MCQ on Management information system | MIS MCQ Questions & Answer

MCQ on Management Information System | MIS MCQ Questions & Answer for the preparation of academic and competitive examinations.

MCQ on Management information system  MIS MCQ Questions & Answer

MCQ on Management Information System

1. ___ uses websites and portals for storing documents, catalogues, drawings, pictures and so on for sharing.
Ans. Web publishing

2. Internet and web technologies are used for forming different interest groups to communicate and share information. These groups are popularly known as ___
Ans. User groups

3. The biggest advantage of ___ is that it taps the collective wisdom, knowledge and experience of the members.
Ans. E-collaboration

4. ___ help in automatic scheduling, notification and reminding to the participants.
Ans. GroupWare tools

5. In ___, it is necessary for the manager to enumerate all the stages of the decision-making situation and provide the necessary support through rules and a formula for each one of them.
Ans. Programmed decision-making

6. In a ___, the programmed-decision-making system works efficiently.
Ans. Closed-decision-making situation

7. The method of ___ can be adopted, if the decision-making situation can be described as a chain of decisions.
Ans. Decision tree

8. When all the alternatives and their outcomes are not known with certainty, the decision is made with the help of ___
Ans. Payoff analysis

9. The concept of ___ relates to the money value considered by the decision-maker.
Ans. Utility

10. ___ creates confidence in the decision-making model by painting a picture of outcomes under different conditions.
Ans. What-if analysis

11. In ___, one analyses the problem in exactly the reverse way as that of ‘what if analysis’ or sensitivity analysis.
Ans. Goal seeking analysis

12. In a goal-seeking analysis, one does not ___ but tries to achieve a goal of an optimum value arrived at after satisfying all the constraints operating in the problem.
Ans. Fix the goal

13. In ___ one comes to know which critical constraints are and which are limiting the value of the goal.
Ans. Optimisation analysis

14. An organisation is an arrangement of individuals having ___.
Ans. Different goals

15. ___ are not necessarily for decision-making but they are desirable to keep track of the major aspects of the business or a function.
Ans. Accounting Systems

16. ___ are based on comparative analysis, and the use of a formula or an algorithm.
Ans. Data Analysis Systems

17. The trend analysis, forecasting, and statistical analysis models belong to the ___ category.
Ans. Behavioural Models

18. ___ are developed on the principles of business management, accounting and econometrics.
Ans. Management Science Models

19. Manpower planning and forecasting are the examples in relation to ___
Ans. Personnel Management

20. A ___ considers two costs, viz., the cost of waiting time to customer and the cost of idle time of the facility and decides on the facility design with a pre-determined service standard.
Ans. Queuing Theory

21. In the ___ system, the costs are assigned to the jobs passing through the plant and are accumulated by recording the basic job statistics on the job card.
Ans. Job Order Cost System

22. The basic characteristic of the Decision Support System is that it is based on ___
Ans. Some tool, technique or model

23. ___ is applicable where the decision variables assume the values which are non-zero, and the relationship among the various variables is linear.
Ans. Linear Programming Model

24. Quadratic programming, integer programming and dynamic programming are all special cases for ___
Ans. The mathematical programming model

25. ___ is a tool to interpret the knowledge available and to perform logical deductions in a given situation.
Ans. Inference Mechanism

26. ___ deals with knowledge identification, generation and delivery for application in business.
Ans. KMS architecture

27. KM deals with knowledge generation, knowledge codification and refinement and ___
Ans. Knowledge transmission

28. When reasoning is goal-driven, it is called ___ and when it is data-driven it is called ___
Ans. Backward chaining to goal; forward Chaining to goal

29. LAN may be used to transfer data with reasonably high data transfer rates.
Ans. True

30. Packet circuits allow data connections that can be initiated when needed and terminated when communication is complete.
Ans. False

31. TCP and UDP are the protocols by which data is transmitted over networks.
Ans. True

32. What is the difference between WWW and the internet?
Ans. WWW is a part of the Internet

33. What are the benefits of the Internet?
Ans. Speed, vast resources and the ability to directly communicate the users

34. ___ is a private computer network.
Ans. Intranet

35. With intranets, organizations can make more information available to employees in ___ time.
Ans. Less

36. Web publishing allows ‘cumbersome’ corporate knowledge to be maintained and easily accessed throughout the company using ___ and ___ technologies.
Ans. hypermedia and Web

37. A ___ requires security and privacy.
Ans. Extranet

38. In contemporary IT-savvy organizations, a network is used to move information around the organization and between desktops.
Ans. True

39. The CIO’s role is more oriented towards technology, implementation of projects, and streamlining back-office operations.
Ans. False

40. Chief Information Officers are senior executives responsible for all aspects of their companies’ information technology and systems.
Ans. True

41. The CFO has taken a leadership role in reengineering their organizations’ business processes and underpinning IT infrastructures to achieve more productive, efficient, and valuable use of information within the enterprise.
Ans. False

42. A CIO is ___ and ___ about opportunities for the use of IT in the respective industry.
Ans. Proactive and knowledgeable

43. A major responsibility of the ___ is to ensure that the rapidly evolving technical opportunities are understood, planned, implemented, and strategically exploited in the organization.
Ans. Information System Manager

44. One of the major challenges includes transforming the IT function from tactical operations to more global strategic Planning.
Ans. True

45. Understanding why the current CIO role remains largely out of sync with the increasing importance of IT to a company’s success.
Ans. True

46. In the ___ type of database, a record is stored with a link to other records.
Ans. Network

47. What are the types of end-users?
Ans. Casual users and naive users

48. The property that describes an entity is an ___.
Ans. Attribute

49. Define Schema and Instances and give one example for each.
Ans. The description of a database

50. Define DDL.
Ans. Data definition language

51. What do you mean by DML?
Ans. Data manipulation language,

52. Control is the process through which the manager assures that actual activity are according to standards leading to the achievement of common goals.
Ans. True

53. Input control is further divided into hardware and software control.
Ans. False

54. A list of authorized users is provided to a computer system with details such as the type of information they are authorized to retrieve or receive from it.
Ans. True

55. Insurance is also available to cover the cost of reconstructing data and program files.
Ans. True

56. In ___ type of security hazard, all the components of a system are involved.
Ans. Malfunction

57. Physical security deals with a number of hazards like fire, natural disaster, etc. while procedural controls deal with ___ only.
Ans. access control

58. Ethics is a study of the principles and practices, which guides to decide whether the action taken is morally right or wrong.
Ans. True

59. Checking technical feasibility protects you from the violation or breach of law enacted for privacy protection, obligation to provide a healthy, hygienic, and congenial work atmosphere.
Ans. False

60. Respecting ethical values means making a beginning to protect generally accepted individual human rights.
Ans. True

Management Information System MCQ questions with answers

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