There are many State of India to Implement the Important Works – You should know. India’s first state – to know important information

First State

First State of India to Implement the Important Works

1. State of India to provide Full Banking System
Kerala (2011)

2. First Indian state to provide land to all

3. The first state of India to launch web based courses

4. State of the country to constitute special tiger force

5. The Indian state to start auction of mines in the country

6. Along with all the villages and schools, the state of India with 4G network in the country

7. The state in the country where the ITI examination was taken online
Madhya Pradesh

8. The state in the country to make complete information about the legislative fund

9. First Indian state to initiates Rotavirus vaccination project
Himachal Pradesh

10. First state of India to adopt e-mail policy
Madhya Pradesh

11. First state to implement cow protection legislation

12. First state to launch Aadhar based payment system (ABPS)
Himachal Pradesh (2014)

13. The first Indian state to provide online service under the Right to Service

14. First Indian state to pass Food Security Bill
Chhattisgarh (2012)

15. State to start health court in the country
Karnataka (2014)

16. The state where the President’s rule was first implemented
Kerala (1959)

17. The state in the country to provide electricity to all the villages
Gujarat (2006)

18. First state of the country to start Panchayati Raj
Rajasthan (1959)

19. The first Indian state to implement the right of service
Madhya Pradesh (2010)

20. Country’s first state to implement hearing right
Rajasthan (2012)

21. The state of the country to count the dead persons

22. The state of India to start e-GPF
Arunachal Pradesh (2013)

23. First Indian state to appoint Lokayukta
Maharashtra (1971)

24. Country’s first state to ban plastic bags
Himachal Pradesh (2003)

25. India’s first state to ban Gutkha’s sale
Madhya Pradesh (2012)

भारत में गुर्जर जनसंख्या । गुर्जर जाति का इतिहास । गुज्जर गोत्र हिंदी में

26. The first state in the country to implement VAT (Value Added Tax)
Haryana (2003)

27. First state of India to sell carbon credits to World Bank
Himachal Pradesh (2011)

28. The first Indian state to constitute agriculture cabinet
Bihar (2011)

29. First Indian state to give Sanskrit State level language status

30. The state of the country to be formed on a linguistic basis
Andra Pradesh

31. First Indian state to implement mobile number portability

32. First Indian state to initiate Village Court

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