Short Speech for students on various topics for School Students in English. For our school-going children (Nursery, KG) and students of std. 1 to 12, we have given different types of short speech in our this blog article.  You can use such short speech to motivate your children to participate actively in programs, festivals or other general festivals in schools and colleges.

Short Speech

Short Speech for students on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

Good morning to all. My name is …… and I read in the class…. As we have gathered here on this great occasion, I want to say something in my own words in front of this big crowd about the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. I especially choose this topic because of the increasing need of the cleanness all around India which can only be done by the support of each and every citizen of the country. The great person of India, Mahatma Gandhi had said that “Sanitation is more important than Independence”. India is still a developing country because of poverty, lack of education, lack of cleanliness and other social issues. We need to eliminate all the bad reasons from the society causing an obstruction in the growth and development of our country.

And I think that cleanliness drive is the best start of eliminating social issues from the society as well as promoting the growth of the country with its citizen’s individual growth. Only the success of cleanliness campaign may bring a huge positive change in India. It belongs to the internal and external growth and development of everyone living in India which shows us the completeness of the slogan of “Clean, Happy and Healthy Citizens imparts Healthy and Developed Nation”. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or Clean India Campaign was started by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in 2014 on the Gandhi Jayanti (145th birthday anniversary), 2nd of October.

According to this campaign, every Indian citizen has been requested to devote their 100 hours only annually for cleanliness in India. There is a norm to make separate toilets for boys and girls in each and every schools and colleges all over India for the safety and hygiene by August 15, 2015. As a student and most importantly an Indian citizen, I too request all the people gathered here to participate in this mission to complete it by 2019.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.
Swachh Bharat, Shashakt Bharat.


Short Speech for students on Women Empowerment

Good morning to all. My name is …… and I read in the class…. As we have gathered here for celebrating this great occasion, I would like to reach an important message of women empowerment in India to all of you through my speech. The aim of the Women’s Development Project in India is to bring social and economic betterment of women all around the country. The core mechanism of this programme was promoting women’s self-help group to make women empowerment effective. To really bring women empowerment there should be changes in the women’s mobility, social interaction, labour patterns, control over decision-making and access to and control over various resources.

Women need to more mobile and start interacting with a range of officials. According to the statistics, it has been seen that most of the women started travelling to longer distances, interacting with the staff of banks, development organizations, NGOs, etc. There should be changes in the labour patterns means if a woman needs to attend meetings, a husband should look after the children and feed themselves. Husbands are given some tasks of the daily routine at home and in society. They should help properly a woman during her sickness in the same way she cares for them. Such activities may not bring high-level effects to the women empowerment, however, men may learn to not to dominate over women. In this way, women may adopt new productive roles in their life which may bring a huge change.

In many regions of the country where the male-headed household system is followed, men are still managing all the financial activities even after being involvedness of women in the income-generating activities so that men can be beneficial to take a loan. It has been surveyed that the workload of most of the women has increased whom husbands have taken the loan on their own name. Women need to have access to and control over all the resources in family and society. She needs to be involved in the intra-household decision-making which may bring a slight improvement in women condition in the male-headed households. In India, it is very tough to bring changes to women in traditional societies. It can be changed but take some time and regular effort.
Thank You


Short Speech for students on Education

Good morning to the Excellencies, distinguished guests, my respected teachers, and my dear friends. The topic of my speech is education. Through my speech, I would let you know all about the value of education and its contribution to our lives. Education is the tool which helps us in removing our all doubts and fears about all the challenges and happiness in our life. It is the tool keeps us happy and peaceful as well as makes us better socialize human beings. Our teachers are like God for us who helps us all in getting a good quality education from the institutions. They try their best to make us learn everything and shape us for future challenges. Our teacher comes into our lives, removes all the darkness, removes all the fears, removes all the doubts, and helps us to find a beautiful career in this big world.

Education is not about to gain only knowledge, however it means, learning the ways to be happy, learning the way to keep others happy, learning the way to live in society, learning the way to tackle challenges, learning the way to help others, learning the way to care older, and learning the way how to behave others. My dear friends, education is like a healthy food which nourishes us both internally and externally. It makes us strong internally and gives lots of confidence by making our personality and giving us knowledge. The good education is the only way to remove bad habits, poverty, inequality, gender discrimination and so many social issues. Thank you.


Short Speech for students on Adult Education

Good morning to the excellencies, respected Principal sir, teachers and my dear friends. My good name is…, and I study in class…. As we have gathered here in order to celebrate this occasion, I would like to raise the topic of adult education in India through my speech over adult education. Lack of proper education in Indian society (especially adult education) is the reason for almost all the social evils in our country. People have been habitual to remain illiterate and spend their whole day just in earning two times meals at low cost and hard work. They only know that life is that’s all, however never know that being illiterate is like a sin especially when they get the chance to study but deny. Illiteracy is the root of all causes hindering the progress of the country.

