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This article aims to provide you with a valuable resource in the form of a PDF that contains an extensive collection of MCQs along with their corresponding answers. So whether you are a student looking to test your knowledge or an educator seeking additional material for your students, this article will prove beneficial in helping you prepare effectively for your upcoming exam on Fundamentals of Multimedia.

Fundamental of Multimedia MCQ questions and answers

1. The first mass communication medium was ___.
Ans. Newspaper

2. In 1945, the Memex was developed by ___.
Ans. Vannevar Bush

3. MPEG-1 was approved as an international standard for digital video in the year ___.
Ans. 1993

4. WWW stands for ___.
Ans. World Wide Web

5. Is Text one form of media?
Ans. True

6. Auditory media triggers our ___ senses.
Ans. Hearing

7. ___ media refers to how the information is represented internally by the computer.
Ans. Representation media

8. Is pen drive a storage media?
Ans. True

9. Video is dynamic media.
Ans. True

10. Multimedia application should process at least one static and one dynamic medium.
Ans. True

11. The property of jumping or navigating from one point within a presentation to another point without much delay is called ___.
Ans. Non-linearity

12. Compact Disc is a (sequential/ random access) device. (Tick the correct answer).
Ans. Random

13. Multimedia information is divided into individual units called packets.
Ans. True

14. A sequence of individual packets transmitted in a time-dependent manner is called ___.
Ans. Datastream

15. A clock signal is used in ___ transmission mode.
Ans. Synchronous

16. ___ transmission mode gives both maximum and minimum end-to-end delay.
Ans. Isochronous

17. Multimedia is used in designing architectural parts.
Ans. True

18. Multimedia can be used to promote tourism.
Ans. True

19. An analogue signal varies continuously over space and/or time.
Ans. True

20. The maximum displacement of the oscillating particle from its mean position is known as____.
Ans. Amplitude

21. Match column [A] with column [B]:

Column [A] Column [B]
Text Time-dependent media
Video Discrete media
Graphics Continuous media
Sound Time-independent media


Column [A] Column [B]
Text Time-independent media
Video Continuous media
Graphics Discrete media
Sound Time-dependent media

22. Time-independent media is also called ___ media.
Ans. Discrete

23. ASCII stands for ___.
Ans. American Standard Code for Information Interchange

24. Formatted texts are those which contain not only alphanumeric characters but also some control characters.
Ans. True

25. Hypertext is unformatted text.
Ans. False

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