Digital Logic Design Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

Digital logic design can be a challenging subject, but with a little practice and understanding, it can be easy to get a handle on the concepts. This article provides multiple choice questions with answers to help you learn more about digital logic design.

Digital Logic Design Multiple Choice Questions with Answers pdf are useful for the students of IT preparing for competitive & academic exams.

Digital Logic

Brief Introduction to Digital logic design

Digital logic design is a process that helps engineers create digital circuits. The process begins by designing the circuit’s input and output signals, as well as its controlling signals. Next, the engineer designs the circuit’s gates and flip-flops. Finally, they must design the circuit’s feedback and clock signals.

Digital Logic Design Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

1. Decimal means base ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]10[/expand]

2. The value of the bit pattern 11111111 is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]255[/expand]

3. The range of values represented by an 8-bit binary number is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]0 to 255[/expand]

4. The binary equivalent of 228 is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]228[/expand]

5. The octal equivalent of (100)10 is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"](144)8[/expand]

6. The decimal equivalent of (0.265)10 is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"](0.0100)2[/expand]

7. The hexadecimal equivalent of (1011 1010 0011 .0010)2 is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"](B A 3 .2)16[/expand]

8. The result of 7-2 using 1’s complement notation is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]0100[/expand]

9. The bit pattern 1011 in 1’s complement notation is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]– 4[/expand]

10. The result of 7-2 using 2’s complement notation is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]0101[/expand]

11. The bit pattern 1110 in 2’s complement notation is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]–2[/expand]

12. The range of numbers that can be represented using the Excess-2N-1 notation is ___
[expand title="Show Answer"]2N–1 – 1 to – 2N – 1[/expand]

13. The significant digits of 0012340 is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]0012340[/expand]

14. The bit pattern 1101 Excess Number converted value is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]13[/expand]

15. If x,y,z contains values 0,1,1 then (x+z)y is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]1[/expand]

16. x+y.0 is ___ Law.
[expand title="Show Answer"]Commutative[/expand]

17. x+1 =1 is ___ Law.
[expand title="Show Answer"]Dominance[/expand]

18. Boolean product for 1 and 0 in AND has ___ value.
[expand title="Show Answer"]0[/expand]

19. Boolean product for 1 and 0 in OR has ___ value.
[expand title="Show Answer"]1[/expand]

20. Postulate P3 indicates ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]The • and + operators are commutative[/expand]

21. The NAND Gate output for input values 0 and 1 are ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]1[/expand]

22. The NOR Gate output for input values 1 and 0 is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]0[/expand]

23. NOR is a ___ complete operation.
[expand title="Show Answer"]Functionally[/expand]

24. A system which is having 10 symbols from 0 to 9 is called
a. Binary System
b. Decimal system
c. Octal System
d. Both a and b
[expand title="Show Answer"]b. Decimal system[/expand]

25. Write the Binary equivalent of 29 in decimal
a. llll0(2)
d. 11101(2)
[expand title="Show Answer"]d. 11101(2)[/expand]

26. convert the 101.11(2) to decimal
a. 5.75
b. 5.65
d. None
[expand title="Show Answer"]a. 5.75[/expand]

27. Exclusive NOR is defined as ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]NOT of (A XOR B)[/expand]

28. If x and y are 0 and 1, the Boolean function xy+xy’ result is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]0[/expand]

29. A minterm has a value ___ if and only if all the values of its variables are 1.
[expand title="Show Answer"]1[/expand]

30. If x,y,z are 0,0,1 the minterm is ___ and maxterm is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]Minterm ◊x’y’z Maxterm◊x+y+z’[/expand]

31. Implicants that cover as many cells of the map as possible are called ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]Prime implicants[/expand]

32. Simple functions are called ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]Product functions[/expand]

33. A Karnaugh map is a ___ representation of the truth table for a Boolean Function.
[expand title="Show Answer"]2-dimensional[/expand]

34. Step 2 is ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]Translate to minterms in binary notation if not given in binary minterm form.[/expand]

35. Step D in doesn’t care ___.
[expand title="Show Answer"]Select the column in which a specific minterm is only covered by one prime implicant. The minterm 0011 is an example. Mark 0-1- prime implicant row and all are intersecting columns.[/expand]

36. The decimal equivalent of an octal number 234.32 is
a. 156.15625
d. 156.15265
c. 156.2562
d. 156.1554
[expand title="Show Answer"]a. 156.15625[/expand]

37. Represent the 1011001.1011(2) to octal
a. 132.54
b. 132.55
c. 131.54
d. 132.45
[expand title="Show Answer"]c. 131.54[/expand]

38. The l’s complement of 111010 is
c. 000011
d. None
[expand title="Show Answer"]b.000l0l[/expand]

39. Asynchronous counters are also called?
a. Decade Counters
b. Ripple counters
c. 4-bit binary counters
d. Both band c
[expand title="Show Answer"]b. Ripple counters[/expand]

40. The basic gates are
[expand title="Show Answer"]c. AND, OR, NOT[/expand]

41. Demorgan’s first Theorem says that
a. The complement of a product form of an expression is equal to the sum of the complements.
b. The complement of a sum form of an expression to the product of the complements
c. Both a and b
d. None
[expand title="Show Answer"]c. Both a and b[/expand]

42. Simplify (a+b)+c by using Demorgan’s Theorem.
a. (a+b)c
b. (a+b)+c
c. (a+b+c)
d. None
[expand title="Show Answer"]a. (a+b)c[/expand]

43. The terms involved in the SOP form are called?
a. Maxterms
b. Minterms
c. Both a and b
d. None
[expand title="Show Answer"]b. Minterms[/expand]

44. The method used to simplify the Boolean expression is
a. k-map
b. Quine Mcclusky
c. Both a and b
d. None
[expand title="Show Answer"]c. Both a and b[/expand]

45. The difference between a half-adder and a full-adder is
a. The half adder is having a carry input
b. The full adder is not having a carry input
c. The half added does not have a carry input
d. None
[expand title="Show Answer"]c. The half added does not have a carry input[/expand]

46. Multiplexers are known as
a. Data Selectors
b. Data Deselectors
c. converters
d. Both a and ‘b
[expand title="Show Answer"]a. Data Selectors[/expand]

47. The Demultiplexers are
a. One input line and many output lines
b. Many input lines and one output line
c. Both a and b
d. None
[expand title="Show Answer"]a. One input line and many output lines[/expand]

48. Even parity means
a. There is even a number of l’s in a code
b. There is the odd number of l’s in a code
c. There is an unequal number of l’s in a code
d. Both a and b
[expand title="Show Answer"]a. There is an even number of l's in a code[/expand]

49. A simple memory unit is known as-
a. Flip-Flops
b. Latch
c. Registers
d. None
[expand title="Show Answer"]a. Flip-Flops[/expand]

50. Edge triggered flip-flops are
a. Synchronous inputs
b. Bistable with synchronous inputs
c. Bistable with asynchronous inputs
d. None
[expand title="Show Answer"]b. Bistable with synchronous inputs[/expand]

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Digital logic design is an important part of computer engineering. The questions in this quiz should help you to better understand the concepts involved in digital logic design. Good luck!

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