Puzzles for Competitive Exams

Puzzles for Interviews, Entrance and Competitive Exams Set-1

Puzzles for Interviews, Entrance and Competitive Exams Set-1

1. A person needs 6 steps to cover a distance of one slab. If he increases his foot length (step length) by 3 inches he needs only 5 steps to cover the slabs length. What is the length of the each slab?
Ans: 31 inches.

2. There are 19 red balls and one black ball. Ten balls are put in one jar and the remaining 10 are put in another jar. What is the possibility that the black is in the right jar.
Ans: 1/2.

3. There is one lily in the pond on 1st June. There are two in the pond on 2nd June. There are four on 3rd June and so on. The pond is full with lilies by the end of the June.
(i) On which date the pond is half full?
Ans: 29th. –the June has 30 days).
(ii) If we start with 2 lilies on 1st June when will be the pond is full with lilies.
Ans: 29th June.

4. A lorry starts from Bangalore to Mysore at 6.00 A.M, 7.00 A.M, 8.00 am…..10 pm. Similarly one another starts from Mysore to Bangalore at 6.00 am, 7.00 am, 8.00 am…..10.00pm. A lorry takes 9 hours to travel from Bangalore to Mysore and vice versa.
(i) A lorry which has started at 6.00 am will cross how many Lorries. Ans: 10.
(ii) A lorry which had started at 6.00pm will cross how many Lorries. Ans: 14.

5. A person meets a train at a railway station coming daily at a particular time. One day he is late by 25 minutes, and he meets the train 5 Km. before the station. If his speed is 12 kmph, what is the speed of the train?
Ans: 60 kmph. Refer–Shakuntala Devi Book.

6. A thief steals half the total no of loaves of bread plus 1/2 loaf from a backery. A second thief steals half the reaming no of loaves plus 1/2 loaf and so on. After the 5th thief has stolen there are no more loaves left in the backery. What was the total no of loaves did the backery have at the beginning.
Ans: 31.

7. A gardener plants 100 meters towards east, next 100 meters towards north, next 100 meters towards west. 98 meters towards east, 96 meters towards north and 96 meters towards west, 94 meters towards south. And 94 meters towards east and so on. If a person walks between the trees what is the total distance travelled by him before he reaches the center.
Ans: |—————| | | | | | | | ——–|- | ———————| -.

8. There are four women and 3 men. They play bridge one night. Find widow among them. Rules:
(i) wife and husband are never partners.
(ii) Wife and husband never play more than one game. One night they played four games as follows:-
1. —— + —— vs ——- + ———
2. —— + —— vs ——- + ———
3. —— + –*— vs ——- + ———
4. —*– + —— vs ——- + ———
the woman are marked * above.
Ans: Refer Problem 21. Mind Teasers by summers.

9. From a vessel, 1/3rd of the liquid evaporates on the first day. On the second day 3/4th of the remaining liquid evaporates. What fraction of the volume is present at the end of the second day?
Ans: 50%.

10. There is a 4 inch cube painted on all sides. This is cut down into of 1 inch cubes. What is the no of cubes which have no pointed sides?
Ans: 8.

11. Sam and Mala have a conversation. Sam says I am certainly not over 40. Mala says I am 38 and you are atleast 5 years older than me. Now, Sam says you are atleast 39. All the statements by the two are false. How old are they really?
Ans: Mala = 38 yrs; Sam = 41 yrs.

12. In a railway station, there are two trains going. One in the harbour line and one in the main line, each have a frequency of 10 minutes. The main line service starts at 5 o’clock and the harbour line starts at 5.02A.M. A man goes to the station every day to catch the first train that comes. What is the probability of the man catching the first train?
Ans: 0.8.

13. A family X went for a vacation. Unfortunately it rained for 13 days when they were there. But whenever it rained in the mornings, they had clear afternoons and vice versa. In all they enjoyed 11 mornings and 12 afternoons. How many days did they stay there totally?
Ans: 18.

14. Albert and Fernandes have two leg swimming race. Both start from opposite ends of the pool. On the first leg, the boys pass each other at 18 m from the deep end of the pool. During the second leg they pass at 10 m from the shallow end of the pool. Both go at constant speed but one of them is faster. Each boy rests for 4 seconds at the end of the first leg. What is the length of the pool?

15. There is 6561 number of balls in a bag. Out of which one is heavy ball. In how many minimum number of weighing you can find the heavy ball.
Ans: 8.

16. The profit made by a company in one year is enough to give 6% return on all shares. But as the preferred shares get on return of 7.5%, so the ordinary shares got on return of 5%. If the value of prefer shares is Rs 4,000000, then what is the value of ordinary shares?
Ans: Rs. 6,000000.

