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IT MCQ – Information Technology Law MCQs

1. The cryptographic systems employed by –
a. Japan and Germany
b. India and Pakistan
c. England and America
d. China and Japan
Ans. A

2. ENIAC stands for –
a. Electrical number instrument and calculation.
b. Electrical number intranet and control
c. Electronic numerical integrator and calculator
Ans. A

3. ENIAC developed by –
a. Japan
b. India
c. Russia
d. The U.S.
Ans. D

4. First digital movie is –
a. Tom Dick and Harry
b. Alladin
c. Mickey Mouse
d. Top Story 2
Ans. D

5. First computer specific statue was enacted –
a. 1980
b. 1970
c. 1990
d. 2001
Ans. B

6. Data protection act enacted by –
a. India
b. China
c. U.S.
d. German
Ans. D

7. Necromancer published –
a. 1970
b. 1960
c. 1980
d. 1984
Ans. D

8. ISPs stands for –
a. Intranet server protocols
b. Internet service providers
c. Interconnection server protocols
d. International service providers
Ans. B

9. The first artificial satellite ___ was launched in 1957.
a. Apple
b. Sputnik
c. P.S.L.V
d. Aryabhatt
Ans. B

10. A.R.P.A stands for –
a. Artificial rework power agency
b. Article rate patrolling agency
c. Automated rate power assumption
d. Advanced research projects agency
Ans. D

11. The ___ protocols were developed in the 1970’s.
a. F.T.P
b. S.N.M.P.
c. S.M.T.P
Ans. D

12. Network of network –
a. Internet
b. Intranet
c. Local area network
d. Extranet
Ans. A

13. Information super-highway is –
a. Internet
c. Intranet
d. Extranet
Ans. A

14. Internet is often regarded as a major component of the ___.
a. Information super highway
b. Internet
c. Intersept
d. Extranet
Ans. A

15. Commission have publishes an annual survey of progress in the field of –
a. Message
b. Protocol
c. Pointer
d. Telecommunication law
Ans. D

16. WTO stands for –
a. World trade organization
b. Work tension overload
c. World traditional organization
d. World trade organism
Ans. A

17. E-commerce has provided us a medium to facilitate ___.
a. Business
b. Communication
c. Commercial transactions
d. Marketing
Ans. C

18. ___ is a ‘commerce base on bytes’.
a. E-business
b. E-strategy
c. E-commerce
d. Transaction

19. referred to –
a. E-mail
b. Virtural communities
c. Platform
d. E-shop
Ans. D

20. E-business models are moving from the ___ Electronic Data Interchange.
a. Transaction
b. Consumer
c. Marketing
d. Proprietary
Ans. D

21. SET known as –
a. Security electronic transport
b. Section electrical tool
c. Sector examination technique
d. Secure electronic transaction transactions

22. Information technology bill passed on ___.
a. 15 Aug 2000
b. 20 July 2001
c. 18 Dec 1998
d. 16 May 2000
Ans. D

23. ‘Electronic Record’, means ___ record.
a. Data
b. Values
c. Form
d. Image
Ans. A

24. Section 29 A deals for –
a. Electronic record
b. Absconcling to avoid service of summons
c. Destruction of document for evidence
d. False evidence
Ans. A

25. Section 192 deals for –
a. Omission to produce documents
b. Fabricating false evidence
c. Prevent
d. Forgery
Ans. B

26. Forgery comes in –
a. Section 175
b. Section 192
c. Section 29 A
d. Section 463
Ans. D

27. WIPO stands for –
a. World international power organization
b. World intellectual property organization
c. World interconnect proven orbit
d. World interllect party organization
Ans. B

28. UNCITRAL model law come in –
a. 2000 (18 March)
b. 2001 (20 December)
c. 2002 (18 August)
d. 1997 (30 January)
Ans. D

29. UNCITRAL ___ is on electronic commerce.
a. Modern law
b. Model law
c. Message
d. Information
Ans. B

30. ___ gives the definition of a secure digital signature.
a. Section 14
b. Section 729
c. Section 78
d. Section 15
Ans. D

31. ___ of the IT Act 2000 deals with duties of subscribers.
a. Section 41
b. Section 72
c. Section 3
d. Chapter VIII

32. Section 65 for –
a. Hacking
b. Data recovery
c. Fabricating
d. Tampering with computer source documents

33. Penalty for misrepresentation –
a. 500 Rupees
b. 1 Year imprisonment
c. Two year imprisonment
d. Two years imprisonment Lakh rupees or both
Ans. D

34. Section 77 deals with –
a. Penalties not to interface with other punished
b. Forgery
c. Power
d. Investigate

35. I.P.L stands for –
a. International protection law
b. International provision law
c. International patent law
d. Intellectual property law
Ans. D

