Marketing Research MCQ Multiple Choice Question with Answers

Marketing Research MCQ Multiple Choice Question with Answers for Preparation for MBA, BBA Academic, and Competitive Examinations

Marketing research is an important part of business operations. It can help companies determine what products to produce, how to price their products, and which marketing campaigns to use.

However, conducting marketing research can be time-consuming and difficult. That’s where multiple choice questions come in handy. These questions can help researchers identify which factors are most important to customers.

Introduction to Marketing Research

Marketing research is a systematic approach to gathering, analyzing, and reporting information that helps organizations make better marketing decisions.

The purpose of marketing research is to identify and understand customer needs and preferences so that companies can create products and services that satisfy those needs and preferences. Marketing research typically involves surveys, focus groups, interviews, or observations of customers.

The results of marketing research help companies understand what customers want, how much they are willing to pay for products and services, and which marketing strategies are most likely to be successful.

How to Interpret Your Marketing Research Results

Marketing research is an important part of any business, but it can be difficult to understand the results. Here are a few tips for interpreting your marketing research results:

1. Be sure to read the entire report. Sometimes the most important information is buried in the details.

2. Make sure you understand the methodology used in the research. This will help you better understand the results.

3. Compare your findings to those of other studies. This will help you get a broader perspective on the data.

4. Look for trends in the data: What are people responding to? What are they not responding to?

5. Use the data to make informed decisions about your business: Don’t make decisions based on hunches or intuition; let the data tell you what’s working and what’s not working.

Marketing Research MCQ

Advertising and Marketing Research MCQ

1. In a local market, which one of the following is not likely to be sold?
a. Meat
b. Fruits
c. Transformers (electric)
d. Grocery items
Answer: (c)

2. Which Ngo had raised time and cried over the issue of contamination of Pepsi and Coke with pesticides?
a. Green Peace
b. Center for science and environment
c. Center for development of advanced computing
d. None of these
Answer: (b)

3. Maruti Suzuki buys 1,000 car tyres from JK Rubber ltd. Tyre, in this case, would be a/an
b. Consumer good
c. Industrial good
d. White good
Answer: (c)

4. Marketing is a process that creates, communicates, and delivers.
a. Services to customers
b. Products to customers
c. Value to customers
d. Materialistic benefits to the customer
Answer: (c)

5. Which one of the following is not a necessary condition to be met during the process of exchange?
a. Each party is capable of communicating
b. Each party has to arrange its own logistics system
c. Each party has the ability and desire to indulge in exchange. Each party has something that is of some value to the other party
Answer: (b)

6. Our marketing mechanism is deemed successful only if –
a. We get money from him
b. Customer is fully satisfied by our products and services
c. We can sell more than our competitors
d. We can make more profit than our competitors
Answer: (b)

7. The major focus of the societal marketing concept is –
a. Profit only
b. Society’s well being only
c. Satisfaction of customers only
d. All of these
Answer: (d)

8. Which one of the following is not a feature of a strategic business unit?
a. Distinct mission
b. Separate identify under the umbrella of the parent firm
c. unlimited powers in the hands of the CEO of SBU
d. Separate managing team
Answer: (c)

9. According to the BCG matrix. Does a star have the following feature?
a. Generates less cash
b. High market growth and low market share
c. High market share and industry growth
d. It will not become a cash cow after some time
Answer: (c)

10. According to the BCG matrix a cash cow.
a. Has a high market growth rate but small market share
b. Generates less cash for the firm
c. Requires firm to invest heavily in market
d. None of these
Answer: (d)

11. According to Ansoft’s model of product/market expansion.
a. When products are new and markets are new, then a diversification strategy would be implemented
b. When products are present (or current) and markets are present (or current), then product development would be the right strategy
c. Product development is not feasible
d. None of these
Answer: (a)

12. Under the diversification strategy, the firm tries to –
a. Remain in the same product line
b. Move into other products lines but removes previous product lines
c. Move into new product lines and retains the existing product lines
d. All of these
Answer: (c)

13. In SWOT, the letter ‘O’ stands for –
a. Omnipresent (product lines)
b. Obvious (Marketing responses)
c. Occurrence (of trade cycles)
d. None of the above
Answer: (d)

14. If you are spending some money on print-media advertisements, you are, in fact, activating the following P.
a. Product
b. Price
c. Place
d. All of these
Answer: (d)

15. Which one of the following is not a prerequisite for a marketing audit?
a. Independent
b. Periodic
c. Brief
d. Systematic
Answer: (c)

16. Technology environment is part of firms.
a. Microenvironment
b. Macro environment
c. Task environment
d. Depends upon the nature of the firm’s product range
Answer: (b)

17. Internal publics of a firm are –
a. NGOs
b. Government departments
c. Vendors
d. Employees
Answer: (d)

18. Which one of the following is not a demographic characteristic?
a. Migration
b. Consumption rate
c. Education level
d. Marital status
Answer: (b)

19. Which one of the following is a factor taken from the economic and natural environment?
a. Social legislation
b. Education level
c. Per capita consumption in rural areas (per month)
d. Metrosexual man
Answer: (c)

20. The higher the inflation, the –
a. Lower would be the purchasing power of consumers
b. higher would be the purchasing power of consumers
c. Least affected would be the consumers of all genres
d. Least affected would be the consumers of the creme de’ la crème genre
Answer: (a)

21. The following technology would drastically reduce the size and cost of the material.
a. Biotechnology
b. Electronic production technology
c. Nanotechnology
d. All of those
Answer: (c)

22. Micro and macro environments are differentiated on the basis of size, complexity and –
a. Features
b. Performance
c. Size
d. Uncertainty
Answer: (d)

23. A well designed MIS serves as the –
a. Powerhouse of the firm
b. Marketing department of the firm
c. Nerve centre of the firm
d. All of those
Answer: (c)

24. A database in which the customer product and sales databases are included is called –
a. Mega database
b. Data warehouse
c. Information centre
d. Data centre
Answer: (b)

25. Which one of the following is not a benefit offered by MIS?
a. Marketing managers can analyze markets and marketing situations
b. It provides market information to managers
c. It helps production managers take decisions related to markets
d. It allows the firm to tap opportunities present in the market
Answer: (c)

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