General Knowledge Quiz on India | GK Questions related to India

General Knowledge Quiz on India | GK Questions related to India are very useful for the preparation of competitive examinations.

General Knowledge Quiz on India  GK Questions related to India

Welcome to our General Knowledge Quiz on India! Get ready to test your knowledge about the incredible country of India with these intriguing GK (General Knowledge) questions. From history and geography to culture and current affairs, this quiz covers various aspects of India’s rich heritage and diverse landscape.

These questions will challenge your knowledge of India’s geography, history, culture, and prominent figures. So, put your thinking caps on, recall your learnings, and have a great time answering these India-related GK questions!

Remember, the quiz is not only a test but also an opportunity to learn and discover more about this fascinating country. Let’s dive into the world of India’s general knowledge and enjoy the quiz!

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General Knowledge Quiz on India

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Which of these constitutional positions has never been held by a woman in India?

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Whose birthday is celebrated as ‘Engineers’ Day’ in India?

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Which of these prime minister was the grandchild of another prime minister?

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To whom did Jawaharlal Nehru dedicate his book ‘The Discovery of India’?

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Maulana Abul Kalam Azad’s Birthday on 11 November is celebrated in India as to what?

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Which of these pairs have been members of the Rajya Sabha?

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Which of these politicians was a pilot in the Indian Air Force?

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During the start of his political life, Sher Shah Suri was the ‘jagirdar’ of which place?

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Who founded the political party National People’s Party (NPP) in January 2013?

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Who is the only person to have served as the Chief Minister of both Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand?

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What does Kesari mean in ‘Punjab Kesari’ – a popular title of Lala Lajpat Rai?

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Who has had the longest tenure as Prime Minister of India?

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In which city are the tomb of Ibrahim Lodi and the samadhi of king Hemu located?

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Which police officer’s biography is titled ‘I Dare!’?

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Who won the Battle of Panipat that was fought in the eighteenth century?

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Which of these is a part of the name of a tiger reserve situated in Bihar?

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To whom did Ravindranath Tagore dedicate his book ‘visva parichay’ written on science?

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Which of these places in Uttarakhand is situated at the confluence of the Alakananda and Mandakini Rivers?

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Where was Mughal Empress Mumtaz Mahal originally buried in 1631?

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The Nepanagar town of Madhya Pradesh is a prominent manufacturing center of which of these products?

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In 2001, replacing whom did Narendra Modi become the CM of Gujarat?

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In which river is the Majuli Island, one of the largest river islands in the world, situated?

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Who won India’s First Olympic medal in Badminton?

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Which prime minister of India was a commercial pilot?

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Which of these is not a memorial dedicated to a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family?

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Which Sikh Guru was imprisoned at Gwalior Fort by Emperor Jahangir?

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Who, during his days in prison, wrote an essay titled ‘Why I am an Atheist’?

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Which is the only district in Jharkhand through which the river Ganga flows?

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Which of these freedom fighters was also known as ‘Lok Nayak’?

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Which of these positions has never been held by Dr. Manmohan Singh in his entire career?

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Which of these parties’ symbol is in the shape of a living animal?

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Who was the Scientific Adviser to the Defence Minister of India during Pokhran II?

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Who administered the oath of office to Dr.Manmohan Singh when he became Prime Minister for the first time?

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Who was the first member of the Gandhi Family to win a Lok Sabha election from Amethi?

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Which of these social activists has been a central organizer and strategist of ‘Narmada Bachao Andolan’?

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Who were India’s food and agriculture minister in Jawaharlal Nehru’s interim government of 1946?

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Which of these documents can be applied for under the tatkaal service in India?

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Chand Bibi who ceded Berar to Akbar was the ruler of

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Which Mughal emperor gave land for the construction of the Golden Temple at Amiritsar?

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Tipu Sultan ruled from

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Who holds the record of being elected to the Lok Sabha for the most number of terms?

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Who is the only me of the 15th Lok Sabha to get elected to the House unopposed?

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‘Kushinagar’ is known for

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First railway line in India was laid in

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Which one of the following areas is the most potential area for the exploration of coal in India?

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Madhya Pradesh is a leading producer of

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Mansabdari was introduced in India by

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There is a separate Union ministry in India related to which of these natural resources?

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Which of the following railway zones has the longest route in kilometers?

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Which one of the following places is famous for its gigantic rock-cut statue of the Buddha?

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