MCQs for Java | Java Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 2024

MCQ for Java | Java MCQ Questions – Java Multiple Choice Questions with answers for preparation of IT exams of various regular and distance mode courses.

Are you a Java enthusiast looking to test your knowledge and skills? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive set of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) for Java, complete with answers.

Whether you are preparing for an interview or simply want to gauge your understanding of the language, these MCQs will challenge and sharpen your Java expertise. So, gear up and get ready to dive into the world of Java with our exciting quiz!

MCQs for Java Programming with Answers

1. The earlier name of Java was ___ ___.
Ans. Oak

2. The members of the Green Project were ___, ___ and ___.
Ans. Patrick Naughton, Mike Sheridan, James Gosling

3. ___ is the first graphical browser.
Ans. Mosaic

4. ___ is the process of converting typed code to machine code.
Ans. Compilation

5. Java code is ___ so that it can easily run on any systems.
Ans. Portable

6. Java is ___ than other interpreted language.
Ans. Secure

7. ___ is the ability of an application to perform multiple tasks at a time.
Ans. Multithreading

8. Java is tuned for ___.
Ans. Web

9. Java is both ___ and ___.
Ans. Compiled and Interpreted

10. ___ is used to create and manage public keys, private keys and security certificates.
Ans. Keytool

11. All information which is managed by the key tool is stored in a database called___.
Ans. Keystore

12. Sun Microsystems includes a default key store that uses a new file format called___.
Ans. JKS (Java Key Store)

13. Java archival tool used for packaging all java programs and resource files into a single archive file is___.
Ans. Jar

14. ___ was the first programming language that could be used to send interactive programs over the World Wide Web.
Ans. Java.

15. A ___ is an encrypted file or files that accompany a program, indicating exactly from whom the file came.
Ans. Digital signature

16. The document that represents this digital signature is called a ___.
Ans. Certificate Ans

17. An applet provider must verify its identity using a group called a ___.
Ans. Certificate Authority.

18. A compiler converts the Java program into an intermediate language representation called ___.
Ans. bytecode

19. The concept of ___ is possible in Java.
Ans. write once, run anywhere

20. The third type of comment is used by a tool called ___ for automatic generation of documentation.
Ans. Javadoc

21. Give the symbol for the modulus operator.
Ans. %

22. Give the symbol for logical AND operator.
Ans. &

23. If-else is a looping statement. (True or False)
Ans. False

24. String is a ___ data type in Java.
Ans. abstract / derived

25. Keywords can be used as a variable name. (True or False.)
Ans. false

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