Goa MP seats 2019 – Goa seventeenth Lok Sabha seats.

On the basis of area, Goa is the smallest state in India and the fourth-smallest state on the basis of population. Goa is one of India’s most famous tourist destinations. Here is an amazing blend of Indian and Portuguese culture. Goa is known for its beautiful seashore edges and famous architecture.

Goa MP seats

On May 30, 1987, the Union Territory was divided into Goa as the 25th state of India. Goa has been under the Portuguese rule for nearly 500 years, about 60 percent of the population is Hindu and around 28 percent of the population is Christian. Even in Christian society, the caste system like Hindus is found.

1000 years ago, Goa was known as Konkan Kashi. Panaji is Goa’s capital and the largest city is Vasco da Gama. Goa is spread over 3702 sq km. Goa’s coastline is 101 km long. Goa has 40 Assembly seats, two Lok Sabha seats and one Rajya Sabha seat.

Goa MP seats 2019 – Goa Lok Sabha seats

There is a total of 2 Lok Sabha seats in Goa.

1. North Goa : Shri Shripad Yesso Naik from BJP, Girish Chodankar from INC, Voting date – 23.04.19, Count Date –  23.05.19
2. South Goa : Adv. Narendra Keshav Sawaikar from BJP, Francisco Sardinha from INC, Voting date – 23.04.19, Count Date –  23.05.19

List of winner MP from Goa Lok sabha seats 2019

In 2014, both Lok Sabha seats went to BJP’s account in Goa, but this time Congress has won one seat. While the seat of South Goa has gone to the Congress account this time, the BJP has managed to save its seat in North Goa.

Parliamentary ConstituencyCandidatePartyEVM VotesPostal VotesTotal Votes% of Votes
North GoaShripad Yesso NaikBharatiya Janata Party24403481024484457.12
South GoaCosme Francisco Caetano SardinhaIndian National Congress20127928220156147.47

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