English Grammar Quiz for class 10 – Objective Questions and Answers

English Grammar Quiz for Class 10: Objective Questions and Answers

A Quest for Excellence: English Grammar Quiz for Class 10 – Objective Questions and Answers

Greetings, Class 10 scholars! As you navigate the exciting terrain of English grammar, there’s no better way to reinforce your learning than through an engaging quiz.

In this English Grammar Quiz tailored for Class 10, we present a series of objective questions designed to challenge your understanding and strengthen your grasp of grammar rules. So, buckle up for an interactive journey through the intricacies of language!

English Grammar Quiz for class 10 - Objective Questions and Answers

The Importance of Grammar Mastery:

  • Communication Prowess: A strong command of grammar is the key to clear and effective communication. This quiz is your tool to refine your language skills and express yourself with precision.
  • Academic Success: As you progress through your academic journey, a solid understanding of grammar becomes increasingly crucial. This quiz aligns with Class 10 curriculum requirements, ensuring you’re well-prepared for exams.
  • Lifelong Language Skills: Beyond exams, mastering grammar lays the foundation for lifelong language skills. This quiz not only tests your current knowledge but also contributes to your ongoing language development.

What the Quiz offers:

  • Diverse Grammar Topics: Covering a range of grammar topics, including parts of speech, tenses, direct and indirect speech, and more, the quiz ensures comprehensive coverage of Class 10 English grammar.
  • Objective Format: The quiz presents objective questions, requiring you to choose the correct answer from multiple options. This format mirrors exam conditions and aids in efficient self-assessment.
  • Instant Feedback: Receive instant feedback on your performance with the provided answers and explanations. Understand the rationale behind each correct answer for enhanced learning.

Your Interactive Learning Companion:

  • Accessible Anytime, Anywhere: Take the quiz at your own pace, wherever you are. The online format allows you to engage in interactive learning at a time that suits your schedule.
  • Track Your Progress: Use the quiz as a tool to track your progress and identify areas that may need additional focus. This self-assessment aids in targeted and effective study.
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English Grammar Quiz for class 10

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She (as well as) her sister is engaged.

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You will not get your aim in life (unless) you work hard for it.

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This politician is notorious (for) corruption.

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I would rather die (than) beg.

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This golden ring is too (costly) to purchase.

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She (dyed) her hair black.

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A quick brown fox jumps (over) the lazy dog.

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It is (between) you and me.

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The hunter aimed (at) the dove.

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Better to be untaught than (ill-taught).

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A burnt child dreads (the) fire.

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Terrorists (exploded) the bridge.

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A (chain) is as strong as its weakest link.

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A cat may look at (a) king.

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Justice delayed is (justice) denied.

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(Seeing) is believing.

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A (drowning) man catches at a straw.

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A great talker is a great (liar).

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Faint heart never (won) fair lady.

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Discretion is the best part of (valour).

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A new broom sweeps (clean).

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Fire is a good servant but (a bad master).

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(Smoking) is injurious to health.

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Eat (to live), but do not live to eat.

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Flowers look (beautiful).

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I enjoy ___ tennis.

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I ____ we should accept the offer.

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A (watched) pot never boils.

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Too (many) cooks spoil the broth.

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Experience is (the best teacher).

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I am not going to _____ this book at any cost.

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A young officer was _______ the task of taking prisoners to the rear

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The Eagle swooped and ______ a sleeping lizard.

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I certainly do not______ your driving your car over the speed limit.

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Now a days, she ____ her drawing board to school.

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By the time we reached the station the train ____.

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Last night I ____ a pleasant dream.

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Why ____ your homework yet?

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He usually____ breakfast before he goes to school.

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The earth ____ around the sun.

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When she was younger, she ___ five kilometers a day.

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____ what he says?

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Katherine made her children ___ chores on Sunday.

44 / 50

If I have money, I ___ it tomorrow.

45 / 50

I was reading a book when the telephone bell ____.

46 / 50

She took lessons ___ how to swim.

47 / 50

We are planning ___ out to dinner tonight.

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I was watching a TV program, when he ___ in.

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I ___ New Zealand next year.

50 / 50

She ___ for the upcoming tennis tournament.

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Ready to Test Your Grammar Prowess?

Are you ready to embark on a quest for grammar excellence? Whether you’re preparing for exams, aiming to boost your grades, or simply passionate about honing your language skills, the English Grammar Quiz for Class 10 awaits. Step into the world of objective questions and answers, and let the quest for mastery begin! Happy quizzing!

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