How To Get Study Aids And Scholarship Supports In Canada

Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for many international students. This is quite expected as Canada has one of the most remarkable study aids and scholarship supports programs for foreign students. Canada offers an environment where international students can get the best of educational experience, great lifestyle, and living conditions.

But while the standard of living, the environment, and a high level of education might account for these movements, there are four major factors encouraging the in-flock of international students to study in Canada.

Factors Encouraging The Influx Of International Students To Canada

  1. It has been argued that graduates from Canadian universities are very successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide. This appears to be factual, as a total of Six Canadian universities appeared at the top of the 2017 Global University Employability Ranking. The ranking discloses which universities employers at top companies think are the best at preparing students for the workplace or office environment.
  2. Canadian universities are common with international students for offering cheaper or affordable tuition than many USA and UK colleges, and a simple application process.
  3. Canada gives value for money and a standard of living which is among the highest in the world.
  4. Canada is a beautiful country with unique landscapes, as well as a multicultural, friendly, sophisticated society. hence a harmonious environment in which students can learn and travel in an English Speaking Country.

While affordable tuition, a large selection of educational universities with good study aids and scholarship supports, and a friendly, safe environment for all, Canada is being chosen more increasingly over any other place in the world by students from the Philippines and Asia as a whole.

International students should note that a degree from a world-renowned Canadian institution will place them high up on the list of preferred candidates for employment around the world. The University of Toronto is the top Canadian choice when recruiters are employing for the workplace. Canadian Universities in the ranking are spread across the country, including institutions in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia.

Thus, when you are searching for ways to improve your future career, in a place that will welcome you with open arms while providing the opportunity to become the best that you can be, try Canada.

How To Get study aids and scholarship supports In Canada

As earlier stated in the passage, study aids and scholarship supports are one way that international students can help finance their studies in Canada.

Scholarships are non-repayable financial awards. They are generally awarded to students with good academic standings, although some scholarship donors also recognize community development, volunteers and work experience.

You should apply for scholarships, but others are granted automatically. Each scholarship has its unique eligibility requirements or criteria and applicants has to meet these requirements get these scholarship opportunities.

Some scholarships are awarded entirely on academic or sporting achievements and merit, so be mindful of your skills and match them to the opportunity out there. Be smart, and take notes to these. Therefore we are going to focus on how to get scholarship fundings in Canada.

Plan Ahead!

You need to plan ahead of time to stand a chance to win a scholarship! One major reason why students don’t get Canadian scholarships or other scholarships from other parts of the world is the late application problem. And the fact that most students start looking for scholarship opportunity during their tertiary institution study, or at the point where they are in dire need for financial aid.

The importance of looking and seeking for scholarship early cannot be overemphasized. It has been recorded that students who get scholarship most of the time are students who started applying even while in high school.

Understand the Requirements!

The importance of understanding the scholarship requirements cannot be overemphasized, it is as important as the scholarship itself. Canadian scholarships have some unique requirements that if not duly met would definitely disqualify one the opportunity of winning that particular award.

Don’t spend your time applying to awards that you are not actually eligible for, because it reduces your chances of gaining a scholarship.

Read the eligibility requirements through very carefully. If you are not sure of what one of the requirements means, or if it applies to you, ask your college advisor or the award administrator. It takes only a few minutes to ask questions, versus hours to write an essay for an award you can’t win.

Be creative with your reference letter!

You will be asked to present a reference letter one way or the other when are looking for a scholarship. A well-written letter should be tailored specifically to the type of award you are applying for. It shows you have taken the time to connect with your reference.


Opportunities With SAT or CAT Exams

There is a huge untapped opportunity with writing SAT or ACT to study Abroad.

Do you have children between 15-21years or siblings who you think are brilliant academically and are in SS2 or 3 or just finished secondary school?

Advise them to write SAT or ACT.

They may get a fully funded scholarship in Europe, US or even Canada with a good SAT scores.

Move abroad because of your kids.

Give them a leverage. One of the best ways to make your children compete with children of politicians in the future is to give them another passport. They should not see the ‘Shege’ you are currently witnessing.

A high SAT scores gives you a good leverage for Undegrad fully funded scholarship, especially in USA and Canada .

I repeat, If ur kids or younger siblings are looking at Undergraduate scholarships, write SAT exams.

Practice and have a very high score. Most undergraduate students want to get Scholarship with just WAEC result. It won’t work that way.

High scores in SAT exams and also TOEFL/IELTS. This will give you an edge above others.

Canada offers an environment where international students can get the best of educational experience, great lifestyle, and living conditions with remarkable study aids and scholarship supports programs for foreign students.

Questions and comments are expected from you on how to get study aids and scholarship supports. The comment box below is available.


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