Appraisal sample: probationary period evaluation report sample

Appraisal sample: Probationary period evaluation report sample: This sample report will give you an overview of how to prepare a final probation report.



The Director

Sub: Report on probationary period thru Mr Branch Manager

Dear Sir,

I, M. Reza, joined Eguardian, New Delhi office on 23rd January 2022 as a marketing manager, and my probationary period will be completed on 24th January 2024 I am submitting my report through my respective boss, Mr. M.K. Mishra, Branch Manager, New Delhi.

Nature and Scope of the job/responsibility:

  • Follow up on outstanding payments.
  • Payment collections and appraisals to HQ
  • Follow up and payment collection at clients for training programs.
  • Preparation of the imprest statement.
  • Mailing or e-mailing the “introduction letter” of Eguardian services to the clients
  • OFFERS to new and existing clients.
  • Follow up on the new W/O.
  • Support for open training programmes.
  • Follow up with participants for open training programs.
  • Scheduling jobs in the N. Region
  • Collection of samples.
  • Follow-up and collections of reagents (A, B, C, and glass slides) for the lab Purpose.
  • Providing logistic support to HQ personnel visiting the Northern Region


I have achieved much more from my respective boss, Mr. M.K. Mishra. He is a cooperative and assertive boss. He is a real motivator and gives freedom to make decisions, think, and work for himself.

I have gained the ability to work in teams as well as individually. Marketing for Eguardian services, strategic planning for future goals, targets, achievements, and observations

Thanking you,


Name:              M. Reza

Designation:    Marketing Manager

Location:        New Delhi (Northern Area office)

Joining date: January 23, 2022
Report Preparation Date: 28-01-2024

Comments by Branch Head:……………………………………………………………………………………………….

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