List of Healthy eating habits । Daily routine for healthy life । Good healthy food to eat and what to do before and after meals every day.

Healthy eating habits

List of Healthy eating habits । Daily routine for a healthy life. It will take your 5 to 7 minutes to read

1. What kind of water should we drink in the morning?
Answer – Light hot water

2. What is the method to drink water?
Answer: By sitting down

3. How often we should chew food?
Answer. – 32 times

4. When should we eat full stomach?
Answer. – Morning

5. Upto how long should breakfast in the morning eat?
Answer. – Up to two and a half hours of sunrise

6. What should we drink with morning meal?
Answer. – Juice

7. What should we drink with lunch?
Answer. – Lassi / Buttermilk

8. What should we drink with dinner at night?
Answer. – Milk

9. At what time should citrus fruits not eat?
Answer. – At night

10. When should you eat ice cream?
Answer. – Never

11. How long after the food removed from the fridge should eat?
Answer. – After 1 hour

12. Should drink cold drink?
Answer. – No

13. How long did the prepared food we should eat?
Answer. – 40 minutes

14. How much food should be eaten at night?
Answer. – Light food (equal to zero)

15. At what time we should take dinner?
Answer. – Just before the sun set

16. How long before eating food we can drink water?
Answer. – 48 minutes

17. Can we drink lassi at night?
Answer. – No

18. What should we do after breakfast?
Answer. – Work

19. What to do after lunch?
Answer. – Rest

20. What to do after eating at night?
Answer. – must move 500 steps

21. What should always be done after eating food?
Answer. – Vajrasana

22. How long should Vajrasana be after eating?
Answer. – 5 -10 minutes

23. After wakeup in the morning what should we put the eyes?
Answer. – Cold water.

24. What time should sleep at night?
Answer. – 9 – 10 o’clock

25. What should be put in the vegetable in the afternoon?
Answer. – Oregano

26. Should eat salad at night?
Answer. – No

27. How should we always eat food?
Answer. – sitting down on the floor and chewing a lot

28. When should we drink tea?
Answer. – Never

29. What should be added in milk to drink?
Answer. – Turmeric

30. Why should you drink turmeric in the milk?
Answer. – There will be not cancer

31. Which medical practice is right?
Answer. – Ayurveda

32. When should we drink the water of gold utensil?
Answer. – October to March (in winter)

33. When should the water of pottery be consumed?
Answer. – March to June (summer)

34. When should the water of copper vessel be consumed?
Answer. – June to September (rainy season)

35. How much water should drink in the morning?
Answer. – At least 2 – 3 glasses.

36. When should we wake up in the morning?
Answer. – 1.5 hours before sunrise

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