Project Management MCQ pdf for MBA, BBA Exams

Project Management MCQ pdf for MBA, BBA, Competitive exams and various academic exams of all Institutions.

Welcome to our comprehensive collection of Project Management Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) in PDF format! This article provides a set of MCQs specifically designed for MBA and BBA exams. Project management is a crucial discipline in the business world, and these MCQs will help you test your knowledge and understanding of key concepts in project management.

Project Management MCQ pdf for MBA, BBA Exams

Importance of Project Management in Business

Project management plays a vital role in organizations of all sizes and industries. It involves planning, organizing, and controlling resources to achieve project goals within the constraints of time, cost, and quality. Proficiency in project management is essential for successfully executing projects, meeting client expectations, and delivering value to stakeholders.

Project Management MCQ for MBA, BBA Exams

1. Purchase ___ describes a product in terms of its design characteristics which include dimensions, weight, shape, size, surface finish, physical and chemical properties, and performance.
Ans. Specification

2. The purchase ___ is signed by the prescribed authority.
Ans. Indent

3. Purchase order becomes a legal contract only after it has been accepted by the vendor or any of his authorised agents.
Ans. True

4. Follow-up is a corrective measure that seeks to foresee the problem and preempt late delivery. (True/False)
Ans. False

5. Follow-up includes internal follow-up with departments like the store, finance, inspection, and project groups and external follow-up with ___.
Ans. Suppliers

6. The ___ conditions include purchase order no., name and address of the supplier, delivery address of the goods, description of the goods, product specifications, quantity, etc.
Ans. Specific

7. Contract planning should be done at the project planning stage.
Ans. False

8. Fixed price applies to unstable labour market conditions and uncertain specifications and production schedule.
Ans. False

9. ___ of contract may be done due to default by the vendor in failing to perform as agreed in contract while making deliveries, the convenience of the buyers, or mutual consent.
Ans. Cancellation

10. The process of contract planning includes the preparation of ___ plans.
Ans. Resource

11. ___ is generally applicable under stable market conditions and in the case of firm specifications and production schedule.
Ans. Fixed price

12. ___ includes monitoring the progress of manufacturing of equipment, it’s quality, packaging, and associated documentation.
Ans. Order fulfillment

13. ___ .includes identifying the required number of suppliers out of the possible ones.
Ans. Shortlist suppliers

14. A procurement process starts with the ___ of required material and types of equipment.
Ans. Identification

15. An efficient project management can avoid many of these problems by proper planning and control of procurement and efficient ___ materials management.
Ans. Post-procurement

16. ___ performance measurement is an ongoing process that involves monitoring and reporting project progress with respect to predetermined objectives.
Ans. Pre-established

17. ___ consists of web space over Internet/intranet/extranet, shared by an authorised group of users to discuss their common objective.
Ans. Wiki

18. ___ are age old methods to communicate project information in many organisations.
Ans. Written reports

19. Communication is the process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behaviour.
Ans. True

20. The PMIS should support the full range of the life cycle including project analysis and post-project review. (True/false)
Ans. True

21. Only irrelevant information should be a part of PMIS.
Ans. False

22. Enterprise guidance and project ___ should be a part of PMIS.
Ans. Background information

23. ___ include priorities in running different applications and the security measures to achieve optimal and secure operations of the system.
Ans. Procedures

24. Hardware also includes communication equipment that facilitates fast transmission and reception of the text, pictures, sound, and animation in the form of electronic data.
Ans. True

25. Performance measurement is a part of the ___ process.
Ans. Strategic planning

26. Productivity is calculated by adding the value added by the product or service by the value of labour and capital cost.
Ans. False

27. The measurement of performance is a tool that provides qualitative information about products, services, and the processes that produce them.
Ans. False

28. Productivity is always a relative measure and expressed as the ratio of ___ to inputs.
Ans. Net outputs

29. If the productivity is measured for the total enterprise, it is termed as ___ productivity.
Ans. Total factor

30. When productivity is measured for each factor, it is termed as ___ productivity.
Ans. Partial factor

31. Performance coefficient of productivity can be measured in financial as well as physical terms.
Ans. True

32. ___ is an important tool for the assessment of a system or service according to the measurements specified
Ans. Performance evaluation

