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Subharti University distance education

Subharti University distance education MBA solved assignments are available for below subjects.

Course Title: Principles of management

SLM Code: M-209

Q.1 Describe the Levels of Management.
Q.2 Explain the Scientific Theories of Management.
Q.3 What do you mean by Management By Objective (MBO), the process of M.B.O and Some
benefits of M.B.O.
Q.4 Difference between on Job division and off job division.
Q.5 Discuss the important function of Management and Levels of Management.

Course Title: Human Resources Management

SLM Code: M-210

Q.1 Define the orientation. What are its purpose and pitfalls?
Q. 2 Meaning of Recruitment, Source of Recruitment and Selection.
Q.3 What is the process of HR Planning and also write the problem in Human Resource Planning?
Q.4. What do you mean by an Interview and describe the types?
Q.5 What is Training & Development? Purpose of Training & Development. What is the need of Training?

Course Title: Principles of Economic

SLM Code: M-207

Q.1 Explain the classification of business fluctuations.
Q.2 What do you mean by supply.
Q.3 How does consumer obtain equilibrium under the law of equilibrium marginal utility, discuss.
Q.4 Describe the functions of money. Bring out its importance in economic life.
Q.5. Write the detail note on measurement of Price Elasticity.

Course Title: Financial Management

SLM Code: M-212

Q.1 Define the Internal rate of returns method.
Q.2 Write a short note on factors affecting capital structure.
Q.3 Define the capital structure. Explain the factors which influence the capital structure of a company.
Q.4 What is working capital? In how many ways working capital can be used?
Q.5 What is acid ration test.

Course Title: Accounting and Financial Analysis

SLM Code: M-213

Q.1 Differentiate between commercial entities and Non-Profit Entities.
Q.2 What do you mean by final accounts? What are its constituents? Name them and briefly
explain the purpose of each of them.
Q.3 Define the principles of Double Entry System.
Q.4. Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of a fixed instalment method and diminishing balance method.
Q.5 Describe two basic purpose of source documents.

Course Title: Business Law

SLM Code: M-214

Q.1 What do you understand by auction sale.
Q.2 What do you understand by ‘company ‘? Discuss the features of any two type of company.
Q.3 What is void and voidable agreement.
Q.4 Discuss the main provision of SICA.
Q.5 Describe the basic elements of a valid contract?

Course Title: Organizational Behavior

SLM Code: M-215

Q.1 Define the Autocratic Model.
Q.2 Explain the importance of organizational behaviour.
Q.3 Write about the implications for managers.
Q.4. Explain the Maslow Need Hierarchy Theory in detail.
Q.5 What are the Characteristics of personality.

Course Title: Operations Research

SLM Code: M-216

Q.1 What is Simulation.
Q.2 Describe the Least Cost Entry Method.
Q.3. What is the Graphical Method? Describe it.
Q.4 Define the Purchasing Model Without Shortage.
Q.5 Define the Probabilistic Model

Course Title: Research Methodology

SLM Code : M-217

Q.1 Describe the Chi-square test and T-test.
Q.2 Discuss the sampling distribution method.
Q.3 What are the fundamental aims of Research.
Q.4 What is the Regression Analysis?
Q.5 Explain the significance of the report in research?

Course Title: Marketing Management

SLM Code: M-218

Q.1 Describe the process of personal selling.
Q.2 What is Marketing Mix. Write 4 P’s of marketing with an example of each.
Q.3 What do you understand by brand management.
Q.4 Explain Some Major factors which influence buying behaviour.
Q.5 What is supply chain management? Explain the five stages of the personal selling process.

Course Title: Business Communication

SLM Code: M-203

Q.1 Define the Group Presentation and Group Discussions.
Q.2 Discuss the method of downward communication.
Q.3 What are the types of communication. Also, draw the communication process.
Q.4 Difference between Business and Personal Letters/ Message.
Q.5 Define the types of Reports.

Course Title: Computer Fundamental

SLM Code: C-115

Q.1 What is bus topology and star topology.
Q.2 What are OCRs? How do they work?
Q.3 Write the introduction to Information System?
Q.4 What is Network Topologies? Describe the various types of networking.
Q.5 What is the difference between data and information.

Course Title : Production & Operation Management

SLM Code: M-219

Q.1 Write about Routing and Sequencing.
Q.2 What is Plant and Group Layout.
Q.3 Define Production Management.
Q.4 Write techniques of work-study. Describe in points the objectives of work measurement.
Q.5 What is Production Planning? Explain some function of Production Planning.

Course Title: Business Statistics

SLM Code: M-206

Q.1 What is the definition and type of sampling?
Q.2 What is Standard and Quartile Deviation.
Q.3 Describe the Rank Correlation Method.
Q.4 What is the definition and type of sampling?
Q.5 What is Arithmetic and Harmonic Mean.

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