Assignments constitute continuous evaluation. The submission of assignments is compulsory. The grade that you get in your assignment will be counted in your final result. Ignou Assignments of a course carry 30% weightage while 70% weightage is given to the term-end examination. Therefore, you are advised to take your assignments seriously. You will not be allowed to appear for the term-end examination for a course if you do not submit the specified number of assignments in time for that course.

IGNOU assignments

We provide solved IGNOU Assignments and Projects for all courses like BCA, MCA, MBA, BBA, B.A, MA, BSW, Tourism, PGDCA, DIT, PGDIT, PGDTN, PGDBA, B.Ed, B.Tech, B.Com, B.Sc, BDP, M.COM etc. are available with us. Contact us for IGNOU Handwritten assignments.

IGNOU Assignments features

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Ignou assignments are available for the following course

Ignou assignments for BCA

BCA First Semester
CS-610 Foundation Course in English for Computing
CS-611 Computer Fundamentals and PC Software
BSHF-101 / FHS-01 Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences
BSHF-101 / FHS-01 Foundation Course in Humanities and Social Sciences
BCA 2nd Semester
CS-60 Foundation Course in Mathematics in Computing
CS-62 ‘C’ Programming & Data Structure
CS-612 PC Software Application Skills
BCA 3rd Semester
CS-63 Introduction to System Software
CS-05 Elements of System Analysis and Design
FST Foundation Course in Science and Technology
FST Foundation Course in Science and Technology
BCA 4th Semester
CS-06 Introduction to DBMS
CS-64 Introduction to Computer Organization
CS-65 Window Programming
CS-66 Multimedia
BCA 5th Semester
CS-68 Computer Networks
CS-69/BCS-061 TCP/IP Programming
CS-70 Introduction to Software Engineering
CS-71 Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques
BCA 6th Semester
CS-72 C++ and Object Oriented Programming
CS-73 Theory of Computer Science
CS-74 Introduction to Internet Programming
CS-75 Intranet Administration
CS-76 Project

Ignou assignments for MBA

MS-01 Management Functions & Behaviours
MS-02 Management of Human Resources
MS-03 Economic & Social Environment
MS-04 Accounting and Finance for Managers
MS-05 Management of Machines & Materials
MS-06 Marketing for Managers
MS-07 Information Management & Computers
MS-08 Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications
MS-09 Managerial Economics
MS-10 Organizational Design, Development and Change
MS-11 Strategic Management
MS-21 Social Processes and Behavioural Issues Rs. 250
MS-22 Human Resource Development
MS-23 Human Resource Planning
MS-24 Union-Management Relations
MS-25 Managing Change in Organizations
MS-26 Organizational Dynamics
MS-27 Wage & Salary Administration
MS-28 Labour Laws
MS-41 Working Capital Management
MS-42 Capital Investment & Financing Decisions
MS-43 Management Control Systems
MS-44 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
MS-45 International Financial Management
MS-46 Management of Financial Services
MS-51 Operations Research
MS-52 Project Management
MS-53 Production/Operations Management
MS-54 Management of Information Systems
MS-55 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MS-56 Materials Management
MS-57 Management of R & D and Innovation
MS-58 Management of R & D and Innovation
MS-61 Consumer Behaviour
MS-62 Sales Management
MS-63 Product Management
MS-64 International Marketing
MS-65 Marketing of Services
MS-66 Marketing Research
MS-68 Marketing Communication and Advertising Management
MS-91 Advanced Strategic Management
MS-92 Management of Public Enterprises
MS-93 Management of New and Small Enterprises
MS-94 Technology Management
MS-95 Research Methodology for Man. Decisions
MS-96 Total Quality Management
MS-97 International Business

Ignou assignments for B.A.

Compulsory Subjects or Foundation Courses
BSHF-101 / FHS-01 (Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences)
FST-01 (Foundation Course in Science & Technology)
FEG-01 (Foundation Course in ENGLISH – I)
FEG-02 (Foundation Course in ENGLISH -II)
ERD-01 Rural Development in India

Ignou assignments for BA – Bachelor in Arts (Sociology – ESO)

ESO-11 / 01 The Study of Society
ESO-12 / 02 Society in India
ESO-13 / 03 Sociological Thought
ESO-14 / 04 Society & Stratification
ESO-15 / 05 Society & Religion
ESO-16 / 06 Social Problem in India

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Ignou assignments for BA – Bachelor in Arts (POLITICAL SCIENCE – EPS)

