Sales & Marketing Management MCQ for BBA with answers

Sales and Marketing are two distinct functions of every business. Both these functions are critical for the success of any business. Hence, understanding the difference and interplay between them becomes critical for business owners.

Managers now have to be a jack of all trades and master of one too. Marketing, Sales, Support, Analytics, etc. they now have to do it all. Marketers are a vital part of businesses and they rely on their managers to take care of all the planning, implementation, and execution.

We brought to you a collection of 50 multiple choice questions to test your knowledge and expertise on this subject. It is to inculcate the necessary knowledge, to become an efficient manager.

Sales Management & Marketing Management MCQ for BBA with answers | Product and Brand Management MCQ for the preparation for exams.


Brief Introduction to Sales & Marketing Management

Sales and marketing are key to the success of any organization. It is the driving factor behind business growth. It is important to put the right set of sales and marketing management in place. Keeping the costs low and revenue high is the ultimate formula for any successful business.

Sales and marketing are areas that are often overlooked when it comes to business. Many business owners believe it is just a matter of hiring the cheapest deal they can find, Then they tend to sit back and think they have the ultimate deal.

Sales and marketing are more than just the lowest-priced deal, it’s about the right deal. Sales and marketing go together like bread and butter.

Sales and marketing management is a bit like a dance in that it takes two parties to make it work. Sales management talks to the customer while marketing management talks to the sales team.

Sales and Marketing are two sides of the same coin that greatly impact business success. Both are needed to generate revenue. Sales are used to bring in revenue from new customers.

Marketing is used to bring in revenue from the existing customers. Sales & Marketing management is the discipline that combines both the activities of sales and marketing to achieve maximum success.

Sales Management MCQ for BBA, MBA

These MCQs will look at different aspects of Sales and Marketing Management:-

1. The following are the Pros of advertising.
a. Flexibility
b. Cost-efficient
c. Very expensive
d. All the above
[expand title="Answer"]d. All the above[/expand]

2. Which one of the following is the objectives of advertising.
a. Informative advertising
b. Personalized advertising
c. Re informal advertising aim
d. All the above
[expand title="Answer"]d. All the above[/expand]

3. Materials and parts are the types of:
a. Consumer goods
b. Convenience goods
c. Industrial goods
d. Staple goods
[expand title="Answer"]d. Staple goods[/expand]

4. Which of the following is the set of brand assets and liabilities linked to a brand?
a. Brand marks
b. Brand equity
c. Brand image
d. Brand identity
[expand title="Answer"]b. Brand equity[/expand]

5. Which of the following refers to the pricing of additional features with the main products?
a. Two-part pricing
b. Optional features pricing
c. By-product pricing
d. Captive-product pricing
[expand title="Answer"]b. Optional features pricing[/expand]

6. Which of the following are price reductions for buyers who pay their bills promptly?
a. Quantity discounts
b. Seasonal discounts
c. Promotional allowances
d. Cash discounts
[expand title="Answer"]d. Cash discounts[/expand]

10. What is the SMS in advertising?
a. Mission, money MM Media Measurement
b. Men machines money MM market
c. Methodology Measurement Meaningful Manage method
d. None of the above
[expand title="Answer"]a. Mission, money MM Media Measurement[/expand]

11. Which of the following will not be considered while formulating a message?
a. Message content
b. Message format
c. Message source
d. None of the above
[expand title="Answer"]d. None of the above[/expand]

12. Which one of the following is the kinds of Marketing Research.
a. Research or products & service
b. Research or Market
c. Research or sales method & policies
d. All of the above
[expand title="Answer"]d. All of the above[/expand]

13. Are following the components of Research Advertising & Promotion.
a. Motivation Research
b. Media Research
c. Appraised ad campaigns
d. All of the above
[expand title="Answer"]d. All of the above[/expand]

14. Survey research is the systematic collection of information directly from reproduces like
a. Telephone interviews
b. Mail interviews
c. Personal interviews
d. All of the above
[expand title="Answer"]d. All of the above[/expand]

15. Which one of the following is used as the measurement techniques used in making re-usual.
a. Questionnaires
b. Attitude scope
c. Observation
d. All the above
[expand title="Answer"]d. All the above[/expand]

16. In which of the following approaches, does the sales executive identify the need of the product by the customer and confirm it?
a. Problem-solving selling
b. Stimulus-response selling
c. Need satisfaction selling
d. None of the above
[expand title="Answer"]c. Need satisfaction selling[/expand]

17. Which of the following are the customers for industrial goods.
a. Commercial enterprises
b. Government organization
c. Institution
d. All of the above
[expand title="Answer"]d. All of the above[/expand]

18. Which of these is a technique used in continuity marketing?
a. Point-of-purchase display
b. Loyalty cards
c. Publicity
d. Window display
[expand title="Answer"]b. Loyalty cards[/expand]

19. Who made the Five Forces Model?
a. Michael E Porter
b. Macmillan Portsmouth
c. Martin Maxwell
[expand title="Answer"]a. Michael E Porter[/expand]

20. Which country was the world’s most dominant industrial power in the early 1960s?
a. Japan
b. The United Kingdom
c. Germany
d. The United States
[expand title="Answer"]d. The United States[/expand]

21. TCS is the example of –
a. National market
b. Global market
c. Local market
d. Perfect market
[expand title="Answer"]b. Global market[/expand]