Knowledge brings everyone in the light whereas illiteracy takes people towards darkness. People’s ignorance towards education and their illiteracy level become the reason of their all sufferings. It is very necessary for the adults of the country to be educated in order to make the future of the country as well as their next generations. They could not be educated earlier in the lack of sources for education however now they have the golden opportunity of educational resources so they must study. Adult illiteracy in society has been a serious threat. Because of illiteracy they easily get involved in the bad works to earn money for their living. There is a need to understand the strength of the problem and attract adult people towards education by offering them job and food.

There are many ways to attract them towards learning and enable them to make a better career. They should be given the facility of part-time education, vocational education, modern libraries in villages having the collection of educational and informative books, etc. Thank you


Short Speech for students on Environment

Good morning to my respected teachers and my dear friends. As we have gathered here to celebrate this occasion, I would like to speak on the Environment to increase awareness among the public about the negatively changing environment. An environment is the natural surrounding which covers and protects us from natural disasters. However, our healthy and natural environment is getting worse day by day and taking the form of a demon affecting everything from non-living to living beings. What we know is two types of environment called the natural environment and the built environment. The natural environment is one which exists naturally and the one for which man is responsible such as cities etc is called built environment. There are many natural and unnatural factors polluting the whole natural atmosphere.

Some of the natural factors like volcanoes, flood, etc are the reasons for the declining environment. However, manmade reasons are more rampant caused due to the reckless and the caustic human nature are highly responsible for environmental pollution. Self-centred human activities are highly responsible for the destruction of the environment. Other environmental threats like forests degradation, global warming, pollution, etc are the reasons for environmental degradation.

Our natural environment has become hugely changed in the last few decades and has taken the form of a big and powerful demon affecting the lives of people every single moment. Nature has made everything to run in balance with the natural cycle however many factors cause environmental corrosion. The factors like population growth and economic advancement are considered as the major factors giving rise to many other secondary factors. We must understand the importance of ecological balance and try our best to run it naturally in order to prevent the effects of environmental disasters and promote the existence of a healthy environment. We should promote common public in our surroundings for the clean and green environment to prove the meaning of proverb like “We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment”. Thank You


Short Speech for students on Child Labour

Good morning to the Excellencies, Principal sir, sir, madam, my seniors and dear friends. My name is … I study in class … I would like to speak on child labour on this occasion because it is one of the big issues interfering with the growth and development of our country. I would like to say a big thank to my class teacher to give me such as a great opportunity for the speech here on this topic.

My dear friends, child labour is a global issue, it is not the issue of our country only so, it needs a global effort to get removed from society. It has affected worldwide especially developing countries to a great extent. Children are involved in various types of labour at low payment; bonded child labour is one of them. It is a very old system in India in which children are forced, or partly forced by the owner to perform their job for a long time. In this system, especially the child or his/her parents have to agree to an agreement (oral or written) with the creditor. It was emerged in India during the colonial period to get reliable and cheap labour at loan or land-lease relationship basis. The legislation was passed in 1977 in order to prohibit bonded child labour in India. However, some pieces of evidence have found proving the continuation of bonded child labour in the country.

Child labour is a serious issue in society in terms of economic welfare because children involved in labour at their little age cannot get the necessary education. They drop the opportunity of being a well developed (physically, mentally, intellectually, socially, psychologically and financially) citizen of the nation. Their physical and mental condition reduces day by day which makes them more vulnerable to various diseases. They remain illiterate lifelong which limit their ability to contribute to the well-being of their own and country.

There is a need to make industrialists and businessmen well aware about all the adverse effects of child labour in the country’s development. Everyone must understand that education is the only tool to improve necessary skills among children which will help in increasing their own and nation’s productivity through secured higher-skilled jobs in the future. It needs some effective and positive steps to be taken by the end of all Indian citizens especially well-educated youths of the country to remove this social issue. Thank You, Jai Hind


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Short Speech for students on Cleanliness

Good morning to the Principal mam, sir, madam and my dear friends. I … studying in class … the standard would like to speak on cleanliness. I am very grateful to my class teacher that she has given me such a great opportunity to recite a speech on cleanliness at this event. My dear friends, we all are good people, no one is bad. Then why we are making our future bad and diseased by spreading dirty things and wastes everywhere. Our country is our home; we should not make it dirty. We get respect as an Indian in abroad so our country is our identity on this planet. It is our responsibility to keep it clean and bright so that it can earn more respect worldwide.

We keep our homes clean then why not our schools, colleges, roads, offices, tourist places, stations, etc all through the country. We only remember that we have to clean a place where we live, means a home only. But why we do not remember that our country is our main home. Our home is our identity within the country, however, our country is our identity outside the country means in abroad. We are responsible citizens of it then we have to make it clean and no one else. In order to get respect from others, first, we have to respect our property and keep it clean.

