Science Quiz questions and answers for class 8 | Science quiz for class 8

Science Quiz questions and answers for class 8 pdf | Science quiz for class 8 for the preparation of academic and entrance examination. Science quiz for class 8 with answers.

Are you looking for a Science quiz to challenge your 8th grade student? A Science quiz can help them review the topics they have studied and also add some fun to their learning. In our website you can practice 100 science quiz questions for class 8.

Having an answer key is essential so that both parents and students can check their performance as well as gain insight into the concepts they are studying.

This article presents a Science quiz designed for 8th graders, along with an answer key to assess performance and understanding. Read on to find out more!

Science Quiz questions and answers for class 8 Science quiz for class 8

About Science Subject

Science is the study of the natural world through observation and experimentation. It encompasses a wide range of fields, including biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and astronomy.

Science seeks to understand how the world works at its most fundamental level and uses this knowledge to develop new technologies, medicines, and ways of living.

At its core, science is a process of discovery that relies on empirical evidence and logical reasoning. Scientists use methods such as hypothesis testing and data analysis to develop theories about phenomena in the natural world.

These theories are constantly being refined as new information becomes available through ongoing research.

One important aspect of science is its ability to help us make informed decisions based on evidence rather than opinion or ideology.

For example, scientific research has provided valuable insights into climate change and helped us understand the risks associated with tobacco use.

Science Quiz questions and answers for class 8 Pdf


Class 8 Science Quiz

Science Quiz questions and answers for class 8 | Science quiz for class 8

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The triple antigen vaccine is given against

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Flowers that bloom at night are generally

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'Project Tiger' was started in

4 / 50

The best hiding place for a rat is

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The Green plants can make their own food from water, sunlight and

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The ''White revolution'' involves increased in the production of

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A sanitary land -fill

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Which of the following is a desert plant?

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Animal which used gills as breathing organ is

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Which gas helps to burn down absorbed food to release energy?

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Crow bar is an example of

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Which of the following is not an antibiotic?

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Rickets associated with the deficiency of

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The thick yellow fleshy parts of a soaked seed of Bengal gram are the

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Fishes are

16 / 50

Crop rotation is a good method of

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Which disease is due to bacterial infection?

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A lunar eclipse occurs when:

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Which gas is not useful to us

20 / 50

Chernobyl disaster occurred in the

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As diamond is a bad conductor of electrical conductivity is

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Imagine yourself standing between a lamp and a wall. If you move towards wall your shadow will

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What happens to houseflies when light is suddenly flashed?

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The shortest shadow of an object is formed by sunlight at

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Water is used as source of energy for generating electricity in

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In which stage of the Evolution of the Earth and did separation of the core, mantle and crust take place?

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Which of the following substance has the lowest boiling point range?

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The best fuel in terms of energy released per unit gram of the fuel is

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Which of the following substances has the lowest ignition temperature in the presence of air?

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The gas released from the intestine of cows, buffaloes and poultry animals is

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When the light is travelling through a glass its speed is

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The most durable anti-corrosion on the metals is

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Which of the following metals is sonorous?

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Which of the following metals has the highest measure of tensile strength?

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Which is the purest commercial form of iron?

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The mineral Fe2 O3 refers to

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Materials which do not allow an electric current to flow through them are called

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The Buoyant force on an object immersed in water is greater at the depth of

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As per the velocity of light through the glass. Its Refractive Ind  x  is

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Light changes its direction while travelling through mediums of different density. This process is called

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The scientific technology of designing new cells to increase animal and plant yield is called

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Pasteurization of milk destroys its

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The disease Polio among the children is caused by micro-organism

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A chemical compound known as BHC is used in the making of

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The bulletproof glass is made form

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The portion of the shadow which is completed dark is called

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For a healthy environment, which of the following resources should carefully be conserved?

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Theory of Organic Evolution explains

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In which period did the largest creative roamed the Earth's surface?

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Rearing management of fish large-scale production is known as

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The science quiz for class 8 was very informative and helpful. It provided a comprehensive list of questions that can help students understand their learning material better.

Additionally, it also included answers to the questions so that students can check their progress and see where they need to improve.

Taking this quiz is a great way to gauge mastery of science concepts and materials and it can be used as a study tool or review prior to tests and exams.

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