Marketing Management Quiz Questions and Answers pdf

In this Marketing Management Quiz, we provide you with some marketing management MCQs with answers so that you can improve your understanding of the topic. We hope that after participating in this MCQ Quiz, you will be better equipped to answer questions on the subject in the future exam.

Marketing Management Quiz Questions and Answers pdf | MCQ on Marketing Management for UGC NET and other competitive exams.

Marketing Management Quiz

Brief About Marketing Manager

A marketing manager is responsible for planning and implementing the marketing of a product, service, or idea. The marketing manager is responsible for all activities that bring a product to market after it has been developed by the product development manager.

The marketing manager has the responsibility of creating a mix of strategies that will lead to sales and the overall profitability of the company.

Marketing Management Quiz Questions and Answers

To understand the concept of marketing management, I have included here 50 MCQs on different aspects of marketing management:-

1. Liberalization can be achieved by:
(a) Privatization & deregulation
(b) Privatization & diversification
(c) Deregulation & diversification
(d) None of the above
[expand title="Answer"](a) Privatization & deregulation[/expand]

2. Material culture is divided into two parts:
(a) Language, Aesthetics
(b) Technology, Economics
(c) Education, Religion
(d) Attitudes, Values
[expand title="Answer"](b) Technology, Economics[/expand]

3. The criteria for outsourcing decisions are:
(a) Factors costs, Availability
(b) Logistics, Factors costs
(c) Both a and b
(d) Global strategy, Market Access
[expand title="Answer"](c) Both a and b[/expand]

4. Over 80% of the world’s population lives in countries that are categorized as:
(a) MHD, LHD
(b) HHD, MHD
(c) LHD, HHD
(d) All of the above
[expand title="Answer"](a) MHD, LHD[/expand]

5. It facilitates marketing agencies and producers by reducing transaction costs.
(a) Rules & conventions
(b) Licensing
(c) Legal environment
(d) Norms & standards
[expand title="Answer"](b) Licensing[/expand]

6. It is the unauthorized copying and production of a product.
(a) Patent
(b) Trade secret
(c) Counterfeiting
(d) Copyrights
[expand title="Answer"](c) Counterfeiting[/expand]

7. International law was essentially an amalgam of:
(a) Treaties
(b) Covenants & Codes
(c) Agreement
(d) All of the above
[expand title="Answer"](d) All of the above[/expand]

8. The supreme body to settle international disputes is the International Court of Justice, situated in-
(a) The Hague, Holland
(b) Sadza, Zimbabwe
(c) Beverley Hills, California
(d) The Middle East
[expand title="Answer"](a) The Hague, Holland[/expand]

9. Culture can be deep-seated and, to the untrained can appear bizarre.
(a) Maslow’s approach
(b) Anthropological approach
(c) Self-reference criteria
(d) Diffusion theory
[expand title="Answer"](b) Anthropological approach[/expand]

10. The tendency to view one’s culture to be superior to others.
(a) Ethnocentric
(b) Ethnocentrism
(c) Self-reference
(d) Material culture
[expand title="Answer"](b) Ethnocentrism[/expand]

11. Increasingly surfacing cultural trait is-
(a) Nationalism
(b) Language
(c) Ethnocentrism
(d) Social needs
[expand title="Answer"](a) Nationalism[/expand]

12. Served in the palm of the hand.
(a) Upside down
(b) Platter fashion
(c) Crab style
(d) Pincer
[expand title="Answer"](b) Platter fashion[/expand]

13. This method means that organizations with little exporting skill may use the services of one that has.
(a) Piggybacking
(b) Countertrade
(c) Closed-end barter
(d) All of the above
[expand title="Answer"](a) Piggybacking[/expand]

14. The merging of historically distinct and separate national markets into one huge global marketplace is referred to as the:
(a) globalization of production
(b) localization of markets
(c) offshore outsourcing
(d) globalization of markets
[expand title="Answer"](d) globalization of markets[/expand]

15. The most global markets currently are markets for:
(a) Intellectual capital
(b) Consumer goods
(c) Industrial goods
(d) Healthcare services
[expand title="Answer"](c) Industrial goods[/expand]

16. A software company that uses Indian engineers to perform maintenance functions on software designed in the United States is benefiting from:
(a) Outsourcing
(b) Exporting
(c) Licensing
(d) Franchising
[expand title="Answer"](a) Outsourcing[/expand]

17. Why was the World Bank created?
(a) To maintain order in the international monetary system
(b) To promote economic development
(c) To regulate what economic policies nations adopt
(d) To maintain peace and security
[expand title="Answer"](b) To promote economic development[/expand]

18. Why was the International Monetary Fund established?
(a) To maintain order in the international monetary system
(b) To usurp the sovereignty of borrowing nations
(c) To promote respect for human rights
(d) To regulate policies of poor nations and create infrastructure development
[expand title="Answer"](a) To maintain order in the international monetary system[/expand]

19. When states become members of the United Nations, they agree to accept the obligations of the:
(a) Vienna Convention
(b) UN Charter
(c) London Protocol
(d) Warsaw Pact
[expand title="Answer"](b) UN Charter[/expand]

20. Which of the following refers to the exporting of goods or services to consumers in another country?
(a) Situational commerce
(b) World exchange
(c) International trade
(d) Cross-national barter
[expand title="Answer"](c) International trade[/expand]

21. Cisco Systems exports a number of products to consumers in other countries. This practice is referred to as:
(a) World exchange
(b) International trade
(c) Cross-national barter
(d) Situational commerce
[expand title="Answer"](b) International trade[/expand]

