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Speeches for school students on the Importance of Education

First of all, I would like to say good morning to the respected teachers, parents and my dear friends. I would like to speeches on the importance of education which is must to know by all of us. Education plays a great role in the life of everyone all through life. Getting proper education is very necessary to get success and happy life just like food is necessary for a healthy body. It is very important to live a luxurious and better life. It develops the personality of the people, provides physical and mental standard and transforms people’s living status. It promotes the feeling of physical, mental and social well being by providing a better life. A good education is constructive in nature which constructs our future forever. It helps a person to improve his/her status of mind, body and spirit. It provides us with lots of confidence by giving us a bulk of knowledge in many fields. It is a single and vital way to success as well as personal growth.

The more knowledge we get, we grow and develop more in life. Being well educated never only means to earn certificates and good salary from the recognized and reputed organisation companies or institutions however it also means to be a good and social person in life. It helps us to determine whether something is good or bad for us and other persons related to us. The first purpose of getting a good education is being a good citizen and then being successful in personal and professional life. We are incomplete without a good education because education makes us right thinker and correct decision-maker. In such a competitive world, education has become a necessity for human beings after food, clothe and shelter. It is able to provide solutions to all problems; it promotes good habits and awareness about corruption, terrorism, and other social issues among us.

Education is the most important tool offers inner and outer strength to a person. Education is the fundamental rights of everyone and capable of bringing any desired change and upliftment in the human mind and society.
Thank You

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Speeches for school students on Natural Resources

Very good morning to the excellencies, respected Principal sir, honourable teachers and my dear friends. As we all know the purpose of getting together here. I would like to speech on the topic of natural resources. I am very very thankful to my class teacher to give me such a great opportunity to speech here on this special occasion. Natural resources are everything created by the nature on this earth and given to us as the God gift for the easy survival of life here. The progress of whole human fraternity worldwide depends on the different natural resources in various means. However, human beings are using natural resources in wrong ways which surely lead us to suffer from the total lack of all-natural resources in the future. We are only using the resources for fulfilling our various needs without regenerating them back. Natural resources like water, trees, woods, soil, coal, electricity, oil, gas, nuclear energy, minerals, vegetation, wildlife, etc are very necessary for the proper development of any nation.

Natural resources are a form of energy or matter fulfils the needs of people in various aspects like physiological, cultural, socioeconomic, etc. All the natural resources benefit us in various means of life as well as play great roles in maintaining the ecological balance all over the planet. Natural resources are of two types named as renewable resources and non-renewable resources. The resources which can get back by the natural cycles are called as renewable resources. However, resources which cannot get back again by the natural processes are called as the non-renewable resources. Renewable resources can be reproduced as they get utilized such as fish, water, forests, woods, crops, leather, soil, solar energy, wood products, etc. Non-renewable resources are limited and cannot be reproduced such as metals (like iron, zinc, copper, etc), fossil fuels (like coal, oil deposits, etc), minerals, salts (like phosphates, carbonates, nitrates, etc), stone and many more. Once we lose the non-renewable resources in our life, we cannot get it back as it is gone forever. Non-renewable resources can be recyclable and non-recyclable. Ores of aluminium, copper, mercury, etc are the recyclable non-renewable resources and

All such types of natural resources are very necessary to make our life possible on earth. So, we should try our best to preserve and conserve both natural resources.


Speeches for school students on Save Water

Very good morning to the excellencies, respected teachers and my dear friends. I am here to speech over save water topic today on this great occasion. I would like to say thanks to my class teacher to give such a great opportunity on this day to speech over an important topic. Water conservation is the technique to save clean and pure water for future use by following various effective measures. Managing freshwater as a sustainable resource requires various strategies and activities in order to protect life by meeting all the water demands. Reducing the level of fresh drinking water is a very serious issue for this huge worldwide population and increasing need of people for water especially in the manufacturing and agricultural irrigation. Water conservation is necessary to fulfil the goal of future generations. It reduces the use of energy because water management requires around 15% of the total electricity consumption. It also involves in the habitat conservation for the local wildlife and migrating waterfowl. It reduces the need for building other dams or water diversion infrastructures.

In order to conserve fresh drinking water, we need to reduce water loss, avoid damaging natural water quality and improve water management practices. There are many water conservation programs run by the government in order to solve the social problems related to water at the local level (municipal water utilities or regional governments). Some common strategies are like public outreach campaigns, reduce outdoor water use, etc.