36. Cyber Stalking means –
a. Violation of privacy
b. Harassment
c. Internet
d. Online harassment
Ans. D

37. Hacking with computer system.
a. Section 66
b. Section 78
c. Section 65
d. Section 6
Ans. A

38. Section 71 –
a. Power of controller to give directions
b. Penaly for misrepresentation
c. Protected system
d. Decrypt information
Ans. B

39. Section 74 –
a. Harassment
b. Fabrication
c. Confiscation of power
d. Publication for fraudulent purpose
Ans. D

40. Penalties or confiscation not to ____ with other punishments.
a. Fabrication
b. Offences
c. Interface
d. Inefere
Ans. D

41. ___ is that area of law which concerns legal rights associated with ___ and good will.
a. Copyright & contingency
b. Software & resource
c. Change & resource
d. Intellectual property & creative effort
Ans. D

42. Copyright law has a history of ___ that can partly be explained by ___ to technological change.
a. Films & broadcasting
b. Photography & trademarks
c. Development & trademarks
d. Developments & reference
Ans. D

43. ATM stands for –
a. Asynchronous transfer mode & all-time money
b. Asize transport money
c. Avtar trade money
d. All-time marketing
Ans. A

44. The copyright Act 1956 made no mention of things –
a. Transaction and budgeting
b. Commerce & business
c. Computers & computers programs
d. Databases & program
Ans. C

45. Match the following –
1. Copyright, designs and patents Act 1988 does not attempt to define
2. ROM refer to
i. Computer program
ii. Read-only memory
iii. System
iv. Random only memory

a. 1-i, 2-ii
b. 2-ii, 2-i
c. 1-i, ii & 2-iv, ii
d. 1-i, iv & 2-ii, iii
Ans. A

46. Difficult to distinguish b/w –
a. Hardware & software
b. RAM & ROM
c. Programs & software
d. E-commerce & E-commerce
Ans. A

47. Match the following –
1. ROM stored i. Permanently
2. Computer program ii. Temporarily
iii. Hardwired in a form of microcode or micro program
iv. Microprocessor

a. 1-i, iii; 2-i, ii
b. 1-i, ii; 2-i, iii
c. 1-iv, iii; 2-iv, i
d. 1-I; 2-iii

48. Literal copying comprises –
a. Existing program & infringement
b. Element & materials
c. Paragraphs & sentence
d. Results & sapience
Ans. A

49. Patenting software is –
a. Intellectual process & own
b. Self & hard
c. Soft & hard
d. Own & real
Ans. A

50. Match the following –
1. Invention who has no exclusive right i. Rivals from the manufacture
2. Monopoly in any subject be ii. Limited in time

a. 1-i & 2-ii
b. 1-ii & 2-I
c. Can’t say
d. All of the above
Ans. a

51. Compulsory license solution belongs to –
a. Destructive litigation & patent infringement
b. License & monopoly
c. Industrial & commercial
d. Cost says
Ans. A

52. Match the following –
1. Legal protection i. Particular case
2. Patents and copyright ii. Intellectual property right
iii. Pressured to be justice
a. 1-i, iii; 2-i, ii
b. 1-iii, ii; 2-iii, ii
c. 1-iii; 2-ii
d. None of the above
Ans. C

53. The First trademark was issued in ___ in respect of ___ symbol found containers of Bass beer.
a. 1876& red triangle
b. 2000 & machine
c. 1926 & goods
d. 1876 & rectangle
Ans. A

54. The effectiveness of the international system is limited by the fact that many significant countries for various ___ & ___.
a. Rapid & action
b. Agreements & protocols
c. Sequential & consequent
d. Repute & trademark
Ans. B

55. To remove the confusion of goods from the public mind.
a. Misrepresentation & made by a trader in the course of trade
b. Trademark & inform
c. Internet & intranet
d. Cyberspace & red
Ans. A

56. Registered trademarks –
a. Angel & service
b. Apple & Microsoft
c. Amro & luxury
d. Tech & phoenix
Ans. B

57. Novel issues have arisen is in the relationship between ___ and the allocation of ___.
a. Trademark & internet domain name
b. Infringement & trademark
c. Online & auctions
d. Trading & merchandising

58. Direct satellite links are –
a. Internet connectivity & video teleconferencing
b. Airline & telephone
c. Trademarks & E-business
d. Contracts & digital
Ans. A

59. Internet contract is typically a contract that is entered into through the medium of ___ by using ___.
a. Nature & internet
b. Internet & constructs
c. State & courts
d. Free & local
Ans. B

60. Internet contract, is typically a ___ that is entered into through the medium of ___.
a. Contract & internet
b. Digital & jurisdiction
c. Internet & logic
d. Transactions & distinctions
Ans. A


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