Quality Management MCQ – TQM multiple choice questions answers

Preparing for an exam can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to subjects like Total Quality Management (TQM). As one of the most important concepts in the field of business and management, TQM requires a thorough understanding of its principles and practices.

To aid students in their exam preparation, many resources are available, including Total Quality Management MCQ – TQM questions answers Pdf. This article aims to provide valuable insights into the benefits of utilizing such resources and how they can contribute to effective exam readiness.

Whether you are a student seeking comprehensive study material or an instructor looking for reliable assessment tools, this article will guide you towards finding the necessary MCQs on TQM to enhance your knowledge and ace your exams.

75 Important Total Quality Management MCQ.

1. Value is ___ divided by ___.
Ans. Quality, price

2. Quality of conformance ___ as cost ___.
Ans. Increases, decreases

3. Productivity is defined as the ratio of ___ divided by the ___ used.
Ans. Saleable output, resources

4. The performance standard must be “close enough”, not “that’s Zero Defect”.
Ans. False

5. Craftsmen all around ___ were organized into groups called ___.
Ans. Medieval Europe, guilds

6. Dr Genichi Taguchi formulated his ___ that combines cost, target and variation into one metric.
Ans. Loss-Function concept

7. ___ and ___ are the guidelines.
Ans. ISO 9000, ISO 9004

8. ISO ___, ISO ___, and ISO ___ are the categories for which companies may apply for certification.
Ans. 9001, 9002, 9003

9. ISO 9000 registration is required only if a company manufactures the listed products.
Ans. False

10. There are ___ essential steps to be carried out in order to implement the ISO 9000 quality management system successfully.
Ans. 14

11. Six Sigma process is one in which 99.99966% of the manufactured products are with ___.
Ans. Zero defects

12. The origin of the term Six Sigma is derived from a statistical measure that equates to ___ or fewer errors or ___ per million opportunities.
Ans. 3.4, defects

13. A person who can participate as a project team member is called a green belt.
Ans. False

14. Samsung Electronics Co. (SEC) was established in ___.
Ans. 1969

15. The late ___ is a reliability engineer at Motorola.
Ans. Bill Smith

16. Patterns of variations are well described with a ___ or ___.
Ans. Bell-shaped, Gaussian curve

17. Determination of process inputs and outputs is achieved during the measure phase.
Ans. True

18. Brainstorming is a tool that is used in the ___ phase.
Ans. Improve

19. The Six Sigma is a business strategy to ___the ___by attaining good quality.
Ans. Reduce, cost

20. Six Sigma targets variation in ___ and focuses on the ___ improvement instead of final outcome.
Ans. Processes, process

21. The keystone of quality management is the concept of ___and ___ working together for their mutual advantage.
Ans. Customer, supplier

22. Establishment of long-term quality objectives demonstrates ___ and ___ with regard to quality.
Ans. Management vision, strategic thinking

23. Elements of quality management are planning, ___, assurance, and ___.
Ans. Control, improvement

24. The verification of process output is executed by comparing the process output with applicable specifications, standards or requirements.
Ans. True

25. Quality control and quality assurance are used interchangeably to refer to actions performed to ensure the quality of a product or service.
Ans. True

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