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Jamia CDOL Examination 2018 Datesheet for Indian Defence Personnel

Jamia CDOL Examination

Datesheet of Term End Examination 2018 for Indian Defence Personnel (Distance Mode Programmes). Download the datesheet for your Jamia CDOL examination. – Timing 2:30PM to 5:30PM for all subjects

Jamia CDOL Examination

Jamia CDOL Examination 2018 Datesheet for BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) (For Indian Defence Personnel)

  1. 23.07.2018 Monday BBA204 – Introduction to Business Finance
  2. 25.07.2018 Wednesday BBA301 – Fundamental of Entrepreneurship
  3. 27.07.2018 Friday BBA304 – Personal Selling & Salesmanship
  4. 30.07.2018 Monday BBA101 – Principles of Business Management
  5. 01.08.2018 Wednesday BBA106 – Principles of Marketing
  6. 03.07.2018 Friday BBA205 – Business Environment



Assignment questions for Bachelor in Arts (For Indian Defence Personnel)

Jamia CDOL Examination 2018 Datesheet for BA (Bachelor in Arts) (For Indian Defence Personnel) 

  1. 23.07.2018 Monday BPS-04 – International Politics
  2. 25.07.2018 Wednesday BPS-05 – Government and Politics in India
  3. 27.07.2018 Friday BSO-04 – Social Change and Social Problem in India
  4. 30.07.2018 Monday BSO-05 – Media and Society
  5. 01.08.2018 Wednesday BHIS-04 – History of Modern India 1707-1950
  6. 03.08.2018 Friday BHIS-05 – The Modern World 17th to 20th Century

Jamia CDOL Examination 2018 Datesheet for M.A. English (For Indian Defence Personnel)

  1. 23.07.2018 Monday MEG-01 – Poetry-I
  2. 25.07.2018 Wednesday MEG-02 – Fiction-I
  3. 27.07.2018 Friday MEG-03 – Drama-I
  4. 30.07.2018 Monday MEG-04 – Criticism-I
  5. 01.08.2018 Wednesday MEG-06 – Non Fiction Prose
  6. 03.08.2018 Friday MEG-11 – English Language Teaching


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