Top Science Quiz for Class 4 | CBSE Science Questions for class 4

Unveiling the Ultimate Science Quiz for Class 4 | CBSE Science Questions for Young Scholars

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of exploration and discovery through the captivating world of science?

Look no further – our top-tier Science Quiz for Class 4 is here to ignite the curiosity and intellect of budding scholars! Designed specifically to align with CBSE curriculum standards, this quiz is a stellar opportunity for fourth graders to expand their scientific horizons while having a blast.

Top Science Quiz for Class 4

The Thrill of Learning Science

Science isn’t just about facts and figures – it’s a thrilling journey of unravelling the mysteries of the universe. Our quiz for class 4 science is designed to nurture young minds’ curiosity and critical thinking skills, ensuring they approach scientific concepts enthusiastically. After all, science is about exploration and asking the right questions.

Interactive Learning through Quizzes

Gone are the days of passive learning and drab textbooks. Interactive learning through quizzes adds a whole new dimension to education.

By engaging students in active participation, quizzes make learning joyful, and our quiz of science for class 4 is no exception. It’s an enthralling experience that promises to leave a lasting impact.

Introducing Our Class 4 Science Quiz

Welcome to a world where learning is an adventure! Our Class 4 Science Quiz has been meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of CBSE science topics.

It’s a gateway to unlocking the potential of young minds, fostering a deep appreciation for the wonders of the natural world and the forces that govern it.

An Array of Science Topics

Hold onto your seats as we delve into a wide array of captivating science topics, including:

  • Unveiling the Wonders of the Natural World: Explore the ecosystems, animals, and plants that make our planet a unique and diverse living sphere.
  • Exploring the Marvels of Matter and Energy: Dive into the world of particles, forces, and energy transformations that shape our everyday lives.

Benefits of Our Quiz on Science for class 4

Our Science Quiz goes beyond traditional testing. By acing the quiz, students can:

  • Boost their confidence in science-related knowledge.
  • Cultivate a genuine interest in scientific phenomena that extends beyond the classroom.

Engaging Quiz Experience

Visuals speak volumes, especially in the world of science! Our quiz science questions are embellished with captivating images and interactive elements that make learning come alive. The thoughtfully constructed questions are designed to challenge and inspire young minds to think critically.

How to Access the Science Quiz for Class 4

Dive into the world of knowledge in just click on Start Button and enjoy the quiz.


Class 4 Science Quiz

Science Quiz for Class 4 | Science Quiz for Grade 4 | MCQ for class 4 for the preparation of academic and entrance examination.

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Wheel rims and bicycle handlebars are electroplated with a metal which is

2 / 50

Head of the matchstick is made up of

3 / 50

Which of the following is not a non-contact force?

4 / 50

Ozone is depleted by

5 / 50

The time period of a pendulum is 0.2 seconds. Calculate its frequency

6 / 50

The simplest hydrocarbon is

7 / 50

Smog is

8 / 50

Which of the following man-made fibre is obtained by chemical treatment of wood pulp?

9 / 50

In which of these animals external fertilization is /are found

10 / 50

The asteroid belt is found in the large gap between the orbits of

11 / 50

Sound can travel through

12 / 50

Force due to rolling, static and sliding in decreasing order

13 / 50

Blood is a

14 / 50

Larynx is a part of

15 / 50

Which of the following is a xerophytic plant?

16 / 50

…… is the strongest fibre.

17 / 50

The steel is an alloy of

18 / 50

An electric bulb covers electrical energy into

19 / 50

The mirror used in searchlights is

20 / 50

A body floats in a liquid if the buoyant force is

21 / 50

The metal that is stored in kerosene is

22 / 50

Metal that is liquid at room temperature is

23 / 50

Most reactive metal

24 / 50

Plastics that deform easily on heating are

25 / 50

….. is a man-made fibre.

26 / 50

Burning of coal in a closed room will produce ………...

27 / 50

The substance that gives heat and light on combustion is called

28 / 50

The thick black liquid which is a mixture of about 200 substances is

29 / 50

Which gas produced when coal burns in air?

30 / 50

The purest form of carbon is

31 / 50

Cutting of forest on a large scale is called

32 / 50

The species which are on the verge of extinction are called

33 / 50

Components of petroleum can be separated by…………

34 / 50

Living and dwelling place of an organism is called its

35 / 50

Substances with high ignition temperature will

36 / 50

…….…. is the structural and functional unit of life.

37 / 50

…….… is called the kitchen of the cell

38 / 50

Which of the following is not a reason for the migration of bird?

39 / 50

…………. is called the power house of the cell

40 / 50

Plants belonging to a particular area are called

41 / 50

Which of the following is used in producing large quantities of citric acid?

42 / 50

Nitrogen-fixing bacteria are found in …………….

43 / 50

Long-term and continuous use of fertilizers …………

44 / 50

Animals that give birth to young ones are called

45 / 50

Control unit of the cell is

46 / 50

The property of the metals by which these can be hammered into thin sheet are called as

47 / 50

Which of the following is not a metalloid?

48 / 50

Which of the following is not affected by acids and /or alkalis?

49 / 50

The artificial silk is

50 / 50

Which of the following mainly helps in the conversion of milk to curd?

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Why Choose Our Science Quiz for class 4

Choosing our Science Quiz means choosing quality and excellence. Here’s why our quiz stands out:

  • Carefully curated questions aligned with the CBSE curriculum.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly quiz interface for a seamless experience.

Prepare for a Science Odyssey!

Get ready to kindle the flames of scientific exploration in your fourth grader’s heart. Our Science Quiz promises to be a stepping stone towards a world of discovery, innovation, and endless possibilities.


Science education is a gateway to understanding the world and the forces that shape it. Our Class 4 Science Quiz for CBSE strives to make this educational journey informative and immensely enjoyable. We’re preparing the next generation of scientists, thinkers, and innovators by igniting a passion for science.

FAQs on Science Quiz for Class 4

Question 1: Is the Class 4 Science Quiz suitable for homeschooling? 

Answer: Absolutely! Our Science Quiz is designed to complement various learning environments, including homeschooling.

Question 2: Can parents monitor their child’s progress? 

Answer: Yes, parents can easily track their child’s performance and progress through the quiz platform.

Question 3: Are the quiz questions challenging enough? 

Answer: Our questions strike a balance between challenge and comprehension, ensuring an engaging learning experience.

Question 4: How long does it take to complete the quiz? 

Answer: The quiz can be completed at the student’s pace, making learning flexible and enjoyable.

Question 5: Are there any rewards for completing the quiz? 

Answer: Upon completion, students can receive a digital certificate to celebrate their achievements.

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