MBA101 Management Process & Organisation Behaviour

Sikkim Manipal University – Directorate of Distance Education – Department of Management and Commerce

Units of Module: MBA101 – Management Process & Organisation Behaviour

Unit 1: Understanding an Organisation 1
Unit 2: Introduction to Management and Management Process 20
Unit 3: Planning and Decision Making 43
Unit 4: Organising and Staffing 62
Unit 5: Leading 89
Unit 6: Controlling 107
Unit 7: Introduction to Organisational Behaviour 135
Unit 8: Individual Behaviour (Personality and Perception) 156
Unit 9: Individual Behaviour (Values, Attitudes, and Emotions) 180
Unit 10: Individual Behaviour – 3 (Learning and Motivation) 203
Unit 11: Group Behaviour – 1 (Introduction to Group Behaviour) 225
Unit 12: Group Behaviour – 2 (The Team) 249
Unit 13: Group Behavior – 3 (Leadership) 272
Unit 14: Power, Politics, Conflict, Negotiation and Stress 302
Unit 15: Organisational Culture and Change 326

Course Description

Management Process and Organisational Behaviour (MPOB) is a fundamental subject in management education because it forms the foundation on which other knowledge in managing is built. Management is the process of getting activities completed efficiently and effectively with and through other people. Process means a sequence of interdependent and linked procedures that enable creating some output. Combining these, we can say that Management Process (MP) is that sequence of independent and linked procedures that enable getting activities completed efficiently and through people. It follows that to manage efficiently and effectively, we have to follow a sequence of actions or procedures.

Learning Outcomes

The course “Management Process and Organisational Behaviour” of MBA 1stSemester helps students to understand and apply the concepts of Management Process and Organisational Behaviour for creating an efficient and effective output.
After studying this subject, you should be able to:
• explain the concept of organisation and its components.
• define the concept of management.
• list the principles of management.
• explain the concept of management process.
• describe the process of planning and decision making.
• describe the process of organising, staffing, leading and controlling
• analyse the relationship between management process and organisation behavior
• explain the concepts relating to individual behavior such as personality, perception, values, attitudes, emotions, learning and motivation.
• explain the concepts relating to group behavior such as the group, the teams and leadership.
• describe the concepts of power, politics, conflict, negotiation and change
• explain the concept of organisational culture and change.

The Self Learning Material (SLM) for this subject is divided into 15 units. Units 1 to unit 6 pertains to Management Process and unit 8 to unit 15 discusses Organizational Behaviour.

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