Grid Computing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Grid Computing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers for students who are preparing for IT competitive and academic examinations.

Grid Computing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Grid Computing Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. ___ provides a uniform way to describe grid services and defines a common pattern of behavior for all grid services.

2. The OGSA is a combination of many web services; they are XML, ___ and ___.

3. The “Grid administrator” is the ___ plays a vital role in the commercial data center (CDC).
Ans. Provider

4. In case of ___, information must be placed in multiple data centers.
Ans. Disaster recovery

5. AAA stands for ___.
Ans. Authentication, Authorization and Access Control

6. During the lifetime of an entertainment content the ___ involved in the delivery of the content may change.
Ans. Actors

7. One of the biggest service levels to be managed for the online entertainment world is ___.
Ans. Response time

8. OGSI soft state management could be one way to implement a ___ function.
Ans. Heartbeat

9. NFC stands for___.
Ans. National Fusion Collaboratory

10. In ___ model, the service provider will provide the platform and software for the application developer to develop the application remotely.
Ans. Network services

11. Grids are facilitated by the use of ___.
Ans. Grid middleware

12. The scheduler locates and contacts the service that represents the requested application and requests details of the ___ that are required for the job.
Ans. resources

13. Traditionally, ___systems such as CORBA and DCOM have been designed with the notion of expressing units of software functionality as distributed objects.
Ans. Distributed object-oriented

14. In a ___ environment, services are loosely coupled, and they communicate by message exchanges that can be one-way, synchronous or asynchronous.
Ans. Service-oriented

15. Service-orientation reinforces general software architecture principles such as ___, and modularization.
Ans. Encapsulation

16. Data availability before ___ cannot be leveraged as it becomes available dynamically.
Ans. Transfer time

17. The ___ identifies, the client requirement like software and platform identified by the service broker for execution
Ans. Service broker

18. Many financial applications and systems are___.
Ans. legacy

19. The Grid ___ has complete freedom to co-populate the system with non-grid environment.
Ans. administrator

20. To manage the performance of the system, ___ and forecasting is required before or on the application execution in the identified system
Ans. monitoring

21. The ___ like creating, managing and exchanging information has a mechanism to share among themselves in the open grid service infrastructure (OGSI).
Ans. Grid services

22. The ___ is defined as to follows set of mutual agreements of grid service instance

23. WSIF stands for ___.
Ans. Web Services Invocation Framework

24. A ___ contains the all necessary information to access the service instances.
Ans. GSR

25. To isolate the modification of WSDL 1.1, a temporary or separate namespace with prefix ___ is defined.
Ans. gwsdl

26. The grid service is the ___ based web service.
Ans. stateful

27. SDEs stands for___.
Ans. Service Data elements

28. The OGSI models the ___in namespace attributes.
Ans. Service data

29. NTP stands for ___.
Ans. Network Time Protocol

30. The ___ of a GSR may be independent of the lifecycle of the associated Grid service instance.
Ans. lifecycle

31. A ___ is a structure that contains zero or more GSHs.
Ans. service locator

32. OGSI defines a ___ type for all fault messages that Grid services must return.
Ans. base XSD

33. The Grid Service port Type must be implemented by all Grid services and thus serves as the ___definition in OGSI.
Ans. base interface

34. RPC stands for___.
Ans. Remote Procedure Call

35. A service instance that implements the Handle Resolver port Type is called ___.
Ans. handle resolver

36. A notification message is an XML element sent from a notification source to ___.
Ans. notification sink

37. A subscription request causes the creation of a Grid service instance, called ___.
Ans. subscription

38. The ___ can provide interfaces and access to any type of Grid-enabled resource, which is within the purview of the Virtual Organization.
Ans. Grid portal

39. Grid Portals generally do not have significant issues in terms of ___.
Ans. Performance

40. GPDK stands for ___.
Ans. Grid Portal Development Kit

41. The ___ forms the resource hosting environment.
Ans. Native platform

42. The service specification has defined the essential building block for ___ in terms of web service specifications and WSDL.
Ans. distributed systems

43. ___defines information that is useful for managing an entity.
Ans. Manageability

44. In CMM, every management resource is represented as a ___ instance that possesses a state, a unique instance identifier, and a operational interfaces.
Ans. grid service

45. ___ can factor out the common set of interfaces that can function against all the resources.
Ans. CMM

46. The ___ abstraction helps the policy service to differentiate the roles of the policy actors.
Ans. multilevel policy

47. The ___ are created as high-level business definitions, such as SLA, event management.
Ans. policies

48. A grid service may consume ___ and a resource may be shared by multiple service instances.
Ans. multiple resources

49. A ___ provides access to a standard description of aggregated data.
Ans. metering interface

50. A rating interface needs to address ___ types of behaviors.
Ans. two

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