There should be water-saving technology in the home appliances like low-flow showerheads (also called energy-efficient shower heads), low-flush toilets, composting toilets, dual flush toilets (uses almost 67% less water than the conventional toilets), faucet aerators, raw water flushing (toilets using seawater or non-purified water), water reuse or recycling of water, rainwater harvesting, clothe washers with high-efficiency, weather-based irrigation controllers, garden hose nozzles, low flow taps everywhere, covered swimming pool to reduce water evaporation, automatic faucet, waterless urinals, waterless car washing, etc reduces water consumption to a great extent and can save more water if used on daily basis in all houses. Agricultural appliances used by the farmers should also be of water-saving technology to reduce water consumption while irrigating crops.
Thank You


Speeches for school students on Beti Bachao Beti Padhao

Good morning to all. I … study in class … I would like to speech on Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign on this occasion. My dear friends, this scheme is launched by the PM of India, Narendra Modi, in 2015 on 22nd January to ensure the rights of girl child all over the country. This is an innovative scheme launched together with other supportive programmes like Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana, etc. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme is implemented to initiate the saving of girl child and educating the girl child. According to this scheme, the action plan and strategies have been made for positive outcome especially in the districts having low girl child sex ratio.

There are around 100 districts with low CSR (child sex ratio) have been targeted to work first. Some of the districts of Haryana state with low CSR are Rewari, Bhiwani, Kurukshetra, Ambala, Mahendergarh, Sonepat, Jhajjar, Panipat, Karnal, Kaithal, Rohtak, and Yamuna Nagar. This campaign has aimed to improve the condition of girls as well as make them independent both socially and financially in the future through proper and higher education. It is a positive result generating awareness programme in order to improve the efficiency of welfare services for women.

This scheme was the urgent necessity of society to correct the issues regarding the welfare of the girl child. If we see the census of 2011, the number of the girl child (age group of 0 to 6 years) was left around 918/1,000 boys. The continuous decrease in the number of girl child was a dangerous sign and needed to tackle on an urgent basis. It happened so because of some bad practices against them such as pre-determination of sex and sex-selective abortions by using modern diagnostic tools in the hospitals. However, if by mistake a girl child takes birth, she has to face and bear the old social trend of gender discrimination for whole life and never gets equal opportunity to do works like a boy.

This programme is to remove the social biases favouring the male child in society as well as improving the status of the girl child through safety and education. This scheme is not a medicine curing a disease however it is a support plan. It can be successful only when it will be supported by us. There is need to change the attitude and mindset (especially parents) towards the girl child forever so that she too can get the same opportunity after her birth like safety, health care, education, etc. In this way, a girl child can be an independent entity and not a burden over her parents. I would like to share with you a nice line written by me regarding a girl child:
“Make a girl child power of the family, society and country; and not a burden, weakness and helpless entity of the family, society and country”
Thank You


Speeches for school students on Pollution

Good morning to all. At this event celebration, I am going to recite a speech on pollution. My dear friends, pollution is not an unknown word for us. We are well aware of it, its causes and bad effects on the environment and our lives. A natural environmental contains everything required for the survival, growth, and development of living beings on earth. However, what happened if this environment gets polluted by various means. Everything will get disturbed and interfere with the survival of life here.

Pollution has happened because of the mixing of dangerous unnatural ingredients into the natural resources which causes an imbalance in the ecosystem and thus various health hazards to human beings and animals. Pollution is damaging the ecosystem and destroying the balance. This is all because of the industrialization, urbanization, deforestation, technological advancement, overpopulation, etc. All these are the big reason for the increasing level of toxic gases (causing air pollution), solids/liquids wastes (causing water, food and soil pollution) and sound (causing noise pollution). All are the reason for the imbalance in the natural ecosystem in some direct or indirect ways.

The most damaging pollutant causing global environmental pollution is fossil fuel. It has created various evil effects especially through the air, water and soil. Protecting our environment and improving its natural value is the fundamental duty of all of us. We should try our best to tackle this problem and give a nice healthy future for the next generation.
Thank You.


Speeches for school students on Health is Wealth

Good morning to my respected teachers and all my fellow classmates. As we have gathered here to celebrate this auspicious occasion, I would like to speech over health is wealth. As we all know about the common saying that health is wealth but I do not think that we follow this proverb in our daily life to get maintained. Every one of us knows well that good health leads to a good way however no one of us takes care of the health. If we are not living in discipline and following nature’s rule, we can never become healthy in life and never reach success.

