Project Management MCQs with Answers pdf notes

Project Management MCQs Multiple Choice Questions with Answers pdf notes for preparation MBA, BBA regular, and distance examinations.

Are you a project manager or aspiring to be one? Are you in need of some good practice questions to test your knowledge and enhance your understanding of project management concepts? Well, look no further! In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive collection of Project Management Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with answers in PDF format.

Whether you are preparing for a certification exam, brushing up on your skills, or simply curious about the field, our MCQs will provide you with valuable insights and help solidify your understanding of project management principles. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and get ready to dive into the world of project management MCQs!

Project management mcqs with answers pdf

1. Project cycle is a collection of generally sequential project phases whose description and order of occurrence are determined by the control needs of the organization or organizations involved in the project. (True/False)
Ans. True

2. Project management is the job of organizing, coordinating, and controlling the various tasks and resources in order to successfully complete a project. (True / False)
Ans. True

3. To maximize returns in the current cut-throat competitive environment, it is vital to manage the ___ effectively.
Ans. Projects

4. ___ helps an organization to prevent failures in projects.
Ans. Project management

5. Project Human Resource Management ensures that the most appropriate manpower with necessary skills is deployed for the effective execution of the desired project. (True/False)
Ans. True

6. Project Integration Management ensures that various elements of a project are properly integrated and coordinated for a smooth flow of information and resources. (True/False)
Ans. True

7. A ___ of activities that are used to achieve the project’s goals or objectives is known as the project life cycle.
Ans. Rational order

8. In the ___ phase of the project life cycle the work gains momentum.
Ans. Quick Momentum

9. The ___ manages the four basic elements of a project: resources, time, money, and scope.
Ans. Project Manager

10. Life cycle of a project manager ___ with the development life cycle.
Ans. Overlaps

11. Project management is a rationally planned and organized effort to achieve a specific goal. (True/False)
Ans. True

12. Project closure involves releasing the final product to the customer, handing over the project documentation, manuals, source code, and network layouts. (True/False)
Ans. True

13. Project management consists of interacting processes namely ___, ___, process interactions, and ___ which are organized in groups.
Ans. Project processes, process groups, customization

14. Project process is classified into ___ and ___ processes.
Ans. Project management, product-oriented

15. ___ and ___ refer to the mechanism applied to the inputs to create the desired outputs.
Ans. Tools and techniques

16. The most important problem faced in the implementation phase of a project is a delay in execution. (True/False)
Ans. True

17. The system of monitoring and control is more effective when, along with the time frame, there is a linkage between the physical work to be performed in each activity and the financial expenditure to be incurred. (True/False)
Ans. True

18. Project management provides the project managers and team members with the principles they require to effectively meet the needs of the customer. (True/False)
Ans. True

19. Scope, cost, and schedule are some of the parameters used for project negotiation. (True/False)
Ans. True

20. Five dimensions that must be managed on a project are ___, ___, cost, ___, and staff.
Ans. Scope, quality, schedule

21. ___ of a project should be clearly defined, measurable, and achievable.
Ans. Objectives

22. ___ is a continuous and repetitive process involving screening, documentation, validation, ranking, and approval of viable project ideas for an organization.
Ans. Project identification

23. ___ study focuses on answering the essential questions such as; should we proceed with the proposed project idea? What are the benefits and drawbacks of the proposed project idea?
Ans. Pre-feasibility

24. The function of project initiation is to describe all the parameters of a project and establish the suitable project management and excellence environment necessary to complete the project. (True/False)
Ans. True

25. The project manager works with the project sponsor to identify the necessary resources and team members needed to further develop the key project parameters – Cost, Scope, Schedule, and Quality (CSSQ). (True/False)
Ans. True

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