22. A Market has the following features.
a. Existence of commodity
b. Existence of buyer and seller
c. Interaction between buyer and seller
d. All of the above
[expand title="Answer"]d. All of the above[/expand]

23. Indian Railways is the part of
a. National market
b. Local market
c. Global market
d. None of the above
[expand title="Answer"]a. National market[/expand]

24. In a perfect market, the number of sellers and buyers is-
a. Small
b. Very large
c. Few
d. One
[expand title="Answer"]b. Very large[/expand]

25. Which of the following car comes under the economic zone.
a. Swift Dzire
b. Polo
c. Nano
d. Etios
[expand title="Answer"]c. Nano[/expand]

26. TATA CROMA is an example of
a. Specialty store
b. Convenience store
c. Discount store
d. Off-price retailer
[expand title="Answer"]a. Specialty store[/expand]

27. Which type of customer cannot be considered loyal?
a. Switchers
b. Advocate
c. Partner
d. None of them
[expand title="Answer"]a. Switchers[/expand]

28. The additional P’s of the marketing mix are-
a. Process
b. People
c. Physical evidence
d. All of them
[expand title="Answer"]d. All of them[/expand]

29. EDLP stands for
a. Everyday low price
b. Each day low price
c. Every day local price
d. None of the above
[expand title="Answer"]a. Everyday low price[/expand]

30. MARKETING Audit should have the following characteristics.
a. Comprehensive
b. Systematic
c. Independent
d. All of the above
[expand title="Answer"]d. All of the above[/expand]

31. Suppliers belong to the-
a. Microenvironment
b. Macro environment
c. None of them
d. Can’t say
[expand title="Answer"]a. Microenvironment[/expand]

32. IRDA stands for-
a. Insurance regulatory and development authority
b. Insurance regulation and doctoral authority
c. Infrastructure regulatory and development authority
d. Infrastructure regulation and doctoral authority
[expand title="Answer"]a. Insurance regulatory and development authority[/expand]

33. Publics are part of
a. Microenvironment
b. Macro environment
c. Both of them
d. None of them
[expand title="Answer"]a. Microenvironment[/expand]

34. Demographic environment comes under:
a. Microenvironment
b. Macro environment
c. Both of them
d. None of them
[expand title="Answer"]b. Macro environment[/expand]

35. In PEST analysis “S” stands for:
a. Sociological
b. Socio-cultural
c. Societal
d. Supernatural
[expand title="Answer"]b. Socio-cultural[/expand]

36. Fieldwork is required for which type of research
a. Survey Research
b. Focus Group
c. Experimental Research
d. None of the above
[expand title="Answer"]a. Survey Research[/expand]

37. Company uses its well-known brand name to introduce additional items.
a. Brand extension
b. Line extension
c. Multi-brand
d. New brand
[expand title="Answer"]b. Line extension[/expand]

38. Team of 8 to 12 people invited for a group discussion
a. Observational approach
b. Survey research
c. Behavioral research
d. Focus group research
[expand title="Answer"]d. Focus group research[/expand]

39. Marketing Information System should have the following components:
a. Internal Record System
b. Marketing Intelligence System
c. Marketing Research System
d. All of the above
[expand title="Answer"]d. All of the above[/expand]

40. Marketing Research is the process of:
a. Scientific investigation
b. Systematic collection of meaningful data
c. Both are true
d. Both are wrong
[expand title="Answer"]c. Both are true[/expand]

41. Taking an interview from video conferencing is an example of:
a. Primary data
b. Secondary data
c. Tertiary data
d. None of them
[expand title="Answer"]a. Primary data[/expand]

42. In buyer decision process for the new product evaluation stage is followed by:
a. Awareness
b. Interest
c. Trial
d. Adoption
[expand title="Answer"]c. Trial[/expand]

43. Element of the target population by whom information shall be collected.
a. Sample unit
b. Sample size
c. Sample procedure
d. Population
[expand title="Answer"]a. Sample unit[/expand]

44. Rodius is a brand offered by:
a. Mahindra
b. Maruti
c. Hyundai
d. Volkswagen
[expand title="Answer"]a. Mahindra[/expand]

45. “Need Hierarchy Theory” is developed by:
a. Mc Carthy
b. Mckinsey
c. Maslow
d. Drucker
[expand title="Answer"]c. Maslow[/expand]

46. B2B market has
a. Variable demand
b. Few but bulk buyers
c. Inelastic demand
d. All of the above
[expand title="Answer"]d. All of the above[/expand]

47. Nicosia model was developed by
a. Francesco Nicosia
b. Peter Nicosia
c. Adam Nicosia
d. Paul Nicosia
[expand title="Answer"]a. Francesco Necosia[/expand]

48. When an organization buys goods from another organization.
a. Selling
b. Marketing
c. Reciprocation
d. Lease
[expand title="Answer"]c. Reciprocation[/expand]

49. Reliability, assurance and tangibility are dimensions of which service organization:
a. Service differentiation
b. Service Quality
c. Service productivity
d. All of above
[expand title="Answer"]b. Service quality[/expand]

50. Suspect, prospect, first-time customer, repeat customer, clients, member, advocate, and partner are the process of:
a. Consumer development
b. Customer development
c. Buyer development
d. Retailer development
[expand title="Answer"]b. Customer development[/expand]

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We hope you enjoyed our blog on Sales Management and Marketing Management MCQs. We know that applying for a job in sales can be a daunting process, so we wanted to provide you with some additional information on the way organizations market their products and services to salespeople.

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