Indian Defence personnel enrolled for various programmes (under Distance Mode) at CDOL. Jamia Millia Islamia is advised to read carefully and follow the instructions given below:

Indian Defence Personnel

♦ Submission of one complete Assignment in each course of the programme is compulsory.
♦ Completed Assignments on prescribed Assignment booklets are to be submitted by hand or through the post to Programme Coordinator, CDOL, Jamia Millia Islamia/Indian Naval Unit on the due date.
♦ For Assignments Submitted after the due date a late fee of Rs. 100/- per Assignment will be payable to CDOL through Demand Draft in favour of Jamia Millia Islamia, payable at New Delhi.
♦ Ex-Students who failed to submit Assignments (last year) are required to submit Rs. 200/- per Assignment to CDOL in the form of Demand Draft in favour of Jamia Millia Islamia, payable at New Delhi.
♦ Write your name, roll number and other details as required on the cover page of Assignment Booklet.
♦ For your record, you may keep a photocopy of your Assignment.
♦ You may contact your Programme Coordinator at CDOL, Jamia Millia Islamia to collect evaluated Assignments.
Please go through your Programme Guide carefully

Question with Answers – Hindi and English Medium

How to Send the Completed Assignment

♦ The Assignment Responses (AR’s) may be submitted by hand at your unit or a place fixed by Indian Air Force latest by the prescribed date in accordance with the Academic Calendar.
♦ It is compulsory to send/submit the complete assignment of a year altogether in the Assignment booklet provided by Centre for Distance and Open Learning, Jamia Millia Islamia only.
♦ Write your roll number, name, the course title, course code (all capital letters) and other relevant information at the appropriate place at the cover page of booklet only.
♦ The assignment-response should be complete in all respects. Incomplete responses will bring you poor marks. Do not send assignment responses in piece-meal, as they may never be put together in our offices.
♦ Please keep a copy of the assignment-responses that you submit. You may need this in case you have to resubmit it in a situation when it may be lost in evaluation or transit.

खुशखबरी अब जामिया (Jamia CDOL) का सभी Assignments हिंदी माध्यम में भी उपलब्ध है

नोट: Assignments को  PDF या MS Word format में आपके ईमेल या WhatsApp पर भेजा जायेगा

अगर आप को हाथ का लिखा Assignments चाहिए तो अब वह भी उपलब्ध है 

नोट: आप को आपना Assignments Booklets हमें Post के जरिये भेजना होगा (पता के लिए संपर्क करें).  हाथ से लिखे हुए Assignments को डाक या कूरियर (Speed Post or Courier) से आपके पते पर भेजा जायेगा I

भुगतान शर्तों और मूल्य विवरणों के लिए: यहां क्लिक करें

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Courses offered by Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) for Indian Defence Personnel

Bachelor in Arts (For Indian Defence Personnel)

BPS-04 – International Politics
BPS-05 – Government and Politics in India
BHIS-04 – History of Modern India 1707-1950
BHIS-05 – The Modern World 17th to 20th Century
BSO-04 – Social Change and Social Problem in India
BSO-05 – Media and Society

Bachelor of Business Administration (For Indian Defence Personnel)

BBA101 – Principles of Business Management
BBA106 – Principles of Marketing
BBA204 – Introduction to Business Finance
BBA205 – Business Environment –
BBA301 – Fundamental of Entrepreneurship
BBA304 – Personal Selling & Salesmanship

Bachelor of Commerce – International Business and Finance, BCIBF Final Year (For defence)

BCIBF/BIBF-102 – Principle of Business Management
BCIBF/BIBF-103 – Financial Accounting
BCIBF/BIBF-104 – Business Regulatory & Framework
BCIBF/BIBF-201- Introduction to Business Finance
BCIBF/ BIBF-302- International Marketing
BCIBF/BIBF -303- International Business Environment

Bachelor of Commerce (For Defence)

B. Com 101 – Money and Financial System
B. Com 102 – Financial Accounting
B. Com 104 – Business Law
B. Com 106 – Principle of Business Management
B. Com 204 – Principles of Marketing
B. Com 206 – Business Environment

M.A. English (For Indian Defence)

MEG-01 – Poetry-I
MEG-02 – Fiction-I
MEG-03 – Drama-I
MEG-04 – Criticism-I
MEG-06 – Non Fiction Prose
MEG-11 – English Language Teaching

Jamia Assignments for Distance and Open Learning programmes

M.A. History (For Indian Defence Personnel)

MAH-02 – Colonial State and Government in India 1740-1858
MAH-03 – The World Powers and Diplomacy, 1870-1945
MAH-04 – Trends in Historiography
MAH-08 – History of the Mughals 1526-1707
MAH-09 – The Eighteenth Century in India
MAH-10 – Indian Nationalism and Political Processes 1875 to 1956

M.A. POLITICAL SCIENCE (For Indian Defence Personnel)

MAPS -01 – Western Political Thought
MAPS-02 – Political Theory
MAPS-03 – Comparative Political Analysis
MAPS -05 – India’s Foreign Policy
MAPS-06 – Indian Political System
MAPS-07 – State Politics in India

M.A PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION (For Indian Defence Personnel)

MAPA-01 – Public Administration: Concept & Principles
MAPA – 02 – Administrative Theory
MAPA–04 – Public Policy and Analysis
MAPA – 05 – Indian Administration: Structure & Functions
MAPA – 07 – Electronic Governance
MAPA-10 – Decentralization and Local Governance in India

M.A. Sociology (For Indian Defence Personnel)

MAS-02 – Indian Society: Structure, Agency and Change
MAS-04 – Urban Sociology
MAS-05 – Ethnicity, Pluralism and Minorities
MAS-06 – Contemporary Sociological Theory
MAS-08 – Culture, Society & Media
MAS-09 – Women and Society

Jamia CDOL Assignments of Bachelor in Arts For Indian Defence Persons

M.A. Human Resource Management (For Indian Defence Personnel)

HRM-104 – Human Behavior at work
HRM-105 – Human Resource Development
HRM-202 – Talent Management
HRM-203 – Change Management and Organization Development
HRM-204 – Stress and Conflict Management
HRM-206 – Strategic Human Resource Management

M.COM (For Indian Defence Personnel)

M. Com 101 – Organization Theory and Behavior
M. Com 102 – Business Environment
M. Com 107 – Marketing Management
M. Com 201 – International Business
M. Com 202 – Corporate Accounting and Disclosure
M. Com 205 – Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Jamia CDOL (Centre for Distance Learning) ki puri jankari Hindi me

Post Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling (For Indian Defence Personnel)

GC-1 – Psychological basis of Guidance and Counselling
GC-II – Essentials of Guidance and Counselling
GC-III – Mental Health and Adjustment
GC-IV – Carrier Development
GC-V – Assessment and Appraisal in Guidance &Counseling

Post Graduate Diploma in Geoinformatics, PGDGI (For Indian Defence Personnel)

DGI–101 – Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and GPS
DGI–102 – Image Interpretation & Processing
DGI–103 – Geographical Information System
DGI–104 – Cartography
DGI–105 – Thematic Applications in Geosciences

M.A EDUCATION (Indian Navy)

MES-01 – Philosophical Foundation of Education
MES-03 – Psychological Foundation of Education
MES-05 – Research Method in Education
MES-07 – Inclusive Education
MES-08 – Historical, Political & Economic
MES-11 – Educational Guidance

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