EPS-1/11 Political Ideas and Ideologies
EPS-2/12 Government and Politics in India
EPS-03 Modern Indian Political Thought
EPS-5/15 South Asia; Economy, Society and Politics
EPS-04 / 07 International Relations
EPS-08 Government and Politics in Australia
EPS-09 Comparative Government and Politics

Ignou assignments for BA – Bachelor in Arts (Public Administration- EPA)

EPA-01 Administrative Theory
EPA-02 / BPAE-102 Indian Administration
EPA-03 Development Administration
EPA-04 Personnel Administration
EPA-05 Financial Administration
EPA-06 Public Policy

Ignou assignments for BA – Bachelor of Arts (English – EEG)

EEG-01/BEGE-101 Language to Literature
EEG-02 The Structure of Modern English
EEG-04 English for Practical Purposes
EEG-06 Understanding Poetry
BEGE-101 From Language to Literature
BEGE-102 The Structure of Modern English
BEGE-103 Communication Skills in English
BEGE-105 Understanding Prose
BEGE-107 Understanding Drama
BEGE-108 Reading the Novel

Ignou assignments for BA – Bachelor in Arts (History – EHI)

EHI-01 Modern India (1857-1964)
EHI-02 India: Earliest Times to 8th Century
EHI-03 India from 8th to 15th Century
EHI-05 History India: Mid 18th to Mid 19th Century
EHI-04 India from Mid 16th Century to Mid 18th Century
EHI-06 History of China & Japan (1840-1949)
EHI-07 Modern Europe (Mid 18th to Mid 20th Century)

Ignou assignments for BA – Bachelor in Arts (Social Works – BSWE)

BSWE-001 Introduction to Social Works
BSWE-002 Social Work intervention with individual & groups
BSWE-03 Social work intervention with communities & institutions
BSWE-04 Introduction to Family Education
BSWE-05 Introduction of HIV / AIDS
BSWE-06 Substance Abuse and Counseling
BA – Bachelor in Arts (Economics – EEC)
EEC-10 National Income Accounting
EEC-11 Fundamentals of Economics
EEC-14 Agricultural Development in India
BECE-002 Indian Economic Development: Issues and Perspectives

Ignou assignments for B.Ed. Solved Assignments (English Medium only)

B.Ed – Group A: Core Course
ES-331 Curriculum and Instruction
ES-332 Psychology of Learning & Development
ES-333 Educational Evaluation
ES-334 Education and Society
ES-335 Teacher and School

B.Ed – Group B: Content -Based Methodology Course
ES-341 Teaching of Science
ES-342 Teaching of Mathematics
ES-343 Teaching of Social Studies
ES-344 Teaching of English

B.Ed – Group C: Special Course
ES-361 Educational Technology
ES-362 Computer in Education
ES-363 Guidance and Counseling
ES-364 Distance Education
BESE-65 HIV and AIDS Education
BESE-66 Adolescence and Family Education

Ignou assignments for MCA

MCA First Semester
MCS-011 Problem Solving and Programming
MCS-012 Computer Organisation and Assembly Language Programming
MCS-013 Discrete Mathematics
MCS-014 Systems Analysis and Design
MCS-015 Communication Skills
MCSL-016 Internet Concepts and Web Design
MCSL-017 C and Assembly Language Programming Lab
MCA 2nd Semester
MCS-021 Data and File Structures
MCS-022 Operating System Concepts and Networking
MCS-023 Introduction to Database Management Systems
MCS-024 Object Oriented Technologies and Java
MCA 3rd Semester
MCS-031 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
MCS-032 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
MCS-033 Advanced Discrete Mathematics
MCS-034 Software Engineering
MCS-035 Accountancy and Financial Management
MCA 4th Semester
MCS-041 Operating System
MCS-042 Data Communication and Computer Networks
MCS-043 Introduction to Database Management Systems
MCS-044 Mini Project
MCS-045 UNIX and DBMS Lab
MCA 5th Semester
MCS-052 Principles of Management and Information Systems
MCSE-003 Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management
MCSE-011 Parallel Computing

Ignou assignments for M.A. Solved Assignments (English Medium only)

MA – Master of Arts (History)
MHI-01 Ancient and Medieval Societies
MHI-02 Modern World
MHI-03 Historiography
MHI-04 Political Structures in India
MHI-05 History of Indian Economy
MHI-06 Evolution of Social Structures in India through the Ages
MHI-08 History of Ecology and Environment; India

Ignou assignments for  MA – Master of Arts (English)

