.
Ans. Abstraction

54. ___ are the nouns in your analysis of the problem.
Ans. Classes

55. A ___ CASE tool can go from the diagram to actually build the code skeletons for your classes.
Ans. UML-based

56. In ____ you can create any number of classes within a single code file.
Ans. Visual Basic .NET

57. There are only ___ types of Property procedures in Visual Basic.
Ans. Two

58. ____ is used to carry out delegation.
Ans. Containment

59. To build a class that may be used as a base class, be sure to use the _____ keyword on any function that a derived class may wish to override.
Ans. Overridable

60. The ___ keyword defines the parent or base class.
Ans. Inherits

61. Inheritance should not be used if it is not absolutely clear that the ___ relationship holds.
Ans. “is a” Visual Basic Unit 12

62. An instance of a child class A that inherits from a parent class B must be usable in every piece of code that would take an ___ of its parent type as a parameter.
Ans. instance

63. The ___ keyword must be the first nonblank, non-comment line after the name of the child class
Ans. Inherits

64. Shared members cannot be overridden. (True / False)
Ans. True

65. The ___ keyword lets you be sure that even overridden methods get called as defined in the current class whose code is running, rather than as defined in some overridden method in a derived class.
Ans. MyClass

66. The process of converting a reference stored in a parent class object variable to a child class object is usually called ____.
Ans. downcasting

67. Visual Basic supports at least ___ array dimensions.
Ans. 60

68. Arrays returned by the Array() function are zero-based. (True / False)
Ans. True

69. If you call a procedure and pass an array as a ___ parameter, no data is physically copied and the Variant simply works as an alias of the array.
Ans. Variant

70. The _____ boolean function tells you if an object variable is an array.
Ans. IsArray

71. Instead of having the operating system switch between different programs, ___ asks the operating system to switch between different parts of the same program.
Ans. multithreading

72. A thread runs a ___, not an object.
Ans. procedure

73. The .NET Framework comes with a ___ delegate in the Threading namespace that you usually use to start a thread.
Ans. ThreadStart

74. The phenomenon of ___ occurs when you have one thread that takes up all the CPU cycles and never releases control to the other threads.
Ans. Starvation

75. The ________ statement tells Windows to run the new thread with its highest priority and makes the main thread a lower priority.
Ans. Thread.Priority=ThreadPriority.Highest

76. The ___ code puts the current thread (Thread 1) to sleep and waits until Thread 2 is over.
Ans. thread2.Join()

77. To get a reference to the thread that is running a piece of code we use ___ method.
Ans. Thread.CurrentThre

78. The ___ version of Sleep makes the current thread relinquish the rest of its time slice.
Ans. Thread.Sleep(0)

79. We override the ____ method in your code to create cleanup code that runs when the garbage collector reclaims the memory your object uses.
Ans. Finalize

80. The ____ method determines whether two items refer to the same object; that is, whether the specified Object instances are the same instance.
Ans. ReferenceEquals

81. The default implementation of ___ method returns the fully qualified type name of the object.
Ans. ToString

82. The ___ style programming is the foundation of what is called object composition or black box reuse in OOP theory.
Ans. Interface

83. To determine if an object implements an interface, use TypeOf with ___.
Ans. Is

84. The ___ marker interface tells the user that your class consumes resources that the garbage collectors will not be able to reclaim.
Ans. IDisposable

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