We keep our homes and religious places clean and do not wear shoes or slippers inside so that they can be clean. But, on the other hand, we follow wrong practices and spit out on the roads, corners of office buildings, etc. We throw wastes on the roads or corners of the colony; what is this? I am asking what this is. I am not saying that I am only good or I never involved in such activities. I am just saying that how long we will be unconscious and involved in such type of unconscious activities. When the day will come, we will be much conscious every moment so that such bad activities cannot happen. If we are not trying to keep our country clean then how we will protect tourists from other countries from making it dirty.

I think none of the days is better than today. Today is the day when we should promise ourselves and our mother country that we will keep it clean forever and never make it dirty in the future. Just think that how bright our homes and whole country look at Diwali, what will happen if it looks daily. If the cleanliness only at Diwali can give us confidence, power and positive energy for the whole year, then again think that, can we not get power, confidence, positive energy, a healthy life, a healthy environment, and positive attitude of other countries worldwide forever. Thank You.


Short Speech for students on Global Warming

Good morning to my respected teachers and my dear friends. Nowadays, every one of us is well aware of the threat of climate change. It is a serious issue increasing continuously because of global warming. It is a big issue for our future generations to face all the challenges of this irreversible catastrophe changes in the environment. Global warming is the regular increase in atmospheric temperature of the earth. Earlier the rate of rising in temperature was slow however currently it is going at a faster rate. The main causes of global warming are greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, methane, etc. Such gases get collected in the atmosphere and trap heat from all resources like sun and heat created by human activities (burning fossil fuels, petroleum, deforestation, etc). Global warming affects our planet atmosphere in many ways.

Because of the increasing temperature in the environment, the arctic glaciers start melting and threatening the life of polar bears. Melting glaciers creates lots of water which increases sea levels in the low land areas of the South Sea Islands. Increasing ocean temperatures creates problems in the life of plants and animals of water causes algae to die and disturbs the entire food chain. In order to lessen the side effects of the global warming, many laws have been made and implemented by the government of various countries such as limiting the harmful vehicle emissions, reducing emissions of chemicals causing damage to the ozone layer, reducing plant cutting, inducing tree planting, carpooling, etc.

We should change our habits positively in order to reduce waste by choosing the use of reusable products instead of a disposable one. We should buy products having minimal packaging to reduce the number of wastes. We should recycle paper, newspaper, glasses, aluminium cans, etc. If we start recycling at least half of your household wastes, we can save approximately 2,400 pounds of carbon dioxide emission every year. We should reduce the need for electric use such as air-condition, hair drier, room heater, etc. We should make the habit of turn downlights while sleeping at night or day when we go outside. We should replace our regular bulbs with the compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. Regular use of the CFL instead of regular light bulbs would help in eliminating around 90 billion pounds of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

We should try to drive less and in a very smart way for the fewer harmful gas emissions. We should try to walk on foot as much as possible instead of using a bike, car or other means of transport. We should reduce our hot water use and try to use cold water as much as possible. In this way, by reducing our electricity use we can reduce global warming. Together with changing our own habits, we should encourage others to conserve energy by reducing lights use as much as possible. Thank You


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Short Speech for students on Save Girl Child

Good morning to the excellencies, respected teachers and my dear friends. The reason for gathering here is to celebrate this special occasion. On this occasion, I would like to raise the topic of saving the girl child through my speech. I hope you all support me and let me fulfil the goal of this speech. As we all know that the status of the girl child in our country is very low. In this modern and technological world, people have been very clever. They first go for the sex determination test before giving birth to the new member in the family. And they generally choose the option of abortion in case of a girl child and continue the pregnancy in case of a boy baby. Earlier, cruel people were used to of killing girl baby after her birth however nowadays they are going for an ultrasound for sex determination and kill the girl infant in the mother’s womb.

There is the wrong culture against women in India that girls are only consumers whereas boys are money givers. Women in India face lots of violence from ancient time. However, it is very shame to kill a girl child before birth in the mother womb. Old people expect from their daughters-in-law to give birth to a baby boy instead of a girl baby. New couples are under pressure from their family members and relatives to give birth to a baby boy. In such cases, they all go for the sex determination test in the early pregnancy to make their family members happy. However, killing a girl baby in the womb is not the only issues against them. They face a lot after coming into the world in the form of dowry deaths, malnutrition, illiteracy, bride burning, sexual harassment, child abuse, low-quality lifestyle, and so many. If she takes birth by mistake, she suffers a lot in the form of punishment and will killing because her brother gets full attention from the grandparents, parents and relatives. He gets everything new like shoes, dresses, toys, books, etc from time to time whereas a girl kills her all wishes. She only learns to become happy by seeing her brother. She never gets chances of eating nutritious foods and quality education in a nice school.

Sex determination and sex selection are still practised by the people even after being a criminal offence in India. It has been a source of huge business all over the country. The girl child has fundamental rights of equality in the society like boys. The ever-decreasing number of girl child in the country is alarming us to do something effective to give a break to it. Women need to get higher and quality education and empowered so that they can fight for their rights. They have rights to think first about their baby (whether girl or boy) in their life and nobody else. Educating them may help a lot to remove this issue from the society and make the future with girls. Thank You,

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