SQL Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

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SQL Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. What is support by SQL server 2005?
(i) Client application
(ii) Clients written
(iii) Clients listen
(iv) None of these

2. How many types of data are in SQL server are supported
(i) One type
(ii) Two type
(iii) Three type
(iv) Six type

3. In different types of database, which work, is done?
(i) Storage
(ii) Deletion
(iii) Insertion
(iv) None of these

4. Master database is
(i) Delete all the system-level information.
(ii) Alter all the system-level information.
(iii) Records all the system-level information.
(iv) All of the above.

5. MSDB database is
(i) Agents for scheduling alerts
(ii) Agents for scheduling jobs.
(iii) Both (i)&(ii)
(iv) None of these.

6. Model database is
(i) Mother for all database
(ii) Unique for all database
(iii) Template for all database
(iv) None of these.

7. Resource database is
(i) Write the only database
(ii) Read-only database
(iii) Both (i)&(ii)
(iv) None of these.

8. Temp.db or tansaction.db database is
(i) Workspace for holding the permanent object.
(ii) Workspace for holding the temporary object.
(iii) Both (i)&(ii).
(iv) None of these.

9. When SQL server is connected with a particular database then this database is called.
(i) Client database
(ii) Server database.
(iii) Security database
(iv) Current database.

10. SQL server object property is called.
(i) Delta data
(ii) Unique data
(iii) Hexa data
(iv) Meta data

11. Metadata stores
(i) All types of system tables
(ii) Special system tables
(iii) Both (i)&(ii)
(iv) None of these

12. Internal system table is called.
(i) Swiss columns
(ii) Mane columns
(iii) Sys columns
(iv) All of the above.

13. What is the full form of ANSI.
(i) American national standard information
(ii) All nation standard information
(iii) Accounted for national standard information
(iv) None of these

14. How many views for displaying database?
(i) One
(ii) Twenty
(iii) Six
(iv) Three

15. Full form of MS-DTC.
(i) Microsoft Distributed transaction coordinator
(ii) Microsoft Denoted transaction coordinator
(iii) Manipal Distributed transaction coordinator
(iv) Main Distributed transaction coordinator

16. What is the full form of RDBMS.
(i) Relational database management system
(ii) Real database management system
(iii) Real data management system
(iv) None of these

17. Name the primary query languages of the SQL server.
(i) C- Language
(ii) Transact SQL.
(iii) Java
(iv) All of these.

18. What is the full form of SQL.
(i) Simple query language
(ii) Single query language
(iii) Structured query language
(iv) None of these

19. A database typically has ………. Components
(i) Four
(ii) Two
(iii) Five
(iv) None of these

20. The SQL server data platform include the tools
(i) Relation server
(ii) Services
(iii) Relational database
(iv) All of these

21. Full form of OLAP
(i) Online arithmetical processing
(ii) Online analytical processing
(iii) Open line analytical processing
(iv) None of these

22. Full form of MOM
(i) Minimum open management
(ii) Microsoft open manager
(iii) Microsoft operations manager
(iv) None of these

23. Full form of SMS
(i) Simple management system
(ii) System management server
(iii) Simple management software
(iv) None of these.

24. SQL server includes advance integrated management tools
(i) Database management
(ii) Database tuning
(iii) Both (i)&(ii)
(iv) None of these

25. SQL server offers integrated development tools for
(i) Database engine
(ii) Data extraction
(iii) Database transformation
(iv) All of these

26. An outstanding functionality of SQL is it’s the support for
(i) Gathering data
(ii) Automatic navigation to the target data.
(iii) Sorting data
(iv) None of these

27. SQL does not need to know
(i) Data is right
(ii) How data stored
(iii) Data is wrong
(iv) None of these

28. SQL server 2005 introduces notification support for
(i) SQL server queries
(ii) DBMS
(iii) C Language
(iv) None of these

29. Full form of SOAP
(i) Simple object access protocol
(ii) Standard object access protocol
(iii) Security of access protocol
(iv) None of these.

30. SQL server offers integrated development tools for.
(i) Database engine
(ii) Data extraction.
(iii) Transformation, loading & data mining
(iv) All of the above

31. T-SQL provides enhancement regarding
(i) Error handling & recursive query
(ii) Relational operator & pivot row number
(iii) Both (i)&(ii)
(iv) None of these

32. ADO stands for
(i) ActiveX data object
(ii) Active data object
(iii) Animated data object
(iv) All of the above.

33. Microsoft SQL Server is a
(i) DBMS
(ii) RDBMS
(iii) Both (i)&(ii)
(iv) None of these

34. Database software focus on
(i) Data of a database
(ii) Structure of the database
(iii) Data structure of the database
(iv) All of the above

35. SQL server 2005 delivers powerful familiar tools to It-professional as well as information workers.
(i) True
(ii) False

36. SQL server 2005 never combined the administrative feature of query analyzer
(i) True
(ii) False

37. SQL server operators on the operating system platform.
(i) Windows server 2003 SP1
(ii) Windows 2000 edition SP4
(iii) Windows XP professional sp2
(iv) All of the above

38. To display all the view in SQL 2005 to launch …… expand the database, system database & select master, view system view.
(i) SQL management
(ii) SQL management studio
(iii) Management studio
(iv) None of these

39. Three-tier architecture include.
(i) Server client & middle tier
(ii) Server middle tier
(iii) Client middle tier
(iv) All of the above

40. SQL server 2005 supports fields line
(i) Varchar
(ii) Navarchar
(iii) Varbinary fields
(iv) All of the above

41. SQL server supports
(i) Permission system
(ii) DDL triggers, aggregates & synonyms support
(iii) XML Indexes
(iv) All of the above

42. Extended GUI feature supported by SQL server 2005 includes.
(i) Floating window & MDI
(ii) Database explorer
(iii) Powerful visual options
(iv) All of the above

43. BLOB viewer /editor & master-detail view & card view all comes under.
(i) DML
(ii) DDL
(iii) Data manipulation tools
(iv) All of the above

44. SQL server runs as a service named ……… on windows 2000 server.
Ans:- Ms SQL server.

45. Managing reports the same way as if they were database objects, accessing reports directly through……………………..
Ans:- DB explorer tree.

46. Creating a diagram of an existing database by using reverse engineering tool.
(i) True.
(ii) False.

47. SAC stands for service area configuration.
(i) True.
(ii) False.

48. SAC (surface area configuration) has two parts. One for services and connections and other for feature controls.
(i) True
(ii) False.

49. ……………….. is the SQL server management studio.
Ans:- Database administrator.

50. ODBC stands for object database connectivity.
(i) True
(ii) False.

51. SQL server 2005 user structured transacts query language.
(i) True.
(ii) False.

(i) True.
(ii) False.

53. SAC has two parts one for……… and the other for……..
Ans:- Services and connections, feature controls.

54. The service and advanced tabs within this panel allows you to configure startup options, locations and other information for each service.
(i) True.
(ii) False.

55. SQL client can’t be run with windows 2000 server.
(i) True.
(ii) False.

56. The model database is used as the template for all database created on a system.
(i) True.
(ii) False.

57. SQL query analyzer is a graphical management interface to create a database object and build queries.
(i) True.
(ii) False.

(i) True.
(ii) False.

59. What is the standard form of RDBMS.
(i) Relational database management system
(ii) Report database management system
(iii) Relational data management system
(iv) None of these

60. What is used of SQL?
(i) Businesses for small to medium size
(ii) Larger enterprise database
(iii) Both (i)&(ii)
(iv) None of these

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