Physics Quiz Questions and Answers for class 10

Physics Quiz Questions and Answers for class 10 for the preparation of CBSE, State boards, ICSE and Competitive exams.

Physics Quiz Questions and Answers for class 10

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Physics Quiz Questions and Answers for class 10

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A sheet of paper is placed on a table and a jug full of water is kept on it while pulling the paper suddenly, it is observed that the water does not spill out of jug. It is due to the inertia of the

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“Every Action has equal & opposite reaction” was discovered by

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An engine supplies 196 joules of energy. If the energy is supplied to a weight of 500 gms. How high can it be lifted?

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As per the Law of Conservation of energy during a process or system of transformation of energy, the energy is

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A 1500 w electric geyser used every day for 2 hrs. Calculate the energy consumed?

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Name of scienctist who gave a relationship between mechanical energy & heat energy

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If a car travels a distance of 100 km & it takes 25 minutes to reach its destination , the speed of the car is

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Find at what temperature, the velocity of sound in air is 1.5 times the velocity at 70°C

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The Instrument for measuring electric current is known as

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Pascal’s law holds good for

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When white light is passed through a prism, it is observed that violet light bends more than red light. This is because

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Which of the following force is responsible for taking a gas balloon upwards?

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The emf of 3 identical cells connected in series in 6 V. The emf of each is

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A fuse wires has eventually

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The force of repulsion between two parallel wires is ‘f’ when each one of them carries a certain current ‘I ‘. If the current in each is doubled, the force between them would be

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The size of an atom is nearly

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The acceleration due to gravity is zero at

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A hygrometer measures

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The critical angle of liquid is 300. Its refractive Index will be

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If there is no atmosphere, then the duration of daylight on earth will

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A person using convex lenses must be suffering from

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One weber/mt2 is equal to

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Doping is a process of

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The value of plank’s Constant

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An equal volume of all gases, measured under the same condition of pressure & temperature contains the same number of molecules. This is known as

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A sample of gas is at 00. What is the requirement of temperature for increasment to double the r.m.s. speed of molecules?

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Which of the given samples of equal volumes of Hydrogen & Oxygen at NTP has the larges number of molecules.

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