MCQ on International Marketing Management with Answer for MBA, BMS

MCQ on International Marketing Management with Answer for MBA, BMS and other academic and competitive examinations.

MCQ on International Marketing Management

MCQ on International Marketing Management with Answer

1. To explain the process of dissemination of innovation across national borders.
a. Comparative costs
b. International product life cycle
c. International marketing
d. Overlapping life cycle
Answer: (b)

2. ___ have revolutionized the economic and political world and changed the way business is conducted.
a. Technological change
b. Telecommunication
c. Transportation
d. Satellite TV
Answer: (b)

3. In EPRG, E & G stands for –
a. Ethics, Geography
b. Ecological, geographical
c. Ethnocentric, geocentric
d. Environment generalization
Answer: (c)

4. A ___ sees the international market as a series of domestic markets.
a. Ethnocentric managers
b. Polytechnic managers
c. Regional manager
d. None of the above
Answer: (b)

5. ___ is a symbol of death in Japan.
a. Blue
b. Black
c. Red
d. White
Answer: (d)

6. The exporters are required to till in ___ copies of shipping bills.
a. Two
b. Three
c. Four
d. One
Answer: (b)

7. The ___ issues a receipt after examining the packaging and counting of packages.
a. License
b. Insurance
c. Mate
d. Exporter
Answer: (c)

8. Macro-environment does not consist –
a. Political
b. Legal
c. Geographic
d. Finance
Answer: (d)

9. Uncontrollable barriers are –
a. Export policy
b. Tax systems
c. Market-distances
d. All of the above
Answer: (d)

10. A systematic plan provides a ___ for assessing the relative opportunities for multiple products.
a. Multiplicity approach
b. Deterministic approach
c. Pragmatic approach
d. Proximity approach
Answer: (c)

11. Shift share analysis –
a. Emphasizes the changes in market share over time for each member of the importing companies
b. Emphasizes on the market trends
c. Emphasizes on the price distribution
d. Shifts the market drift
Answer: (a)

12. Sporadic exporters and regular exporters are different in these features –
a. Initial market entry influences
b. Export profit margins
c. Information use
d. Technology use
e. All of the above
Answer: (e)

13. Economic factors include –
a. Recession
b. Reduced tariffs
c. Information use
d. All of the above
Answer: (a)

14. ___ size without purchasing power is not economically meaningful.
a. Economic
b. Population
c. Growth
d. Urbanization
Answer: (b)

15. Population growth could also be due to ___.
a. Urbanization
b. Age distribution
c. Size & growth
d. Population
e. Immigration
Answer: (e)

16. ___ may also be a major constraint on a countries economy as well as for international marketing.
a. Topology
b. Topography
c. Climate
d. GNP
e. GDP
Answer: (b)

17. ___ is a measure of the value of all the goods and services produced by a nation.
a. GDP
b. NPP
c. NPV
d. GNP
e. GMP
Answer: (d)

18. Market intensity is –
a. Capital / GNP
b. Market condition
c. GNP / Capital
d. GDP / Capital
Answer: (c)

19. In ___ the ruling regime dictates government policy without considering citizens’ needs or opinions.
a. Monarchy
b. Dictatorships
c. An absolutist
d. None of the above
Answer: (c)

20. Egypt has operated under ___ rule for more than three decades.
a. Two party system
b. Multiparty system
c. Single party
d. Dominated one party system
Answer: (c)

21. Economic system can be classified into –
a. Communism
b. Socialism
c. Capitalism
d. Conservatism
e. Orthodox
A. a, b, c
B. b, c, d
C. c, d, e
D. d, e, a
Answer: (a)

22. The opposite end of the continuum from communism is ___.
a. Socialism
b. Capitalism
c. Conservatism
d. None of the above
Answer: (b)

23. It is defined as a set of action whose cumulative effect is to deprive investors of their fundamental rights in the investments.
a. Nationalization
b. Domestication
c. Geeing expropriation
d. Expropriation
Answer: (c)

24. Potential sources of political complication are –
a. Attitudes of nationals
b. Policies of host government
c. Social unrest
d. All of the above
Answer: (d)

25. An international marketer can pursue a strategy of either ___ to manage political risk.
a. Avoidance or insurance
b. Insurance or exception
c. Avoidance or diversification
d. None of the above
Answer: (a)

