Leave Travel Allowance: LTA sample format for claiming

Leave Travel Allowance: LTA sample format for claiming This is a sample LTA format for employees working for a private company or institute.

Leave Travel Allowance

Dt. 15.05.20….


The Admin. Dept. / Dy. Director / Accounts

Eguardian, New Delhi

Sub: Claim for LTA Amount

Dear Sir,

I have taken leave from dt. 20.01.2024 to dt. 27.01.2024 towards LTA for the year 2024 – 25.

My travel expenses are as follows:

Travelled By Place (From-To) Amount in (Rs.) Amount in (Rs.)
Self, Father & Mother (2nd AC) New Delhi-Mumbai 1975 X 3 5,925 /-
-do- Mumbai-Kolkata 1883 X 3 5,649/-
-do- Kolkata-Kishanganj 780 X 3  2,340 /-
-do- Kishanganj-New Delhi 2170 X 3 6510 /-



Total Travel Expenses – (Rs: Twenty Thousand Four Hundred Twenty Four Only)

Kindly reimburse me 100% Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) amount as per my eligibility.

Thanking you,


M. Reza

Marketing Manager

Grade – S4

Eguardian – N. Delhi

Dt. 28.10.2024

Sample letter for Allotment of a family quarter in your company

                    January 28, 2024


The Director

Sub: Allotment of a family quarter

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to my transfer (Ref. letter no: Nil, dtd. 20.01.2024) to Head office (Eguardian, New Delhi). As you know I am married and have a baby boy. I do not have any residence near the office. I am from Purnea, Bihar and it is more than 1500 km from New Delhi.

Therefore I request you to allow me a family quarter at Eguardian New Delhi quarters as per the terms and conditions of the company I am ready to bear the expenses, for which I will be grateful to you.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

(M. Reza)
Marketing Manager
Grade: S-4

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