We have given two legs and two hands to walk and do work however if we are not using our organs accordingly in a proper way, it is our fault which leads us towards failure. Most of the people spend their whole day and night just by sitting or lying on the bed for most of the days of week and months. They are just like fish without swimming and birds without fly. Can you imagine that what will happen if fishes do not swim or birds do not fly, most commonly they easily would be the food of big animals and slowly their species would get destroyed? In this way, people having more comfort in their life cannot be so healthy.

Some decades ago, people were strong and healthy because they were used to walk for long-distance and they have to perform every household chore’s own. In recent decades, the growth of technologies is very fast manner has decreased the man efforts in every walk of life. Earlier, the life of our grandparents was good and their livelihood was very healthy because of hunting, farming, ploughing, harvesting, planting, walking, running, etc. Nowadays, almost every people of any age group suffer from one or more diseases (like high blood pressure, heart attack, gout, stress-related disease, etc) from the starting of life.

In order to keep ourselves healthy physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and intellectually, we need to be active on a daily basis including well-maintained diet, exercises, positive thinking and follow good habits. We need to be disciplined in every walk of life. Thank you.


Speeches for school students on Friendship

As we have gathered here on this auspicious occasion, I would like to speeches over the friendship. First of all, I would like to say Good morning to the Excellencies, respected teachers and my dear friends. A friend is the most precious gift to all of us. We should always understand its importance and give value without having any misunderstanding. Friendship is a relationship where no blood relation exists. It is a limitless relation goes forever without the rule of giving and take. It is the special and unique relation of love and affection to any other person in the world. True friendship never sees the caste, creed, religion and colour of person; it only sees the internal beauty, simplicity and soul of the two or three people going to be involved in the friendship.

Friend of anyone is someone with whom one may feel comfortable and belief to each other as well as share their thoughts, ideas and personal feelings. The friend is one with whom we can feel safe and secure and do not need to think twice for any matter. True friends involved in the friendship love each other unconditionally and understand each other need without judging on the matter. They always ready to support each other and provide good knowledge and advice.

A true friend always stands together and helps whenever another one needs help and support. A true friend never cares his/her own important works and leaves all works to help friends. He/she never leave a friend alone especially during the difficult times of life. It is said that time takes hard exams of true friends in their difficult times. Actually, difficult time is the best time which realizes us about the value and importance of true friends. The people having true friends in life are really blessed with the most precious gifts. Making the number of friends in life does not matter with the quality of friendship. True friends (whether one, two or three) are enough for whole life; instead of having many friends who never understand the situation of the needy one. Friends are the real supporter in life who teaches us how to face difficulties of life. They are the real well-wishers of us who change our bad viewpoints about anything for good. Thank You


Speeches for school students on Smoking is injurious to health

Good morning to all of you, respected Principle sir, vice-principle sir, teachers, madams, and my dear friends. At this occasion, I would like to speech on the topic of Smoking is injurious to health. Dear audience, Smoking cigarettes is a bad habit. Smoking leads to many deadly diseases. People begin to smoke for the fun of it. They think that it’s easy to stop all of a sudden. The truth is that it is very difficult to quit smoking. My uncle began smoking one cigarette a day. He now smokes more than thirty cigarettes a day. Some people get addicted to smoking and need to smoke cigarettes continuously. It is called the chain-smoking. When we sit beside a smoker, we unknowingly breathe in smoke. This is called passive smoking which is equally bad for our health. If a pregnant woman smokes it is harmful to her child. Smoking is bad for our skin and causes cancer. Smokers have dark lips and bad breath. Constant smoking destroys our lungs. It causes mouth and lung cancer and slowly leads to loss of appetite. When we smoke the tobacco in the cigarette burns and we inhale the smoke. Smoking gradually destroys our body part and so it is a silent killer. So, it’s my request to all of you to please avoid smoking to save a life. That’s all, Thank you


Speeches for school students on Save Trees

Good morning to all of you, respected Principle sir, vice-principle sir, teachers, madams, and my dear friends. At this occasion, I would like to speech on the topic of Save Trees. Mother Earth has given us many gifts. One of them is trees. Trees are very important to us. Many of our tribes live inside forests which have trees. Trees provide us with timber to make furniture. Wild animals depend on trees for food and shelter. Trees help to prevent soil erosion and floods. They give out Oxygen and make the Earth clean and cool. Many products such as paper, gum, rubber etc are obtained from trees. Trees reduce pollution and increase rain. Birds make their nests on trees. So friends, SAVE TREES by not cutting them and make them happy. That’s all, Thank you

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