22. Although Gillette is an American company, it has invested substantial business resources in activities outside the United States. This practice is referred to as:
(a) Transnational commerce
(b) Foreign direct investment
(c) Third-party outsourcing
(d) Organizational divestment
[expand title="Answer"](b) Foreign direct investment[/expand]

23. The investing of resources in business activities outside a firm’s home country is referred to as:
(a) Third-party outsourcing
(b) Divestment
(c) Speculative investment
(d) Foreign direct investment
[expand title="Answer"](d) Foreign direct investment[/expand]

24. Positioning the product on safety belongs to
(a) Product attributes
(b) Beliefs and values
(c) Benefits
(d) All the above
[expand title="Answer"](c) Benefits[/expand]

25. The practice of using the established brand names of two different companies on the same product.
(a) Manufacturer-brand
(b) Private brand
(c) Brand licensing
(d) Co-branding
[expand title="Answer"](d) Co-branding[/expand]

26. Breakeven point occurs when
(a) Total cost equals the fixed cost
(b) Total cost equals total revenue
(c) Total cost equals the variable cost
(d) All the above
[expand title="Answer"](b) Total cost equals total revenue[/expand]

27. Everyday low pricing is
(a) Value-based pricing
(b) Competition-based pricing
(c) Cost-based pricing
(d) All the above
[expand title="Answer"](a) Value-based pricing[/expand]

28. The pricing strategy in which the company sells its several products at a reduced price.
(a) Bundle pricing
(b) By-product pricing
(c) Captive pricing
(d) Options pricing
[expand title="Answer"](a) Bundle pricing[/expand]

29. Razor and cartridge example indicates
(a) Bundle pricing
(b) By-product pricing
(c) Captive pricing
(d) Options pricing
[expand title="Answer"](c) Captive pricing[/expand]

30. FOB pricing is an example of
(a) Promotion pricing
(b) International pricing
(c) Discounts and allowances
(d) None of these
[expand title="Answer"](d) None of these[/expand]

33. SCPCA method is used to Analyze
(a) Channel Motivation
(b) Channel Design
(c) Inventory Management In-Channel
(d) All of the Above
[expand title="Answer"](b) Channel Design[/expand]

34. Lobbying is the method of
(a) Advertising
(b) Public Relations
(c) Sales Promotion
(d) None of the above
[expand title="Answer"](b) Public Relations[/expand]

35. A marketer also needs monitoring skills to evaluate “Marketing actions” this is called.
(a) Accumulation skills
(b) Assimilation skills
(c) Compilation skills
(d) Evaluation skills
[expand title="Answer"](d) Evaluation skills[/expand]

36. The habit of the people analyzing the information completely and interpreting is called?
(a) Selective retention
(b) Selective attention
(c) Selective Distortion
(d) None of these
[expand title="Answer"](b) Selective attention[/expand]

37. Who made this statement, “The iron grip of logistics”.
(a) General Patterson
(b) General Peterson
(c) General Pattern
(d) General Patton Jr
[expand title="Answer"](d) General Patton Jr[/expand]

38. Hypermarkets are examples of
(a) Discount store
(b) Department store
(c) Supermarkets
(d) Super stores
[expand title="Answer"](d) Super stores[/expand]

39. Cash and carry business is an example of
(a) Full-service merchant wholesaler
(b) Limited service merchant wholesaler
(c) Agent
(d) Broker
[expand title="Answer"](b) Limited service merchant wholesaler[/expand]

40. Which of the following can factor is included in inventory management.
(a) Interest in capital tied up in the inventory.
(b) Warehouse
(c) Insurance
(d) All the above
[expand title="Answer"](d) All the above[/expand]

41. Television is a type of
(a) Broadcast media
(b) Print media
(c) Outdoor media
(d) Online media
[expand title="Answer"](a) Broadcast media[/expand]

42. Lobbying is the method of
(a) Sales promotion
(b) Public relations
(c) Advertising
(d) All the above
[expand title="Answer"](b) Public relations[/expand]

43. Which pricing objectives diminish the chance o government internment ion?
(a) Status
(b) Profit
(c) Sales
(d) All of the above
[expand title="Answer"](a) Status[/expand]

44. Distribution intensity is the number of marketing in each level of the marketing channel.
(a) Retailer
(b) Wholesaler
(c) Channels
(d) Intermediate
[expand title="Answer"](d) Intermediate[/expand]

45. Through while some the customer receives mor4e of the information.
(a) Commercial sources
(b) Personal sources
(c) Public sources
(d) Experimental sources
[expand title="Answer"](a) Commercial sources[/expand]

46. Workload method is used to
(a) Determine the sales quota
(b) Determine the sales territory
(c) Determine the sale force size
(d) None of the above
[expand title="Answer"](c) Determine the sale force size[/expand]

47. The method in which management know-how is transferred?
(a) Exporting
(b) Licensing
(c) Management contract
(d) Contract manufacturing
[expand title="Answer"](c) Management contract[/expand]

48. Product and communication adaptation is also known as-
(a) Product invention
(b) Straight product extension
(c) Dual adaptation
(d) All the above
[expand title="Answer"](c) Dual adaptation[/expand]

49. Which of the following is not used while setting the transfer pricing?
(a) The price of the product
(b) Political negotiations
(c) Cost of production
(d) Competitors’ price
[expand title="Answer"](d) Competitors’ price[/expand]

50. Which of the following is the beginning of the market segmentation process?
(a) Evaluating market segments
(b) Forming market segments
(c) Profile segments
(d) Selecting target markets
[expand title="Answer"](b) Forming market segments[/expand]

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