Top 5 Career Opportunities after Online MBA in Entrepreneurship

Top 5 Career Opportunities after Online MBA in EntrepreneurshipManagement studies have seen heavenward growth which has been the reason for the proliferation of more and more B-schools every year in India and globally.

MBA or Masters of Business Administration is a very popular post-graduate degree that teaches about management and the business scenario in the market. It is a rewarding degree that requires perseverance and hard work throughout the two years.

If enrolled in a good B-school with extensive placement services and a relevant curriculum with modern teaching pedagogy, the ROI on the course will turn out to be high and the degree will be worth every penny and second invested.

Top 5 Career Opportunities after Online MBA in Entrepreneurship

Online MBA in Entrepreneurship: About the Programme

Digitalisation and internet facilities have given way to modification of education and have moved its course into the online mode as well.  Doing an MBA online has become easy & accessible and offers all the same advantages as a regular MBA.

Entrepreneurship is one of the many in online/regular MBA. Entrepreneurship can be understood with the most simple definition as the development of a new idea of a service/product, taking actions to transform it, and releasing it in the market as a new venture.

Entrepreneurs are usually the ones who launch their own businesses and invest their time, money, and efforts to set it up, create connections in the market, and make them successful. For anyone interested in creating his/her own business, or assisting in an already established venture and being involved in values greater than economic digits.

  • Course Name: Online MBA
  • Specialisation: Entrepreneurship Management
  • Course Type: Master’s Programme
  • Eligibility: Graduate in any field with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate from a recognised university (marks requirement may vary)
  • Duration: 2 Years

Top 5 Career Opportunities after Online MBA in Entrepreneurship Course

1. Launching Startups

After an Online MBA degree in Entrepreneurship, you will have the right skills for launching a new start-up in the market. Having the right skills, knowledge, and industry exposure gained during the two-year course, you will be putting all that into use if you are eager to launch your start-up and create a successful business for yourself.

Entrepreneurship is the best option for all those individuals who wish to work for themselves and introduce their service/products into the market. Since the last decade, various charts and surveys have shown that more and more people are now likely to open up their businesses and work for themselves. Thanks to the entrepreneurship passion and blood in them.

Average Salary: Depends upon the reach and success of the business

2. Management Analyst

Since you will have a vigorous knowledge of how management works, you can take on the role of a Management Analyst and oversee the working of business operations at the place where you are working.

As a Management Analyst, your job will be to implement and create several systems and methods that will help improve the different practices used at a workplace to maintain and accelerate management standards. You will carefully observe every little step and decision that is taken to make sure that it is in favour of a good working management system and that everything leads successively to the growth of the workplace.

Average Salary: INR 15.8 Lakh per annum

3. Appraiser

As already discussed, after an entrepreneurship degree, you can either launch your start-up or take on the role of assisting at some other business or workplace. Every business needs a person who can determine the worth of a property and keep a check on its increasing/decreasing value at all times.

As an Appraiser, your role will be to gather all the information related to real estate & property and evaluate the total cost of it. You will also be required to fill out different documentation, write various reports, and fill out different legal forms related to the worth of the real estate.

Average Salary: INR 10.5 Lakh per annum

3. Business Manager

As the term suggests, in very simple words, as a Business Manager, you will be managing the business at macro levels and at times at micro levels. A Business Manager is responsible for making sure that all the decisions, practices, and steps are taken to accelerate the growth of a business, and at the same time look out for any discrepancies that might lead to a negative impact.

You will make the decisions for the profitability factors of the firm and undertake different duties while also being in charge of assigning tasks to other members. You will use your managerial skills and put them to the best use for promoting the business at large.

Average Salary: INR 13 Lakh per annum

4. Financial Analyst

You don’t need to have an MBA in Finance to take on the role of Financial Analyst in a firm. After an entrepreneurship degree or an MBA, you can take on the role of Financial Analyst as you will learn about the management skills of finances and their importance for any business.

As a Financial Analyst, your role will be to keep an eye on the use of the finances, what ways it is being utilised, and what purpose the finances serve at what time. You will make the best decision related to investing the finances, keep an eye on the assets and liabilities of a business, check out the different changing financial trends, and make sure that the finances being invested get returned in greater numbers.

Average Salary: INR 17.3 Lakh per annum

Top Universities to Pursue Online MBA in Entrepreneurship

Enrolling in an Online MBA program in Entrepreneurship promises a journey filled with learning and growth. However, choosing the right program is crucial. You must consider factors like curriculum, faculty expertise, networking opportunities, and flexibility while deciding on your college. To make research easier for you, we’ve listed some of the top online MBA colleges in India:

  1. Amity University online
  2. Jain University online
  3. D.Y. Patil Deemed to be University Online
  4. Chandigarh University
  5. Symbiosis International University


Past decade has seen more entrepreneurs than ever and the scale is said to rise more and more. Online MBA in Entrepreneurship is, thus,  a prospering decision to lead your career on a path of growth and success. The degree equips you with all the skills and knowledge needed to lead a business organisation.

If you are looking to start your own business or want to take on higher management roles in an organisation, then you must go for this course.

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