26. Maruti-Suzuki is example of –
a. Collaboration
b. Coordination
c. Merger
d. Joint venture
Answer: (d)

27. ___ provide kind of risk coverage for international marketers.
a. Export credit Guarantee Corporation of India
b. EXIM bank
Answer: (a & b)

28. A bribe may take the form of –
a. Cash
b. Flats
c. Jobs
d. Tree tips
e. All of the above
Answer: (e)

29. ___ is a government grant of certain rights given to an inventor for a limited time in exchange for the disclosure of the invention.
a. Copyright
b. Trade secret
c. Patent
d. Trademark
Answer: (c)

30. Chor bazaars also referred as –
a. Burma bazaars
b. China bazaars
c. Nepal bazaars
d. None of the above
Answer: (a)

31. Much of ___ takes place in groups of people such as the family, peers, occupation or ethnic groups.
a. Rites
b. Beliefs
c. Perception
d. Learning
Answer: (d)

32. ___ are common activities such as business meetings, initiation workshops for new entrants.
a. Heroes
b. Symbols
c. Rituals
d. None of the above
Answer: (c)

33. Product markets three dimensions are –
a. Which customer should be served?
b. Which benefit is to be provided to them?
c. Which technologies are to be used for that purpose?
d. Which place to be used for this purpose?
Answer: (a, b & c)

34. ___ is likely to have cross cultural appeal.
a. Aesthetics
b. Music
c. Social groups
d. Needs
Answer: (b)

35. Marketing barriers can be divided into two categories are –
a. Macro economic
b. Micro economic
c. Tariff and non tariff
d. a & b both
Answer: (c)

36. The Spanish ‘Manama’ or the Arabic “bukara” means –
a. The day after tomorrow
b. In time
c. Some time in future
d. Yes
Answer: (c)

37. GATT is acronym for –
a. General agreement on tariff and trade
b. Government act on tariff & trade
c. Government act on trade technology
d. None of the above
Answer: (a)

38. Trade unions and politicians to attack imports and international trade in the name of ___.
a. Keeping money at home
b. Enhancing national security
c. Equalizing cost and price
d. Reducing employment (Job protection)
Answer: (d)

39. Ad valorem duties are duties ___.
a. According to length of time
b. According to the direction
c. According to value
d. According to weight
Answer: (c)

40. Research includes two types of decisions are –
a. Qualitative decision
b. Tactical decision
c. Strategic decision
d. Hypothetical decision
Answer: (b & c)

41. A third means of gathering data is to –
a. Research
b. Ask questions
c. Observation
d. Rehability
Answer: (b)

42. ___ is partly a function of the diversity is the population sampled.
a. Sampling techniques
b. Sampling frame
c. Sample size
d. Sampling
Answer: (c)

43. ___ Permits rapid market expansion with relatively little capital risk.
a. Licensing
b. Franchising
c. Import house
d. Production contract
Answer: (b)

44. The most important reason behind the utilization of market segmentation is market.
a. Specialty
b. Homogeneity / Heterogeneity
c. Change
d. Concept
Answer: (b)

45. A export drop shipper also known as a ___ is special kind of export merchant.
a. Resident buyer
b. Export merchant
c. Desk buyer
d. Shipper’s merchant
Answer: (c)

46. ___ a form of price discrimination is the practice of changing different prices for the same product in similar markets.
a. Dumping
b. Taxonomy
c. VAT
d. Elasticity
Answer: (a)

47. A corporate policy statements include information about the company is ___ and business ___.
a. Target, planning
b. Mission, philosophy
c. Mission, stability
d. Framework, planning
Answer: (b)

48. The top ___ in the companies’ headquarters is responsible for preparing and presenting the consolidated international marketing plan.
a. Marketing manager
b. Marketing planner
c. Marketing executive
d. Marketing auditor
Answer: (c)

49. The ___ is an offer of sale made by the seller to buyer.
a. Invoice
b. Provision
c. Quotation
d. Performa
Answer: (c)

50. ___ does the pre shipment inspection.
a. Export credit agencies
b. Export inspection council
c. Export inspection officer
d. Export insurer
Answer: (b)

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