Short Speech for students of Primary School level in English

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Short Speech for students on various topics for school students in English. For our school-going children (Nursery, KG) and students in grades . 1–12, we have given different types of short speeches in this blog article.

You can use such a short speech to motivate your children to participate actively in programs, festivals, or other general festivals in schools and colleges.

Short Speech for students of Primary School level in English

Short Speech in English for students on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Good morning to all.

My name is …… and I read in the class…. As we have gathered here on this great occasion, I want to say something in my own words in front of this big crowd about the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

I especially chose this topic because of the increasing need for cleanliness all around India, which can only be done with the support of every citizen of the country.

The great person of India, Mahatma Gandhi, said that “sanitation is more important than independence.”. India is still a developing country because of poverty, lack of education, lack of cleanliness, and other social issues.

We need to eliminate all the bad reasons in society that cause obstructions to the growth and development of our country.

And I think that cleanliness drives are the best way to eliminate social issues from society as well as promote the growth of the country with its citizen’s individual growth.

Only the success of the cleanliness campaign may bring a huge positive change to India. It belongs to the internal and external growth and development of everyone living in India, which shows us the completeness of the slogan “Clean, Happy, and Healthy Citizens impart a Healthy and Developed Nation”.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, or Clean India Campaign, was started by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, in 2014 on the Gandhi Jayanti (145th birthday anniversary), 2nd of October.

According to this campaign, every Indian citizen has been requested to devote 100 hours annually to cleanliness in India.

There is a norm to make separate toilets for boys and girls in each and every school and college all over India for safety and hygiene by August 15, 2015.

As a student and, most importantly, an Indian citizen, I too request all the people gathered here to participate in this mission to complete it by 2019.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.
Swachh Bharat, Shashakt Bharat.

Student speech in English, Short Speech on Women Empowerment

Good morning to all.

My name is …… and I read in the class…. As we have gathered here to celebrate this great occasion, I would like to convey an important message of women’s empowerment in India to all of you through my speech.

The aim of the Women’s Development Project in India is to bring social and economic betterment to women all around the country. The core mechanism of this programme was promoting women’s self-help groups to make women’s empowerment effective.

To really bring women empowerment, there should be changes in women’s mobility, social interaction, labour patterns, control over decision-making, and access to and control over various resources.

Women need to become more mobile and start interacting with a range of officials. According to the statistics, it has been seen that most of the women started traveling longer distances, interacting with the staff of banks, development organizations, NGOs, etc.

There should be changes in labor patterns, which means if a woman needs to attend meetings, a husband should look after the children and feed themselves. Husbands are given some tasks of the daily routine at home and in society.

They should properly help a woman during her sickness in the same way she cares for them. Such activities may not have high-level effects on women’s empowerment; however, men may learn not to dominate over women.

In this way, women may adopt new productive roles in their lives, which may bring about a huge change.

In many regions of the country where the male-headed household system is followed, men are still managing all the financial activities, even after being involved with women in income-generating activities, so that men can take advantage of a loan.

It has been found that the workload of most of the women has increased, and their husbands have taken the loan in their own names. Women need to have access to and control over all the resources in their family and society.

She needs to be involved in intra-household decision-making, which may bring a slight improvement in women’s condition in male-headed households. In India, it is very tough to bring about changes for women in traditional societies. It can be changed, but it takes some time and regular effort.

Thank You

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