MBA Project Synopsis for Importance of Human Resource Management

Human Resource

Part-1: Project Details.

1. Title of the Project: A Study on Importance of Human Resource Management in Surveillance in PIDS with respect to Veecon Magal Security System, IGI Airport New Delhi

2. Introduction and Objectives of the Study: 

Introduction: “Human Resources Management” (HRM) is a management function that helps managers recruit, select. Train and develop members for an organization. HRM involves the application of management functions and principles. The functions and principles are applied to acquisitions, developing, maintaining and remunerating employees in organizations. It is a series of integrated decisions that form the employment relationship; their quality contributes to the ability of the organizations and the employees to achieve their objectives. Thus, HRM refers to a set of programmers, functions and activities designed and carried out in order to maximize both employees as well as organizational effectiveness. The human resource of an organization constitutes its entire workforce.

1. To study the composition of employer and employee relation existing in the organization.
2. To know the facilities provided to the employees as well as the public by the organization.
3. To study the statutory and non-statutory welfare practices adopted by organization.
4. To know the functions of HRM, organizational culture and style.
5. The study of the HRD practices training and development performance appraisal schemes adopted by the organization.

3. Problem Statement (including Literature Review): 

Problem Statement:
• Research Analysis Demand for PIDS;
• The researcher analysis that technological advances have made customers demanding integrated surveillance than conventional monitoring.
• The researcher would make the research on Veecon Magal Security system Ltd for research.
• Shortage of skilled employees and transient workforce.
• Lack of effective training and performance appraisal- the important factor in implementing human resources management in surveillance is the need for effective training and ways in measuring their performance.
• Management commitment and Leadership- security firms need to take into consideration commitment and leadership on the part of management, and the needs to be efficient communication between managers and employees. The reluctance in taking initiative in planning and implementation of human resource management will lead to inefficiently may affect productivity and performance.

 Literature Review:

This study attempts to evaluate the Importance of Human Resource Management. The HR policies of Veecon Magal Security System concerning recruitment, training, leave, promotions, career planning, salaries, and other benefits were studied. The problem areas were studied after discussion with senior managers of the HR department. There is ample material available on the HR issues and practices being followed at Veecon Magal Security System in the in-house magazines and journals, the Veecon Magal Security System’s intranet site and the HR manual. By reviewing the literature and discussions with the employees and Senior HR Managers, I came to know about the HR issues and practices being followed at Veecon Magal Security System.

HR INITIATIVES: During 2016-2017, the HR group initiated an ambitious project on upgrading the leadership bench-strength.  This involved competency mapping of officers in senior management positions besides competency assessment to identify areas of individual and organizational gaps.

To establish a linkage between individual contribution and incentive payable to individuals, a project on designing an individual performance incentive scheme and e-enabling the goal setting and appraisal process have been initiated on Corporation wide basis, initially for the officers.

A company can invest millions in technology and facilities, but it is of little value if employees are unsatisfied. Engaged, enthusiastic, motivated employees are essential for business success.

4. Research Methodology and References: 

Research Methodology:

Research Design: The research design refers to the overall strategy that you choose to integrate the different components of the study in a coherent and logical way, thereby, ensuring you will effectively address the research problem; it constitutes the blueprint for the collection, measurement, and analysis of data. The research design used for this study will be of the descriptive type. Descriptive research studies are those studies which are concerned with describing a particular individual or a group. I will use Descriptive research type for my research.

Sampling Design: A sample design is a finite plan for obtaining a sample from a given population. Simple random sampling will be used for my research work.

Sample Size: In this project, only a few items can be selected from the population for the study purpose. Here that sample size will be 25 employees from the total population to conduct the study.

Sampling Area: Veecon Magal Security System, IGI Airport New Delhi

Method of data collection: The methods of data collection will be:

Primary Data: I will collect information which is gathered for a specific purpose. The firsthand information will be collected through administering the questionnaires by direct contact method and through informal meeting and observation.

Secondary Data: I will collect it from the resource which already exists in company previous record, annual report, journals, industrial magazine, broachers and internet.

Data Analysis Methods:  I will use the following methods:
Statistical Method: Following are the statically method to analyze the Importance of HRM in an organization.• Simple percentage analysis: Percentage analysis is the method to represent raw streams of data as a percentage (a part in 100 – percent) for better understanding of collected data. In this project, the simple percentage analysis is used to calculating the percentage of satisfaction level in the total respondents.• Employee response using bar graph and pie chart: The ratio of Importance of HRM and those who agree with the company policy is shown using the bar graph and pie chart.
Data and results will be presented in the form of graphs and charts, etc.



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• Pestonjee D. M.  “Motivation and Importance of HRM”, 1st Edition. Macmillan India Limited.
• Robbins Stephen P, Organizational behaviour.
• Beri. G C, Statistics for management, Tata McGraw Hill
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• www.hrm

• Business World
• Business Today

5. Limitations of the study:

• Some of the respondents may not respond to some of the questions.
• Data collected will be based on the questionnaire.
• The result would be varying according to the individuals as well as time.
• Some respondents hesitated to give the actual situation; they feared that management would take any action against them.
• The findings and conclusions will be based on knowledge and experience of the respondents sometime may subject to bias.
• A sample chosen may not be representing the characteristics of the entire population.
• Secondary data will be considered while undertaking studies, so all the shortcomings of secondary data are inherent.

Part-2: Synopsis Registration

Student Details:

1. Name of the Program   : ………………………
2. Name of the Student    : ………………………
3. Roll Number                  :……………………….
4. Session                            :………………………
5. Year                                 :……………………….

II. Guide Details:

1. Name of Proposed Guide                     :………………………..
2. Guide Registration No. (If available) : ………………………..
3. Designation                                            : ………………………..
4. Affiliation                                               : ………………………..
5. Qualification                                          : ………………………..
6. Total Experience                                   : ………………………..
7. Communication Address                    : ………………………..
8. Contact No.                                           : ………………………..
9. E-mail ID                                              : ………………………..

A Project Synopsis is basically a summary of the entire project anyone will do in future, like Title of the project, main aim of doing the project, its aim & objectives, problem statement, literature review, research methodology, and references. The student needs to submit the project synopsis for approval by the university for preparing the final project report.

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