MEG-01 British Poetry
MEG-02 British Drama
MEG-03 British Novel
MEG-04 Aspects of Language
MEG-05 Literary Criticism and Theory
MEG-06 American Literature
MEG-07 Indian English Literature
MEG-08 New Literatures in English
MEG-09 Australian Literature
MEG-10 English Studies in India
MEG-11 American Novel
MEG-12 A Survey Course in 20th Century Canadian Literature
MEG-14 Contemporary Indian Literature in English Translation

Ignou assignments for MA – Master of Arts (Political Science)

MPS-001 Political Theory
MPS-002 International Relations: Theory and Problems
MPS-003 India: Democracy and Development
MPS-004 Comparative Politics: Issues and Trends
MPSE-001 India and the world
MPSE-002 State and Society in Latin America
MPSE-003 Western Political Thought
MPSE-004 Social and Political Thought in Modern India
MPSE-005 State and Society in Africa
MPSE-006 Peace and Conflict Studies
MPSE-007 Social Movements & Politics in India
MPSE-008 State Politics in India
MPSE-009 Canada: Politics and Society
MPSE-010 Dissertation (Optional)
MPSE-011 The European Union in World Affairs
MPSE-012 State and Society in Australia
MPSE-013 Australia’s Foreign Policy
MED-002 Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges
MED-008 Globalization and Environment

Ignou assignments for MA – Master of Arts (Sociology)

MSO-001 Sociology: Theories and Concepts
MSO-002 Research Methods and Methodologies
MSO-003 Sociology of Development
MSO-004 Sociology in India
MSOE-001 Sociology of Education
MSOE-002 Diaspora and Transnational Communities
MSOE-003 Sociology of Religion
MSOE-004 Urban Sociology
MPA-016 Decentralization and Local Governance
MPS-003 India: Democracy and Development

Ignou assignments for MA – Master of Arts (Public Administration)

MPA-011 State, Society and Public Administration
MPA-012 Administrative Theory
MPA-013 Public Systems Management
MPA-014 Human Resource Management
MPA-015 Public Policy and Analysis
MPA-016 Decentralization and Local Governance
MPA-017 Electronic Governance
MPA-018 Disaster Management

Ignou assignments for MA – Master of Arts (Economics)

MEC-001 Microeconomics Analysis
MEC-002 Macroeconomics Analysis
MEC-003 Quantitative Methods
MEC-004 Economics of Growth and Development
MEC-005 Indian Economics Policy
MEC-006 Public Economics
MEC-007 International Trade and Finance
MEC-008 Economics of Social Sector and Environment
MEC-009 Research Methods in Economics
MECP-001 Econometric Methods
MECE-003 Actuarial Economics Theory and Practice
MECE-004 Financial Institutions and Markets

Ignou assignments for MA – Master of Arts (Rural Development)

MRD-101 Rural Development-Indian Context
MRD-102 Rural Development Programmes
MRD-103 Rural Development-Planning and Management
MRD-004 Research Methods in Rural Development
MRDP-001 Dissertation
RDD-6 Rural Health Care
RDD-7 Communication and Extension in Rural Development
MRDE-101 Rural social Development
MRDE-002 Voluntary Action in Rural Development
MRDE-003 Land Reforms and Rural Development
MRDE-004 Entrepreneurship and Rural Development

Ignou assignments for Tourism Solved Assignments

Tourism – BTS, DTS, CTS
TS-1 Foundation Course in Tourism
TS-2 Tourism Development: Products, Operations and Case Studies
TS-3 Management in Tourism
TS-4 Indian Culture: Perspective for Tourism
TS-5 Ecology, Environment and Tourism
TS-6 Tourism Marketing
TS-7 Human Resource Development

Tourism – MTM
MTM-01 Management Functions and Behaviour in Tourism
MTM-02 Human Resource Planning & Development in Tourism
MTM-03 Managing Personnel in Tourism
MTM-04 Information Management & Information Systems in Tourism
MTM-05 Accounting Finance & Working Capital for Tourism Managers
MTM-06 Marketing for Tourism Managers
MTM-07 Sales and Advertising Management in Tourism
MTM-08 Managing Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism
MTM-09 Understanding Tourism Markets
MTM-10 Tourism Impacts
MTM-11 Tourism Planning and Development
MTM-12 Tourism Products: Design and Development
MTM-13 Tourism Operations
MTM-14 Tourist Transport Operations (Road Transport)
MTM-15 Meetings, Incentives, Conference and Expositions (MICE)

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