Fun Quiz Questions and Answers General Knowledge

Fun Quiz Questions and Answers General Knowledge | Funny GK Questions and Answers for the preparation of various types of competitive exams.

Fun Quiz Questions and Answers General Knowledge

Get ready for a dose of fun and excitement with our general knowledge quiz! This quiz is packed with entertaining questions and fascinating facts that will keep you engaged and entertained. Challenge yourself and see how many answers you can get right!

And don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers – this quiz is all about learning and having fun. So, let’s dive in, have a great time, and expand our general knowledge together!

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Fun Quiz Questions and Answers

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Which of these films was released to celebrate 100 years of the Indian film industry?

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What was the name of India’s first test-tube baby developed using the IVF technique by Dr. Subhas Mukherjee?

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Which of these proverbs means “to sit idle”? Or Inme sey kaun sa muhavara ka matlab hi “baite rahna”?

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According to beliefs, which of these Gods reside on Mount Kailash?

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What motto is inscribed in Devanagari script on State Emblem of India?

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Which of these goddesses is depicted with a Veena in her hands?

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In which of these games can a referee officially whistle on the field?

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What is the middle name of Sachin Tendulkar?

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Where were Lord Rama and Lakshman’s sasural?

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Which of these is a name of a finger on your hand?

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Which of these Hindi idioms means ‘falling in love’?

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How is the call of a chicken usually expressed?

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What do we call a person “Who speaks less”?

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Which of the following mean head of Police Station “Thanedaar”?

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Which of these numbers is used before the word “Shringar” to describe a fully beautiful woman?

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In the phrase ’24/7′, if 24 stands for the number of hours, what does ’7′stand for?

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Which of these terms is used for a mixture of several spices?

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A kick start is usually associated with which of these vehicles?

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Which of these phrases means “to bribe”?

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Which of these is also known as ‘odhni’?

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People from which of these professions are most likely to use ‘aari’, ‘basula’ and ‘burma’ at their work?

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What in a doctor’s prescription is often expressed as ’120/80′?

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Which of these words or names means ‘os’ or ‘dew’?

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Which of these is a mixture of five spices particularly used in bengali cuisine?

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Which of these days of the week is also known as ‘Jumeraat’?

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