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MCQ on DBMS with Answers doc  DBMS MCQ with Answers pdf

MCQ on DBMS with Answers

1. An Associative database has ___ fundamental data structures.
Ans. Two

2. In the “Item” structure entries have a ___ identifier, a name and a type.
Ans. Unique

3. A relational database stores a minimum of a single ___ byte for missing data items in any given row.
Ans. “null”

4. A is a list of Chapters.
Ans. Profile

5. The combination of Chapters and Profiles can simplify the ___ of the database to particular users.
Ans. Tailoring

6. The concept of a ___ is missing from the Associative model.
Ans. Record

5. Each entity has a single atomic value for the attribute is called ___ attribute.
Ans. Simple

6. Address is an example of ___ attribute.
Ans. Composite

7. The value for ___ type of attribute can be derived from the values of other related attributes or entities.
Ans. Derived

8. An attribute of an entity type for which each entity must have a unique value is called a ___ of the entity type.
Ans. key attribute

9. One of the following is a demerit of ER modelling.
a. Gives a higher-level abstraction of the system.
b. Can be generalized and specialized based on needs.
c. Physical design derived from the E-R Model may have some amount of ambiguities or inconsistency.
d. Intuitive and helps in physical database creation
Ans. Physical design derived from the E-R Model may have some amount of ambiguities or inconsistency.

10. How many basics are there in the E-R data model?
a. Three
b. Four
c. Five
d. Six
Ans. Three

11. An ___ is a “thing” or object in the real world that is distinguishable from all other objects.
a. Relation
b. Entity
c. Attribute
d. Simple attribute
Ans. Entity

12. Pick out the composite attribute from the list of attributes
a. Sex
b. Address
c. SSN
d. Department number
Ans. Address

13. “Color of the car and degrees of students” are examples for the ___
a. Null attribute
b. Derived attribute
c. Single valued
d. Multi-valued
Ans. Multi-valued

14. Identifying the natural relationship and their cardinalities between the entities is a step of ___.
a. Identify the entities
b. Find relationships
c. Identify the key attributes for every entity
d. Identify other relevant attributes
Ans. Find relationships

15. ER diagram includes a graphical notation, which depicts entity classes as ___.
a. Rectangles b. Ovals c. Diamonds d. Circles
Ans. Rectangles

16. A ___ is an association among several entities.
a. Relationship b. Key c. Partial key d. Entity
Ans. Relationship

17. An entity that does not have a key attribute is called
a. Weak entity types
b. Entity Types
c. Null attribute
d. Derived attribute Database Management
Ans. Week-entity types

18. The is the fastest and most costly form of storage.
Ans. Cache

19. In the __ architecture, large numbers of disks are connected by a high-speed network to a number of server computers.
Ans. storage area network (SAN)

20. ___ time is the time from when a read or write request is issued to when data transfer begins.
Ans. Access

21. The ___ is the average of the seek times, measured over a sequence of (uniformly distributed) random requests.
Ans. average seek time

22. A ___ is a contiguous sequence of sectors from a single track of one platter.
Ans. block

23. A commonly used algorithm in scheduling is ___.
Ans. elevator algorithm

24. The primary medium for the long-term on-line storage of data is the ___.
Ans. magnetic disk

25. The CD and DVD come under ___ memory storage.
Ans. optical

26. Tape storage is referred to as ___ access storage.
Ans. sequential

27. Each disk platter has a flat ___ shape.
Ans. circular

28. A ___ interfaces between the computer system and the actual hardware of the disk drive.
Ans. disk controller

29. The contents of the main memory are usually if a power failure or system crash occurs.
Ans. Lost

30. Flash memory differs from main memory in that data survive ___.
Ans. Power failure

31. A relation consists of a ___ and a relation instance.
Ans. relation schema

32. An instance of a relation is a set of tuples, also called.
Ans. records

33. Relation instance means relation instance that satisfies the ___ in the relation schema.
Ans. domain constraints

34. A is a basic storage structure of an RDBMS and consists of columns and rows.
Ans. Table

35. A Row is a combination of column values in a table and is identified by a ___ key.
Ans. Primary

36. A ___ is an intersection of a row and a column.
Ans. Field

37. ___ consists of a collection of objects or relations that store data.
Ans. Structures

38. Operations are used to ___ data and structures in a database.
Ans. Manipulate

39. Integrity Rules ensures data accuracy and ___.
Ans. Consistency

40. ___ is the International Standards Organization (ISO) standard language for interacting with an RDBMS.
Ans. SQL

41. The basic unit of ___ in a relational database is called a table.
Ans. data storage

42. A combines data from separate database rows.
Ans. join

43. An RDBMS enables data between users.
Ans. sharing

44. An RDBMS minimizes the data.
Ans. redundancy

45. A degree of a student is a valued attribute.
Ans. Multivalued

46. The uniquely differentiates one entity instance from all others in the entity.
Ans. key

47. A Concatenated Key is made up of parts that, when combined, become a ___ identifier.
Ans. unique

48. The goal of a query optimizer is to find a good evaluation plan for a given ___.
Ans. query

49. Optimizing a relational algebra expression involves ___ basic steps.
Ans. two

50. The catalog relations are also called the catalog.
Ans. System

51. SQL commands can be roughly divided into ___ major categories with regard to their functionality.
Ans. Three

52. To construct and administer the database there are ___ major DDL statements.
Ans. Two

53. To manipulate data in tables directly or through views, we use the four standard ___ statements.
Ans. DML

54. ___ is concerned with the manner in which multiple users operate upon the database.
Ans. Concurrency

55. A ___ of a relationship can be created which hides the sensitive information and defines only that part of a relationship that should be visible.
Ans. View

57. In a catalog related to view, the information storages are view name and.
Ans. Definition

58. Index ___ means the Number of distinct key values NKeys(I) for each index I.
Ans. Cardinality

59. Data definition in SQL is via the ___ statement.
Ans. Create

60. The data types supported by SQL depend on the particular ___.
Ans. Implementation

61. The definition of an existing relationship can be altered by using the ___ statement.
Ans. Alter

62. An existing relation or index could be deleted from the database by the ___ SQL statement.
Ans. Drop

63. SELECT does not eliminate ___ rows.
Ans. Duplicate

64. The use of ___ gives the range within which the values must lie.

65. Like predicate is used for pattern.
Ans. Matching

66. Subqueries can appear when using the ___ predicate, the IN predicate and when quantifiers are used
Ans. Comparison

67. ANY stands for the existential quantifier and ALL for the ___ quantifier.
Ans. Universal

68. There are ___ built-in functions in SQL.
Ans. Five

69. In SQL function has a special meaning in that it counts the number of rows of a relation.
Ans. COUNT(*)

70. When columns are to be modified ___ clause is used.
Ans. SET

71. Data manipulation capabilities allow one to ___ and modify the contents of the database.
Ans. Retrieve

72. The statement specifies the method of selecting the tuples of the relations(s).
Ans. Select

73. If the structure of the database changes, the user’s view of the data ___
Ans. can remain the same.

74. The view must not have a clause.

75. The base relations on which a view is based are sometimes called the relations.
Ans. Existing

Database Management System MCQs with Answers

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