17. There were 50 players playing a game among them. Each player is out of the game when lose 3 matches. What is the number of matches should be played in order to get the winner.

18. A & B two places. C & D are two people. C started from A and D started from B. When they meet each other in the way C travelled 18 m more than D. Then C takes 13 and half a minute and D takes 24 minutes to reach the other end. What was the distance between A & B.
Ans: 126.

19. a + b + c +d = d + e + f + g = g + h + i =17.
If a = 4, what are the values of d and g. Each letter taken only one of the digits from 1 to 9.
Ans: a = 4 ,b = 2, c =6, d = 5, e = 3, f = 8, g = 1, h = 7, i = 9.

20. A frog jumps 3 ft comes back 2ft in a day. In how many days it will come out of 30ft deep well?
Ans: 28 day.

21. A-B=C
Ans: A=9, B=5, C=4, F=2.

22. When the actual time passes 1 hr, wall clock is 10 min behind it. When 1 hr is shown by wall clock, table clock shows 10 min ahead of 1 hr. When table clock shows 1 hr, the alarm clock goes 5 min behind it. When alarm clock goes 1 hr, wrist watch is 5 min ahead of it. Assuming that all clocks are correct with actual time at 12 noon, what will be time shown by wrist watch after 6 hr?
Ans: 5:47:32.5 (n X 60 )50/60 X 70/60 X 55/60 X 65/60.

23. A software engineer just returned from US, has eaten too much fat & put a lot of weight. Every Sunday he starts walking 4 km/hr on level ground, then up at 3 km\hr, then back down hill at 6km\hr, then again on level ground at 4km\hr till he reaches his destination. If he returned home at 9 p.m., what distance did he cover?
Ans: 24 km.

24. Answer the questions from facts:-
The members of certain tribe are divided into 3 casts abhor, dravid amp; magar.
1. An abhor woman can’t marry dravid man.
2. A magar woman can’t marry a dravid man.
3. A son takes the caste of his father and a daughter takes caste of her mother.
5. All marriages except those mentioned, are not permitted.
6. There are no children born out of a wedlock.

25. There are 2 scales of temp A & B. It was given A varies from 14 to 133 and B varies from 36 to 87. Find the temperature, when temperature of A is equal to temp of B.
Ans: 52.5.
Let t=mx+c, c=-70 => m=51/119
a=a.51/119 -70 => a=52.5.

26. I have been hearing a girl singing a song for last two score. Song: If seven times five and three times seven is added to my age it would be as far above six nines and four as the difference between twice of my age and a score. Given-A score is 20 yrs.

27. A tourist wants to go from A to B. There are four ways to do this:-
1. To take a wagon. The wagon stops for half an hour at a station in between a & b and then goes to b.
2. To walk to B. If he leaves A at the same time the wagon leaves, he will be between by the wagon by 1 mile to reach B.
3. To walk from A at the same time the wagon leaves from A. He will arrive at the mid station at the time when the wagon is prepared to leave. He can take the wagon from there. This will take shortest time.
4. To go on up to the mid station & to walk from there. He will reach at B 15 minutes before the wagon.
What is the distance between A & B?.

28. In a train there is one brakeman, conductor, engineer & fireman. Their names are Art, John, Tom & Pete given in this order or in reverse order. You have to tell the occupation of the four, w.r.t. these conditions:-
1. Brakeman has no relatives.
2. John is older than art.
3. Engineer & fireman are brothers.
4. John is pete’s nephew.
5. Fireman is not conductor’s uncle.
6. Conductor is not engineer’s uncle.
Ans: Pete & Tom are brothers. Tom–Father and John is his son.

29. There is a 18 strong building and 4 people live in it. They are dentist, lawyer, accountant, architect. Dentist floor is 5 times the lawyer’s floor. Account is below dentist. If architect moves two floors up he will be midway between dentist and account. If architect moves to midway of the building (9th floor) then he will be middle of dentist & lawyer. Ground floor can be ignored i.e. floor 0.
Ans: Dentist 15. Accountant 13. Architect 12. Lawyer 3.

30. 4 ladies, Mrs Margarat, Mrs Price, Mrs Winter & Mrs Ellen went for marketing. Each went for 2 shops only. Their surnames are lorret, torrey, doris and marshall. One went to a hardwares shop. Two went to bank. Two went to buchers. All but dorris went to grocery etc. Who went where?


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Puzzle for Interviews, Entrance and Competitive Exams Set-3

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