Software Project Management Multiple Choice Questions with answers

Software Project Management Multiple Choice Questions with answers pdf for IT students who are preparing for academic and competitive exams 2024.

Software Project Management MCQ with answers

1. The effective software project management focuses on four P’s – People, Process, Product, and Project. (True / False)
Ans. True

2. People Management Capability Maturity Model (PM-CMM) has been developed by ___.
Ans. Software Engineering Institute (SEI)

3. ___ must plan, motivate, organize and control the practitioners who do software work.
a) Project Managers
b) Senior Managers
c) Customers
d) End Users
Ans. a

4. Organization structure depends on the people working in it. (True / False)
Ans. False

5. Wheelwright and Clark define a continuum of organizational structures between two extremes, ___ organizations and ___ organizations.
Ans. Functional, Project

6. The realistic percentage for striving to work in Software Project Development is ___.
a) 40%
b) 80%
c) 50%
d) 100%
Ans. b

7. In flat structured organizations, work is more flexible and the employee does whatever is needed. (True / False)
Ans. True

8. In ___ organizations, work is organized into small workgroups and integrated regionally and nationally/globally.
Ans. Matrix

9. ___ organizations take the networked structure one step further by combining IT with traditional components to form new types of components.
a) Hierarchical
b) Flat
c) T-form (Technology-based)
d) Matrix
Ans. C

10. Team Leader is responsible for all aspects of the project. (True / False)
Ans. True

11. ___ manage hardware/software requirements for development, testing, validation, and production environments.
Ans. Logistics

12. ___ define testing procedures and certification process.
a) Software Support
b) Software Development
c) Software Management
d) Software Testing
Ans. d

13. Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. (True /False)
Ans. True

14. Interoperability has become a key characteristic of many systems. (True/ False)
Ans. True

15. Conducting structured meetings is a form of ___ communication.
Ans. Formal

16. ___ encompasses e-mail, or electronic dashboards, or video conferencing systems.
a) Formal communication
b) Electronic communication
c) Informal communication
d) Interpersonal networking
Ans. B

17. Project implementation is the first stage in project development. (True / False)
Ans. False

18. The ___ stage determines the nature and scope of the development.
Ans. Initiation

19. Testing and Module Integration strategies are addressed in ___ phase.
a) Initiation
b) Implementation
c) Planning and Design
d) Maintenance
Ans. C

20. The project charter is a one-time announcement. (True / False)
Ans. True

21. The purpose of a ___ is to detail the work requirements for projects and programs that have deliverables and/or services performed.
Ans. Statement of Work (SoW)

22. IAPPM stands for ___.
Ans. International Association of Project and Program Management

24. The three most important factors that influence project management are ___, ___, and ___.
Ans. Time, Cost, Scope

25. PERT stands for ___.
Ans. Program Evaluation and Review Technique

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