HRM MCQ Solved pdf | Human Resource Management MCQ

HRM MCQ Solved pdf | Human Resource Management MCQ for the preparation of MBA, MBA, Mcom, Bcom distance and regular mode exams.

HRM MCQ Solved pdf  Human Resource Management MCQ

HRM MCQ Solved

1. A bill passed by both houses of Parliament or the State Legislature becomes an Act when it is signed by ___ or ___.
Ans. The President of India, the Governor of a state

2. An Act comes into force when it is notified in the ___.
Ans. Official Gazette

3. An ___ to existing law is also termed as law.
Ans. Amendment

4. According to ___, the term ‘Law’ includes ordinances, orders, by-laws, rules, regulations, notifications as well as custom and usage having the force of law.
Ans. Clause 3 of the Indian Constitution

5. The ___ creates the law, the ___ issues a regulation for implementing it and the ___ decides on the constitutionality and jurisdictional issues.
Ans. Legislature, Executive, Judiciary

6. ___ is a Latin expression meaning ‘law merchant’.
Ans. Lex mercatoria

7. ___ is a written law enacted by the legislature or other authorized governing body.
Ans. Statutory law

8. The past judicial decisions are known as ___.
Ans. Precedents

9. A formal source of law is usually a ___ process by which a legal rule comes into existence.
Ans. Constitutional

10. Till the early 1900s most of the British law was not a ___ law.
Ans. Written

11. Corporate laws govern business and trade relationships and transactions.
Ans. Incorrect

12. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Home Affairs to enact laws to protect and safeguard the interests of workers.
Ans. Incorrect

13. Commercial laws lay down how corporate companies are to be run and also discuss issues such as the role of shareholders, directors, employees.
Ans. Incorrect

14. The Constitution of India bestows the authority to levy taxes on the Central and State Governments.
Ans. Correct

15. Financial laws deal with savings and investments products as well as the services related to these products.
Ans. Correct

16. Contracts can be made only by legal persons.
Ans. False

17. A contract is enforceable by law.
Ans. True

18. A valid contract must be in writing.
Ans. False

19. Indian Contract Act is applicable all over India.
Ans. False

20. Every ___ and every ___ forming the ___ for each other is an agreement.
Ans. Promise, set of promises, consideration

21. A ‘proposal’ can be to do a ___ act or to abstain from doing an act (i.e., ___ act).
Ans. Positive, negative

22. The person making the proposal is called the___ and the person accepting the proposal is called the ___.
Ans. Proposer, propose

23. Acceptance is not considered valid unless it has been ___ to the concerned party.
Ans. Communicated

24. A valid contract is enforceable by law.
Ans. True

25. A void contract has legal validity.
Ans. False

26. Substitution of the original contract by a new one.
Ans. Novation

27. Agreement of the promisee to accept lesser fulfilment of the promise.
Ans. Remission

28. Impossibility of fulfilment of contract subsequent to its formation.
Ans. Supervening impossibility

29. Rescission means the decision of the aggrieved party not to take any action.
Ans. False

30. Ordinary damages arise indirectly due to breach of contract.
Ans. False

31. Vindictive damages are awarded a view to punish.
Ans. True

32. ‘Quantum Meruit’ means ‘as much as is earned’.
Ans. True

33. A person of ___ mind is incompetent to contract.
Ans. Unsound

34. Alien ___ can contract but an alien ___ cannot.
Ans. Friend, enemy

35. ___ are in a privileged position and considered incompetent to contract.
Ans. Foreign sovereigns and ambassadors

36. Contracts can be classified only according to the mode of creation.
Ans. False

37. A contract made by a minor is considered ___.
Ans. Void ab-initio

38. A factor is a mercantile agent who is not given a general right of lien on the goods entrusted to him for selling.
Ans. Incorrect

39. An Agency by express authority is created when the Principal confers express authority on the agent in ___.
Ans. Spoken or written words

40. Implied Agency is inferred from the ___ of the concerned parties or circumstances of the case.
Ans. Conduct and behaviour

41. Post facto ___ grants the hitherto unauthorised act the legal status of an Agency.
Ans. Ratification

42. An Agency by operation of law arises when the ___ grants a person the status of another person’s Agent.
Ans. Law

43. The Agent has the right to receive remuneration.
Ans. True

44. The Agent does not have the right to be indemnified against consequences of lawful acts.
Ans. False

45. The Agent need not disclose all material circumstances nor obtain the Principal’s consent for personal dealings.
Ans. False

46. An Agent cannot employ a sub-agent or a substitute agent except in special circumstances.
Ans. True

47. Insolvency of the Principal
Ans. By operation of law

48. Revocation of authority by the Principal
Ans. By acts of parties

49. By agreement or mutual consent
Ans. By acts of parties

50. On the Principal becoming an alien enemy
Ans. By operation of law

51. A job position is a collection of tasks and responsibilities regularly assigned to one person.
Ans. True

52. The records contain details about each employee’s name of the job, code of the position, educational qualification, number of years of experience, etc.
Ans. True

53. Job analysis cannot be used for performance appraisal.
Ans. False

54. Match the following

i. Job title a) Brief description of the purpose of the job.
ii. Span of control b) Amount of supervision required.
iii. Job summary c) Indicate job role and function.
iv. Degree of supervision d) Number of people directly reporting.


i. Job title c) Indicate job role and function.
ii. Span of control d) Number of people directly reporting.
iii. Job summary a) Brief description of the purpose of the job.
iv. Degree of supervision b) Amount of supervision required.

55. General agents hold more authority than universal agents.
Ans. Incorrect

56. Special agents are authorised to do some particular act or carry out a particular transaction on behalf of the Principal.
Ans. Correct

57. A mercantile agent represents his principal in commercial transactions.
Ans. Correct

58. ___ is developed from job analysis and also from a detailed job description.
Ans. Job specification

59. ___ defines the duties and requirements of an employee’s job in detail.
Ans. Job description

60. ___ includes the ability to perform mathematical calculations, interpret data, reading abilities, decision-making and planning abilities, etc.
Ans. Cognitive specification

61. ___ determines the tasks to be done, the methods to carry out the tasks and also the tasks to be combined for a job.
Ans. Task analysis

62. When a job is simplified or specialized and is divided into small subparts, it is known as___.
Ans. Job simplification

63. The definition of Agent is given in ___ of the Indian Contract Act, 1872.
Ans. Section 182

64. No ___ is necessary to create an Agency.
Ans. Consideration

65. The person who ___ to someone to act on his behalf is called the Principal.
Ans. Delegates the authority

66. The person to whom the power is delegated and who willingly acts on behalf of another is called the ___.
Ans. Agent

67. Recruitment is a process of stimulating and encouraging prospective employees to apply for jobs in the organization.
Ans. True

68. Process of recruitment and selection is the same.
Ans. False

69. Recruitment needs are planned, anticipated and unexpected.
Ans. True

70. If the unemployment rate is ___ then a simple recruitment plan can also work.
Ans. High

71. If the majority of the workforce is aged, then the organisation would prefer to hire a younger workforce from ___ the organisation.
Ans. Outside

72. If the organisation is planning to downsize, the number of people required will be ___.
Ans. Restricted/ less

73. Process of recruitment is carried out after the process of selection.
Ans. False

74. Selection can be done by anybody in the organisation.
Ans. False

75. Selection makes the hiring process more open and fair.
Ans. True

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