33. Projects are generally evaluated in terms of ___ incurred.
Ans. Capital expenditures

34. In management ___ of any service, process or activity typically refers to “determining its worth”.
Ans. Evaluation

35. ___ involves a comparison of the actual cost incurred on the project with the budgeted cost of the project for a given time period to determine the variants.
Ans. Variance analysis

36. ACC represents the actual cost incurred for accomplishing the work performed during a particular time period.
Ans. False

37. ACWP represents the actual cost incurred for accomplishing the work performed during a particular time period.
Ans. True

38. ___ represents the estimate for the additional cost required for completing the project.
Ans. ACC

39. The ___ is an integral part of project management and is a necessary task of the project manager.
Ans. Control

40. ___ is a list prepared separately for each agency after the resource scheduling process.
Ans. Work-to list

41. The ___ phase is the last phase of any project.
Ans. Project close-out

42. A PIR can be conducted as a formal audit or as a workshop involving the project ___
Ans. Participants

43. Work-to list is usually prepared to cover only a few weeks ahead.
Ans. True

44. ___ networks highlight which tasks are critical for a project to stay on schedule and which can slide without affecting the completion date of the project.
Ans. Critical path

45. ___ is the final network that has been arrived at after the resource rescheduling process, satisfying resource constraints and shows all activities.
Ans. Detailed network

46. Two common methods to evaluate the performance objectives are variance analysis and the ___ method.
Ans. Earned value

47. The ___ is a useful tool that allows the calculations of cost and schedule performance measures including cost variance, schedule variance, cost and time over-runs for a project.
Ans. Earned Value Method (EVM)

48. Frequency of monitoring depends on nature, duration, and importance of projects and stakeholders need. (True/False)
Ans. True

49. Schedule Variance = Plan time – actual time.
Ans. True

50. The variance report may be presented in tabular form or ___ form.
Ans. Graphical

51. The ___ is an estimate of the future based on current progress and other factors.
Ans. Forecast

52. The report is circulated to all concerned and discussed in a ___
Ans. Review meeting

53. On completion of the project, all resources – materials, equipment, and people are to be released from the project. (True/False)
Ans. True

54. The final Project Report (PR) should be written by a professional.
Ans. False

55. The project manager should ensure that the people are released in a fair and proper manner.
Ans. True

56. The decision of project termination affects all the ___ of the project and can put some negative impact on the organisation’s growth.
Ans. Stakeholders

57. There should be a clear ___ for project termination, and it should be communicated to all the stakeholders.
Ans. Strategy

58. There should be periodical ___ with the control board before taking the decision.
Ans. Review meetings

59. The ___ of project success and termination should be clear and communicated to every stakeholder.
Ans. Criteria

60. In case the project has to be terminated, there should be a clear commitment of the control board and high-level management towards the project management team in order to enable the team to ___ the project closure procedures.
Ans. Follow

61. Traditionally project follow-up stage is considered as a part of the project ___ phase.
Ans. Completion

62. After delivery or completion of the project, the ___ has to be evaluated.
Ans. Staff performance

63. ___ projects often have low visibility of benefits but very high costs, and also very high stress and risk levels too.
Ans. ICT (Information and Communications Technology)

64. The project activities like drawings cannot be performed by using project management software. (True/False)
Ans. False

65. The project management software package can be handled with minimum training. (True/False)
Ans. True

66. The price of PC-based software is under ___ which is affordable for an organisation.
Ans. $500

67. Resource allocation problem is concerned with ___ activities in such a way so as to find the shortest project schedule.
Ans. Scheduling

68. The process of producing a fresh set of schedule is known as___.
Ans. Updating

69. ___ allows the user to view the information in the desired order, such as pay rates from highest to lowest or in alphabetical order.
Ans. Sorting

70. ___ enables the user to select only certain data that meet some specified criteria.
Ans. Filtering

71. Most software allows a single level of sorting.
Ans. False

72. ___ is a tool for examining and scheduling more complex projects.
Ans. Gantt charts

73. When a project is underway, Gantt Charts helps to monitor whether the project is on schedule or not.
Ans. True

Project Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers: Set-2

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